Big Bang Theory Recap: Love Actually

Sheldon and Amy are reunited (and it feels so good).

After months of Will They/Won’t They Inevitably get back together because there’s no one else good enough for either of them, Thursday’s Big Bang Theory found “Shamy” reconciling after 10 long episodes.

Before we get to any specifics, let’s discuss the events that led up to the highly anticipated re-coupling:

THE DINNER DATE INSINUATION | After an outright rejection from Sheldon upon her request to give things another go, Amy decides to get back in touch with Dave (recurring guest star Stephen Merchant). Though Bernadette warns her that dinner at her apartment might be expected to culminate in a trip to the boudoir, Amy proceeds, and the date that follows is no less uncomfortable than her last encounter with the Dr. Cooper enthusiast. Once again, Dave finds himself fixated on Amy’s ex once she inadvertently brings him up during a conversation about her apartment. Later, when their date moves to the couch, his attempt at a kiss is nearly declined. Thankfully, that’s when Sheldon comes a-knockin’, eliminating the chance for a redo.

THE AUDIBLE ENTRAPMENT | Sheldon wasn’t kidding when he told Amy that getting over her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. In fact, he’s still not over her, and spends the majority of “The Earworm Reverberation” attempting to identify the Beach Boys’ “Darlin,” a song he has stuck in his head that he believes perfectly describes his relationship with the neurobiologist; over the course of five years, she’s made him a softer, more compassionate man, and Sheldon comes to the conclusion that he must have her back. It’s then that he goes on to interrupt the world’s worst dinner date to tell her how much he needs her, and with an assist by Dave, she agrees to take him back. What follows is their most passionate kiss yet (as seen in the clip above).

THE FANDOM DISSIPATION While the world’s least concrete love triangle was fizzling out, Howard and Raj busied themselves by obsessing over/stalking the one person who “likes” their band’s Facebook page. When they eventually track him down to a coffee shop and watch him from afar, they’re quickly thrown off by his nose-picking habit and leave immediately.

What did you think of this week’s Big Bang Theory? Was “Shamy 2.0” earned? And can we puh-lease put an end to Howard and Raj’s non-supergroup? Grade the reunion in our poll, then sound off in the comments. (Next week: [Spoiler]!)