Did Homeland Just Kill Off [Spoiler]?!

Homeland Quinn Dies

TV’s bait-and-switch death craze is officially out of control!

In Sunday’s Homeland, the Plötzensee prison terrorists exposed Quinn to a lethal dose of Sarin gas in what was an apparent test run for a bigger, far deadlier chemical weapons attack in Berlin. The side effects didn’t take long to kick in. Within seconds of the nerve agent’s release, Quinn began convulsing and drooling before collapsing to the floor to, presumably, do more convulsing and drooling. (Luckily, the episode ended just as things were getting pillow-in-front-of-the-face graphic.)

But, unlike those recent the fake-out killings on The Walking Dead and The Leftovers, Homeland gave us tangible reason to believe that Rupert Friend’s already-bruised and battered hitman will live to see another day.

Right before Quinn was escorted into the Chamber of Death, his jihadist buddy Qasim injected him with some kind of serum while whispering in his ear, “Maybe you will survive.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Carrie convinced Saul that his colleague-slash-lover Allison is a Russian spy (the fact that this development surprised him — despite all of her suspicious behavior in recent weeks — will go down as one of Homeland‘s biggest gaffes ever). The ever-crafty Allison, however, twisted the narrative by insisting Ivan was her mole all of these years and not the other way around. She succeeded in setting off Dar and (of course) Saul’s inner reasonable doubt alarms, but, thankfully, Carrie, was not buying what she was selling.

But back to Quinn’s fate, do you think that bad gas killed him? Vote below and then hit the comments with your thoughts!


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