The Originals EP Talks Aurora vs. Cami, Hayley's Turning Point With Jackson

The Originals Spoilers

What do you do when your centuries-old ex kidnaps your current flame after ditching your sister in a box at the bottom of the sea? Fortunately, you’ll never have to find out — these are strictly #KlausMikaelsonProblems.

Thursday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 9/8c) spins a “sinister” new tale in the Klaus/Cami/Aurora saga, as the love-stricken hybrid is forced to endure more twisted ex-games to keep his loved ones safe.

“What I love about Aurora is that she’s the archetypal ex-girlfriend who is convinced that the object of her affection still loves her,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine. “She’s wound her way into every fabric of [Klaus’] being, and she compares all other women to herself. She has an arrogant interpretation of Klaus’ affection, which I find hysterical. Rebecca Breeds does such a great job being sinister but also amusing.”

Below, Narducci sheds some light on the final scene of the previous episode, maps out the differences in Klaus’ feelings for Cami and Aurora and offers a ray of hope for those fans worrying that Hayley and Jackson could be heading for Werewolf Divorce Court.

TVLINE | Before I ask about Klaus’ love life, and I apologize in advance for being totally dense, can you explain what was going through Elijah’s head as he looked at the dinner table last week?
Of course. He was looking at the disarray of the Thanksgiving table, how the events of the day took a turn and went south. As he realized how much trouble Rebekah is in, he had a memory of the flash he saw [in Alexis’ vision]. He can’t stop what’s coming, the prophecy of the Mikaelsons falling in the next 12 months, and he’s starting get a little uneasy.

TVLINE | OK, now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about bad-ass Cami cutting off that guy’s fingers. Can we get more of that?
[Laughs] I really loved that scene. When Michelle [Paradise] and Beau [DeMayo] pitched it, I was excited about seeing Cami use all of her character traits — her intelligence, her savvy way of making herself be perceived as vulnerable — to limit this guy’s ability to kill her. And she would have been successful, but she basically leapt from the frying pan to the preverbal fire, coming face-to-face with Aurora. Seeing those very smart women together — one is a psychologist, and the other, as we’ve hinted at, has some unstable personality traits — was really interesting to me.

TVLINE | Klaus isn’t the best at articulating his romantic thoughts. How would you classify his feelings for Cami and Aurora?
I think there definitely two sides of Klaus Mikaelsson. The Klaus we’ve always known is vicious, deadly, self-absorbed, manipulative and Machiavellian. That side of him is fascinating and fun, but the other side of Klaus is the son who did not feel loved, who was abused by both of his parents. He’s got a lot of psychological damage, and Cami is someone who provides him with a tiny bit of peace and acceptance. As a psychologist, she treats him with empathy and a desire to fix what is broken. Klaus might have mistaken that for romance — or maybe he didn’t mistake it. Maybe there is some interest there.

TVLINE | While we’re talking about complicated relationships, Hayley and Jackson’s fight was a real bummer. Should we brace ourselves for a werewolf divorce ritual?
It’s an interesting thing. The ritual they participated in was very specific: If they were to break the bonds of their marriage, all of the wolves who benefited from that ritual would return to being cursed. But I don’t think it’s accurate to say that one fight between two married people will lead to divorce. Hayley has an opportunity to voice her opinion about Jackson in this next episode, and she says some smart things about love and commitment and fighting for the people you care about. One of the things this show is about is family — our relationships with our brothers and sisters and children and parents. It’s also about how your commitments to your family sometimes get in the way of people we meet and fall in love with. Hayley might be in a tricky spot where she has to make some tough decisions, which is all part of her journey moving forward.

TVLINE | Since the last time we spoke, news came out that the show is moving to Fridays. Do you have any thoughts on that change?
The thing I’ve noticed is that I get tweets from people — and we get letters in the office — from fans all over the world. Some people are watching the show when it airs in their country, and other people are watching it online a few days after. The thing we say in the writers room is that our goal is to tell the best story we can. It very well may be that someone will watch this show for the first time in a few years on Netflix all at once. The quality of the show is the quality of the show, and that’s all we can control. Personally, I have a little kid, so I’m home on Friday nights. I know there are people looking for something to relax with and enjoy after a tough week at school or at work. So we’re just trying to make the best show we can, no matter when or where it airs.

Originals fans, where do you stand on Klaus’ increasingly complicated love life? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.