Jessica Jones: Is Netflix's Latest Marvel Hero Absolutely Kick-Ass?

Jessica Jones Reader Reviews

Netflix at long last released all 13 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Friday morning. How many have you binged thus far, and has the small screen’s latest superhero proved her (significant) muscle?

To quickly recap but the first couple of episodes, so as to not be ultra-spoilery: Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) is a private eye who packs quite a punch, when need be. But more often than not, she gets by with her investigate skills (and smart mouth). We first meet her as she is surveilling bar owner Luke Cage — but to what end?

Jessica’s first case in the series involves a college student who has vanished. As Jessica follows the girl’s last steps, she discovers an unsettling pattern — one exhibited years ago by Kilgrave (Doctor Who‘s David Tennant), a man who previously “courted” Jessica in the same manner, using his powers of mind control. Thing is, Jessica saw Kilgrave get mowed down by a crashing bus one year ago. So how can he possibly be alive and preying on someone new — and thus drawing Jessica back into his sticky web?

Jessica formally meets Luke Cage as a (thirsty!) customer at his bar, after which they fall into a plaster-rattling hook-up, each unwittingly testing the limits of the other’s inhuman endurance. Jessica slips away the morning after, and some time later resurfaces at the bar to inform Luke that his No. 1 sidepiece is in fact married. Luke shrugs off the notion until he confronts Rita, whose blood drains from her face upon being found out. A pissy Rita then visits Jessica at her crappy P.I. office, in part to warn that Luke is about to get the bloody hell beat out of him by her husband and his rugby teammates.

Or, you know, not.

Because as Jessica discovers upon showing at the bar to use her own “skills” to sideline the drunken goons, Luke has some special qualities himself — namely, being indestructible, which he later makes clear by putting a buzzsaw to his abs.

Elsewhere in Jessica’s life, there’s local news personality Trish Walker (666 Park‘s Rachael Taylor), a longtime gal pal who is developing a secret of her own, and Jeryn Hogarth (The Matrix‘s Carrie-Anne Moss), a legal eagle who, when not cheating on her wife, occasionally retains Jessica. That said, Jeryn is skeptical about the “Kilgrave” stories — leading Jessica to seek out those who may have played a role in the menace’s improbable survival.

What is your take on Jessica Jones? (As always with Netflix-y series, please be mindful to label spoiler-y comments about any episode beyond, let’s say, No. 3).

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