Family Guy Movie Happening 'Soon,' Teases Creator Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy Movie Update

Have you ever watched Family Guy and thought, “I like this, but I want it to be four times as long — and I want to pay for it”? If so, I’ve got some freakin’ sweet news for you.

Well, “news” might not be the correct journalistic term, but a tweet from series creator Seth MacFarlane on Wednesday offered a glimmer of hope for fans awaiting Family Guy‘s inevitable move to the big screen:

That’s right, folks, you can go ahead and circle “Soon” on your calendars . (I can’t seem to find that date on mine, so maybe it’s just on the Mayan version.)

And although this would mark Family Guy‘s big-screen debut, it wouldn’t technically be the Fox comedy’s first movie. That honor went to 2007’s Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, a straight-to-DVD production that was eventually shown on TV as three separate episodes.

But regardless of the when, let’s focus on the what: Would you drop coin on a Family Guy movie? Let us know in a comment below.