Samurai Jack Returning in 2016 on Adult Swim— Watch First Teaser

Say it with me now: Jack. Is. Back.

No, not that Jack. I’m talking about Samurai Jack, the soft-spoken warrior who battled the shape-shifting Master of Darkness known as Aku from 2001 to 2004.

Cartoon Network on Wednesday announced that the series will return with brand-new episodes in 2016, only this time, it’ll be a Toonami affair. (Toonami, in case you’re tragically unaware, is Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s action programming block largely devoted to Japanese animation, though a few American properties have been known to sneak in over the years.)

Few details about the series’ return are available at this time — aside from the confirmed involvement of series creator Genndy Tartakovsky — but the announcement did come with a shiny teaser video, which you can enjoy above.

Once you’ve hit PLAY on the teaser, drop a comment with your thoughts below: Will you re-join Jack on his new journey?

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