iZombie Recap: Major Bummer

iZombie Liv and Major Break Up

On Tuesday night’s fall finale of iZombie, Liv eats a wannabe superhero’s brain and learns that you can (sorta) stop criminals, but you can’t stop yourself from breaking your boyfriend’s heart.

While Liv is busy bringing justice to Seattle for Christmas, Major finds himself having a life-changing, bonding moment with zombie-hooker Natalie. (Yes, you read that correctly.) After breaking into her home, he gets more than he bargained for when he discovers her attempting to take her own life. Once just a high-class prostitute who enjoyed her life of travel, Natalie was turned into a zombie and forced to become the undead’s beck-and-call girl.

“I have sex for food,” she says with disgust, so learning that Major is The Bogeyman responsible for thinning Seattle’s zombie population isn’t so unwelcome. But he refuses to go through with his initial plan to kill her, arguing that Liv would find what he’s being made to do “reprehensible.” After their heart-to-heart, Natalie agrees to get into a freezer — with the caveat that she doesn’t want to come back as a zombie if a cure doesn’t happen.

The experience prompts Major to suggest to Liv that maybe she could get milder, synthetic brains. Unfortunately, while he’s committed to their relationship, she has come to a sad conclusion: “We both know, deep down, that this can’t work,” Liv says. “Being a zombie has changed me. You love the woman I was before. You tolerate the woman I am now… The truth is, we belong with our own kind.”

Even as Major accepts the break-up, he makes one last declaration before leaving: “It isn’t going to be like this forever. Ravi’s going to find a cure.”

About that… At the episode’s end, Ravi discovers that New Hope has turned back into a zombie, so it seems the fix-it wears off. And that could be very bad news for current humans/former zombies Major and Blaine. (Nice touch with Ravi’s comic book-like voiceover summing up, “If hope is, indeed, lost, what’s left for our zombies to live for?”)

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Liv and Clive’s professional partnership comes to an end, as well, after she went off-book. “You’re not a cop, and I’ve been treating you like one,” Clive tells her. “This strange relationship is over.” Liv urges him to change his mind, pleading, “I need this. This is my one thing.” With both her purpose and her beau gone, I’m worried about what state Liv will be in when the series returns. When she was in her season-premiere funk, at least she still had her work.

* Blaine wheels a dying body into the morgue and issues Liv a choice: Turn him into a zombie or lose the one guy who knows where to find more tainted utopium. The drug is the only way Ravi can produce the cure, so Liv is forced to scratch Drake, who embeds himself in Mr. Boss’ operation. Speaking of Seattle’s crime lord…

* Mr. Boss brings in a shipment of guns, which drives Liv to suit up and take down his minions in a scene worthy of the network’s other superhero shows. In fact, everything about Liv-on-vigilante-brain is just delightful, especially this declaration to one criminal: “I’m the nightmare before Christmas.”

* “One Tree Kill”: best chapter title yet?

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