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Bones Fall Finale: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Fate, New Threat for Booth and Brennan and Season 12 Prospects

Bones Fall Finale Hodgins

Well, all of your favorite Bones peeps made it out of the fall finale alive. That’s the good news. The bad news? One of ’em can’t feel anything from the waist down.

In the closing minutes of Thursday’s second hour, we learned the explosion that initially left Hodgkins with some minor scrapes actually caused catastrophic, slow-release damage to his spine. Bottom line: he’s paralyzed.

The blast also critically injured Aubrey (he’s fine now), brought about the return of Arastoo (he wants Cam back) and made Hodgins realize that life is too short to stop making babies with Angela (and then that whole paralysis thing set in).

Below, co-showrunner John Collier previews the long, difficult road ahead for Hodgins and Angela, teases the new threat that’s about to bear down on Booth and Brennan, and weighs in on another, increasingly familiar off screen cliffhanger: Are Bones‘ days numbered?

TVLINE | Did you ever consider killing off Aubrey or Hodgins? Or would that have been too much in the wake of Sweets’ murder?
We’re not Game of Thrones. We love them both. What’s best for the show is to have them on the show… Sweets was a very unique situation. John Francis Daley’s directing and writing career just took off. He was no longer available to us, so we dealt with that in a high-impact way.

TVLINE | Talk to me about the decision to embark on this storyline with Hodgins.
This isn’t just about Hodgins. This is about Hodgins and Angela as a couple. We really want to test their relationship, and we figured this would be a good way to do it. It’s going to get really difficult for them. We believe in them as a couple, but we really want to push them… There’s a good chance he will never walk again.

TVLINE | With this specific condition that he has, is it possible for him to walk again?
It’s in the cards, but it’s going to be tough going.

TVLINE | Arastoo returned and stirred up a lot of feelings for poor Cam. Where is her head at right in with regard to possibly taking him back?
She’s a mess right now. She’s used to being in control.

TVLINE | Sara Rue was great as Karen. How much more will we see of her?
As much as possible, but she’s committed to another show [TV Land’s Impastor]. We love her. We’ll see her for at least two more episodes.

TVLINE | It seems like you’re teasing a romance between her and Aubrey.
Let’s just say Aubrey is going to have romantic complications coming up.

TVLINE | What’s in store Booth and Brennan during the second half of the season?
Something from outside is going to happen and it’s going to put them, as a couple, under duress. Last year, we did Booth’s gambling [problem] reawakening and threatening their relationship — that was something that was happening between them. Now it’s an external force that’s going to threaten them.

TVLINE | An external force like Pelant?
It’s not a Pelant thing. But we do want them in harm’s way. They’re strong as a couple, dealing with something that is a real threat.

TVLINE | I imagine you will soon start writing the season finale. How are you approaching it not knowing if there will be a Season 12?
Right now we’re approaching it as if the show is coming back, but… we could turn [the script] either way. Our hope is to keep things going into next year.

TVLINE | Fox hasn’t announced a return date for Bones. Do you have a sense of when it will be back on the air?
This happens every year with us. And even if they give us a date, all sorts of unforeseen factors come up. No date in TV, except for the fall premieres, is a real date. My guess is it will be sometime in March or April.

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