Chicago Fire Bosses Defend 'Dawsey' Pregnancy Twist, Talk Couple's Future

Chicago Fire Season 4 Spoilers

Still upset that Chicago Fire‘s Dawson and Casey lost their baby so soon after learning she was pregnant? Executive producer Matt Olmstead has an explanation for the heartbreaking twist — and some words of comfort.

“It’s not to say there won’t potentially be a baby that goes to term down the road,” Olmstead says. “But it’s one of the unfortunate events that can happen when people get pregnant. Not to be dismissive of that, [but] it certainly gives us drama… I would put up that episode against any other in terms of the emotional component.”

Still, Olmstead understands why “Dawsey” ‘shippers are unhappy – as they ought to be. “They should be indignant,” he continues. “I’m glad they are, because that shows they’re invested in the characters.”

But cutting Dawson’s pregnancy short was a necessarily evil in order to stay true to the character’s career hopes. “We didn’t want to have [Dawson] work so hard to be a firefighter and then ship her off to work in arson,” Olmstead explains. “To put all that energy into one of the leads, a female, becoming a firefighter — and then have it not come to fruition — that was also a consideration for us. We wanted to get her back to her dream job.”

Adds EP Danielle Gelber: “We’re also trying to really calibrate and extend that relationship [between Dawson and Casey] and throw a lot of hurdles in its path to keep it alive.”

And Olmstead promises, “We’ll make it up to [the fans], for sure.”

Perhaps with a wedding? Although firefighters on the same truck are not allowed to marry, the couple’s boss is turning a blind eye to their romance.

“[Chief] Boden’s like, ‘Until someone comes in here with a butterfly net to haul one of you guys off, we’re going to let it slide,'” Olmstead describes.

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