Memories From the Set

NCIS: New Orleans' CCH Pounder Looks Back on The Shield, SOA, ER and Other Roles (Including the 'Game Changer')

CCH Pounder NCIS Shield Anarchy

This Tuesday on the NCIS: New Orleans midseason finale (CBS, 9/8c), Dr. Loretta Wade swings into protective mama bear mode — “hands on hip” and all, says CCH Pounder — when her son Danny emerges as a suspect in a string of Christmas burglaries that have just turned deadly.

“Danny (played by Christopher Meyer) is going to be in the thick of it,” Pounder previews. “It’s about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, profiling… that whole ball of wax.”

As Danny’s seeming complicity is explored, the Wade-centric episode, titled “Blue Christmas,” will afford the New Orleans production a chance to deftly touch on the city’s shortcomings in public schooling and other sensitive issues, Pounder says — but “in a loving way, instead of an admonishing, ‘This is what’s wrong with your city.’

“Through Danny’s character,” she adds, “we get to have a few more glimpses into New Orleans and some of the difficulties the city has had.”

A four-time Emmy Award nominee, Pounder of course has dealt with all manner of “difficulties” in the span of her 40-year TV career, from babes behind bars to unethical Strike Team members, from strange happenings at Warehouse 13 to the bloody exploits of a biker club.

In the slideshow below (or click here for direct access), the actress reflects on several of her TV roles, including the one she “hated” plus a real “game changer” for her career.