Supergirl Casting a (Young) Superman

Supergirl Review CBS

Supergirl viewers will soon be able to put a face to Kara’s famously named cousin.

CBS’ rookie DC drama, which thus far has limited Superman’s presence to a few shadowy, shot-from-behind cameos, is poised to unmask the Man of Steel in early 2016 — but there’s a tiny twist: The Superman we’ll be meeting will be leaping not over buildings in a single bound, but into puberty.

According to some fresh casting intel, the show is seeking a 13-year-old actor with “future leading man looks” to play the potentially recurring role of Kal-El, aka the future MoS.

Lil’ Supes will first appear in this season’s 13th episode via a string of flashbacks that will establish the cherished bond between him and Kara.

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