Criminal Minds Fall Finale Sneak Peek: What Has Garcia All Squicked Out?

Penelope Garcia has surely heard it all over the years, but in this exclusive sneak peek from CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing tonight at 9/8c), she’s got her finger hovering over the mute button.

In the midseason finale, titled “Future Perfect,” Hotch & Co. are in flight discussing the gnarly particulars of their new case’s crime scenes/corpses when Garcia chimes in from the laptop to register her discomfort. What’s “bugging” her?

The BAU team then continues wrapping their collective head around the case — which the media is already drumming up as the work of a “blood-worshipping cult” — on a less gory level. Adding to the mystery is a tidbit that Garcia offers up, raising new questions about what their UnSub is up to.

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