Gotham Recap: The Name Game

Gotham Bruce Learns Parents' Killer

This week on Fox’s Gotham, Bruce Wayne stepped up to bat, in the name of finding his parents’ killer, while Jim Gordon learned about the man behind the “mask.”

MONK-Y BUSINESS | The monks of the Order of St. Dumas settled in quickly in Gotham, grabbing assorted ne’er-do-wells and slitting their throats in seeking “the blood of the nine,” to purge the city of sin. Gordon and Bullock get the drop on one of the monks, then trick him into revealing more about their end game — that the final sacrifice shall be “the son of Gotham.”

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | Having come thisclose to getting the name of his parents’ killer from Theo Galavan, Bruce angled to get the 411 from the jailbird’s niece Silver — by offering to get Theo the best defense money can by, and also by whispering sweet nothings in the young miss’ ear (punctuated by a peck!). But afterward, Silver is abducted by “The Knife” (Sons of Anarchy‘s Tommy Flanagan), a killer determined to find out just how much Galavan revealed to Bruce. When both teens claim to know nothing, The Knife drags Bruce away for an apparent beating. He then comes for one of Silver’s well-manicured fingers, at which point she coughs up the name “M. Malone.” At that point, Bruce emerges from the shadows, Selina at his side, both quite pleased with the ruse they pulled to extract the truth from Ms. St. Cloud. Later, Bruce reveals to Selina the sweet nothings he had whispered to Silver earlier, revealing that it was all true — just not about the socialite. Selina, dare I say, blushed?

KICKING SOME BUTT-LER | When Alfred shows up at Galavans’ penthouse looking for AWOL Bruce, he and Tabitha aka Tabby aka Tigress get into it, whipping and cracking each other. After Tabitha runs at Alfred with a huge blade and cuts him some, he responds by smacking her down. But when Alfred makes a run for it outside down the street, Tabitha hurls a dagger right between his shoulder blades, and he collapses into a moving garbage truck.

REVERSE DECISION | At Galavan’s hearing, Mayor James changes his tune and insists, though obviously under duress, that Penguin had kidnapped him and held him all this time. Galavan is thus set free — and in a role reversal, Gordon winds up the prisoner, after a pair of dirty flatfoots taze him and tie him up down by the docks. There, Galavan gloats and also divulges his true identity, as a member of the Dumas family that built Gotham only to wind up “erased” from its annals. For (what urns out to be literal) kicks, Galavan sets Gordon free, only to whale on him with some maaaaad moves. He then leaves the dirty cops to finish Gordon off. “Lucky” for Jim, Penguin rides to his rescue, dead-set on finding Galavan himself. Theo meanwhile has surfaced at Wayne Manor — to claim Bruce’s life.

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