Jane the Virgin Fall Finale Recap: Keep Calm and Christmas On

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Recap

Mateo’s first Christmas on Jane the Virgin was nearly Jane’s worst Christmas, as her anger at Rafael threatened to consume her. (So much for a very merry holiday.)

Following up on the reveal that Rafael’s been lying to her for six months, Monday’s fall finale finds Jane on the verge of a tantrum like the ones she had as a kid. She employs her childhood strategy for keeping calm: thinking of the things that bring her happiness, like cheese, Alba, lists and Mister Monkey, who eventually becomes Michael and then Mateo with the passage of time. (For what it’s worth, when I get upset, I just look at this inspirational “Keep Calm” poster.) But all the positive thoughts in the world can’t prevent an IM war between Jane and Rafael after he announces that he wants to have Mateo with him on Christmas day. It gets so bad that soon, they’re talking about involving lawyers.

It’s not until Jane discovers Rafael’s other dirty secret —  he’s donating money to a domestic abuse shelter — that she recognizes an intrusive lady in the Meet Santa line was right about therapy. And although their therapist (played The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Megan Park) looks super young, the session does the trick: Rafael admits that he’s hurt because Sin Rostro and Nadine were also responsible for his father’s death, and Jane realizes lying is a trigger for her because of all the years she lost with her own dad. Meanwhile, Rogelio confesses to Xo that he’d hate to see history repeat itself with Rafael and Mateo.

So Jane and her baby daddy make peace (for now), but her heart is still with Michael, especially after he fixes the Villanueva family’s cherished Christmas topper.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Petra is so haunted by Ivan’s death that her blood pressure is too high, which is unhealthy for the babies. At Rafael’s urging, she comes clean to him about everything that’s happened, and much to her surprise, he doesn’t hate her. “If anything, I think I finally understand you,” he replies. “Let’s get your mother out of your life.” But just as they’re plotting how to accomplish that, the police arrive to arrest Petra: It seems Magda beat them to the punch.

* Luisa learns that her criminal mother, Mutter/Mia, is still alive and has swapped identities with someone in a special care facility.

* Rogelio is having major Michael withdrawals. After stalking the detective to his favorite coffee place, Rogelio tells him, “I miss you. We were in a pretty serious bromance.” He wants to know if they can hang if Jane gives the OK. Michael, however, thinks it would be better if they both just moved on.

* Jane discovers her scholarship was actually funded by Rogelio, who can’t even afford pizza toppings anymore. So now she needs to go about finding a new way to pay for school. Luckily, there’s a T.A. position open since traitorous Wesley is dropping out, but that’s hardly going to cover all of her tuition.

* Alba gets her green card.

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