The Leftovers Recap: Get Surreal

The Leftovers Recap

In what was arguably the weirdest, most wonderful hour of television this season, The Leftovers followed Kevin to the other side this week to reveal not only the outcome of his battle with Patti but also his ultimate fate. So was he really, most sincerely dead? Or if he was, is he still? Read on…

CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN | As “International Assassin” began, Kevin emerged buck naked from a bathtub in a posh hotel room. Outside the closet was a plaque that read, “Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Having read that, he left hanging, among other choices, his old Mapleton sheriff’s uniform to don a nice suit instead. Next thing he knew, a bellman was going from delivering “Mr. Harvey” flowers to attacking him. (From here on, really, the WTF moments just didn’t quit.) After killing the guy, Kevin — every bit as confused as us — made his way to the lobby, where he found Virgil playing concierge. At first, the old man insisted that he didn’t know Kevin. But at last, he slipped Garvey a note saying to meet him in the parking lot in five minutes. Before Kevin could get there, however, he saw a little girl face down in the swimming pool, dove in, pulled her out and resuscitated her. When Virgil found out what had transpired, his main concern was that Kevin hadn’t drunk — and wouldn’t drink — any water. And thankfully, he could explain both why the bellman had tried to kill Kevin — the outfit he’d chosen marked him as an international assassin! — and how he could do away with Patti. In this dimension, Patti was the Guilty Remnant candidate for president, and the $50k donation “Kevin Harvey” had made to her campaign had bought him a meet-and-greet with the would-be commander in chief. Once he was in her suite, he was to use the restroom, retrieve a gun from the toilet and shoot her — fast. “You do not hesitate,” Virgil emphasized, “because she will try and deceive you.” If Kevin succeeded in his mission, he “would be delivered from this place.”

FANCY MEETING YOU HERE | During a fire alarm, Kevin discovered that a deliveryman had balloons for Mary, which was both great (when he saw her, she was standing, animated, “back”) and awful (since everyone at the hotel was dead, that meant that she was, too). He didn’t have any time to say hello, though, since as soon as he turned around, he’d been abducted by the Guilty Remnant so that Gladys could administer a particularly torturous lie detector test before allowing him anywhere near Senator Levin. Back in his room, Kevin got a “call” over the television from his father in Perth. In spite of being high as a kite, Garvey Sr. managed to impart important information — which had been missing from the blank card on the flowers he sent: Kevin had to get Patti to the well. Okaaay… Next, Kevin was off to meet Patti. (Hilariously, when the security guard patting him down got to the crotch area, he looked up and congratulated Kevin.) In Patti’s suite, Kevin was thwarted in his attempt to retrieve the gun because the bathroom was already occupied by a security guard — Holy Wayne. “I feel like I was on the toilet the last time I met you,” he mused. When Patti arrived, Kevin was still unarmed. Except for the fact that he could bring up the name of her loathed ex, Neil — a big no-no, per Gladys. After that gambit nearly got him shot by Wayne, Kevin finally got into the bathroom, assembled the gun and started shooting. Down Gladys and Wayne went. But when it came time to shoot Patti, she insisted that she wasn’t Patti at all, just a lookalike hired by the campaign to play the role. Refusing to be deceived, Kevin blew her away. And yet… he was still there. Why?

THIS IS GONNA GET SURREAL UGLY | “Why am I still here?” was exactly Kevin’s question for Virgil, who, having drunk some water, no longer knew him or why they were there in the first place. Trapped, Kevin returned to his room, only to find that the key no longer worked. Truly at his wit’s end, he accepted a drink from the d-bag father of the girl he’d saved from drowning — she’d locked the jerk and his bottle of booze out in the hall, you see. When the man disclosed that, in the afterlife, he hadn’t been able to find a single woman to take a dump on him, Kevin realized that he was Neil. And the little girl that the guy referred to as “that fat c—” wasn’t his daughter at all, she was a young Patti. So Kevin throttled Neil, learned from Virgil that the nearest well was in Jarden (at least he was still a good concierge), and drove straight there with Patti, who went perfectly willingly despite knowing that his intention was to throw her in. At the bridge into town, Kevin was attacked once more, this time by a man — Were we supposed to recognize him? — who offered him a noose so that he could hang himself rather than murder a child. Choosing to follow through with his plan, Kevin escorted Patti to the well. “Do you wanna drop me in, or do you wanna push me in?” she asked. “Pushing’s probably easier.” Mind you, neither option seemed easy to Kevin. First of all, she was a kid. Second of all, she was a particularly heartbreaking kid. She even tried to help by saying that she deserved it and listing the many faults her father had told her she had. After finally shoving Patti over the edge, Kevin heard her adult voice calling for help from the bottom of the well. (Seriously, this man’s hell never, ever ends!) Climbing in after her, Kevin was treated to the sad story of the time Patti went on Jeopardy! and won the money she needed to leave Neil — and then didn’t leave him. Moved, Kevin held her tenderly… and then drowned her. And apparently, the third time was the charm, because her death triggered an earthquake, and when Kevin climbed up through the rubble, he found himself in Virgil’s yard in Miracle. “Holy s—,” Michael exclaimed upon seeing him. And that was putting it mildly. Apparently, Virgil’s plan worked, and Kevin was free of Patti and back among the living!

So, what did you think of the episode? How relieved are you that Kevin is back? Hit the comments!

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