Minority Report Finale Recap: The Future Is Fulfilled — But Are You?

Minority Report Finale Recap

The one thing the Minority Report Precogs didn’t see coming: the Fox drama’s quick demise — its cancellation is all but certain after a trimmed episode order — leaving Monday night’s unofficial series finale with the difficult task of wrapping up multiple mysteries — with varying degrees of success.

Before you chime in with your judgements, let’s recap: The Memento Mori terrorist plot escalates after Arthur and Agatha experience a vision of an attack. (You may have noticed Dash wasn’t mentioned in that last sentence. That’s because he has a rather unhelpful Minority Report glimpse of a playground instead.) Vega orders that the senate members/potential targets be whisked away to an underground shelter. Unfortunately, all the urgency and tension in the storyline is undermined by the detective repeatedly wondering aloud why the scientist in their custody keeps giving up information… until she finally realizes he’s trying to mislead the police. And unsurprisingly, Dash’s seemingly benign vision turns out to be the key to stopping Memento Mori after they discover the playground is right above the secret bunker.

Vega and Blake rush off to (successfully!) thwart the terrorist group from poisoning the senators via the ventilation system. But let’s be honest:  The threat never really feels too scary, since the targets are guest-stars-of-the-week and Memento Mori’s objective – to stop the passing of a law that would allow genetic modification – is pretty disconnected from the main characters.

What works somewhat better in the finale is the resolution of Agatha, Dash and Arthur’s story, which takes a dangerous turn after Blomfeld almost catches up to Agatha on Fiddler’s Neck. Vega warns them to get out of the city ASAP, but Agatha wonders if running away is futile. After all, no matter what they’ve done, her vision of Vega and the milk bath has stayed the same, she points out.

So when Blomfeld corners Dash at Wally’s home, Agatha and Arthur, along with his right-hand woman Andromeda, arrive with an offer: They will get in the milk bath to help prevent Memento Mori’s strike against the senate, but only on their own terms. That plan hits a complication when the Precogs get a new vision of Andromeda being killed. Seconds later, it becomes reality as Blomfeld’s men turn on them with the intent of capturing and selling the visionaries.

Arthur attacks Blomfeld, pulling him into the water as he shouts, “He killed her!” (Hmm, it seems like Arthur and Andromeda might have been more than just colleagues.) That’s when Agatha’s worrisome vision of Vega standing over the milk bath, declaring, “Put them in,” is revealed to be about Blomfeld and his cohorts, not the trio. Arthur wants to scramble the feds’ brains into a state of permanent amnesia. Dash argues that would make them no better than the murderers they see.

That leaves the Precogs with only one option: a life on the run. Vega vows that the authorities won’t find out where they’ve escaped to when they scrub her brain for info. Dash isn’t too happy about what that implies, but she assures him, “It’s the only way. Listen to your partner.”

As they prepare to take off, Arthur throws his siblings and Vega a curveball. “I can’t let them get away with that,” he declares, dashing back into the warehouse. But his desire for revenge is cut short by Wally, who has already fully submerged the bodies in the milk bath. “Run!” the Precog caretaker yells. (FYI: This episode is titled, “Everybody Runs.” Foreshadowing! Or just giving it away? Your call.)

Minority Report viewers, were you satisfied by the ending? Could you see a vision of Season 2? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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