Scorpion EPs Tease Megan-Centric Episode: 'It's a Super-Duper Tearjerker'

Scorpion Megan Dying

Fair warning, Scorpion fans: You might want to buy Kleenex in bulk before Monday’s episode airs.

It’s not often that the words “Team Scorpion” and “emotional” are used in the same sentence, but according to executive producers Nick Santora and Nick Wootton, the CBS drama’s Nov. 23 installment will be heartbreaking for characters and viewers alike.

The harrowing hour — which Wootton calls “one of our highest-stakes episodes” and “a super-duper tearjerker” — will find Walter and his genius friends fighting off a deadly fungal outbreak in the hospital, where Megan’s condition is only getting worse. Unfortunately for Walter, he won’t be able to stay in denial about his sister’s failing health for long.

“What he’s hell-bent to do is preserve her memories and her personality electronically, so that at a future point down the line, he can transfer all of this into a new body or into a new vessel, as it were,” Wootton tells TVLine. “As this episode goes on, he starts to realize — as the team impresses on him — that he has to live in the moment as opposed to living in denial. He ultimately ends up solving this issue at her bedside at a critical moment.”

That’s not to say his sister’s possible death won’t completely rattle Walter. After all, “he has a matrix for every single problem in the world that is mechanical or has to do with computers,” Wootton says, “but for something like this, he’s at sea. We see how he handles a crisis of that magnitude.”

The character whose emotional state you shouldn’t worry about — which will come as a shock to regular Scorpion viewers — is Sylvester, who faces losing his new wife in Monday’s installment. Though Sly has previously had “all this anxiety and all this fear of so many possible things,” Santora says the character will be forced to grow up “when faced with almost a certain guarantee of the worst possible outcome — losing someone that he’s fallen in love with.”

Adds Santora with a laugh: “Sylvester will surprise everybody by being so much of a man, when he’s always been more of a man-child.”

And if you’re worried that Sylvester’s surprise marriage to Megan will cause a rift between him and Walter, allow the producers to put your mind at ease. According to Wootton, Megan’s uncertain fate will only bring the two friends closer.

“We certainly were able to see them duke it out a little, just because Walter is so myopic,” he teases. “But as we get into the resolution of this story, we’ll see that these two are not really brothers-in-law. They are, in their heart, brothers.”

Scorpion fans, do you fear we’ll lose Megan in Monday’s episode? Hit the comments with your initial thoughts on the emotional hour.

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