Scandal Fall Finale Recap: R.I.P. [Spoiler]

Olivisa has abortion on Scandal

Stop reading now if you have yet to watch tonight’s Scandal fall finale. And we repeat: Stop reading now if you have yet to watch tonight’s Scandal fall finale. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Show of hands if you saw THAT Scandal twist coming. What, no one? We didn’t think so.

At the midway point of the ABC drama’s fall finale on Thursday, Olivia was escorted into a private medical room and then underwent an apparent abortion. That was followed by an epic, seemingly irreparable quarrel between Liv and Fitz, after which she moved out of the White House.

To restate the headline, this time without a spoiler redaction: R.I.P. “Olitz”

FIRST LADY SINGS THE BLUES | Now that Fitz has officially moved her designer duds into the White House, Liv’s finding her sudden First Lady-like duties a tad tedious. And with their approval ratings on the rise, Fitz wants to keep Liv out of White House business, but Mellie’s ploy to grab the spotlight and shut down the government (more on that later) set off Liv’s gut instincts. “Maybe what Mellie’s doing isn’t about you at all,” she tells Fitz.

FATHER KNOWS BEST | Still shackled to a chair, an increasingly desperate Rowan decides to play mind games with his captor/potential executioner, Huck. First, Papa Pope laments his own flock of “so many ungrateful children,” then quickly turns the tables and goes right for the jugular: He calls Huck an “insane shell of a father” and then muses whether Huck’s own son is actually better off without him. “Do you think he’s happy now that he knows that his insane shell of a human father is out of the picture again?” Rowan keeps up the verbal assault until Huck finally snaps. “Do it!” commands Rowan, as Huck starts to choke the life out of him. But hold on! Huck keeps his wits about him, avoids violence and turns the tables (“you are nobody’s father”), and refuses to give Papa Pope the death he apparently desires. What the what? “I’m going home,” says Huck, who reminds Rowan that HIS family, Olivia, is the only reason he’s still alive. Rowan is not exactly moved, and tells the departing Huck,“Family doesn’t complete you, it destroys you.”

REMEMBER ME, MELLIE? | Junior Senator Mellie — who’s still hankering for some respect — gets more dirt kicked in her face, this time by some Senators sternly ordering her to vote for the new spending bill. But when the vote hits the floor, Mellie throws in a surprise filibuster — she wants to protect Planned Parenthood — which threatens to throw everyone’s holiday plans into disarray and (gasp!) shut down the government! But as Mellie eventually starts to falter under the strain of holding court on the Senate floor — she needs to pee, badly! — enter VP Susan Ross to the rescue, who takes over the fight. So guess who’s waiting in the ladies room to give Mellie a surprise pep talk? “You’re the biggest bitch I know,” Liv muses, “don’t tell me you can’t do this.” At last, Mellie triumphantly runs out the clock on the bill, even earning a handshake (which she rejects) from cranky Senator Moskowitz.

IT WAS NICE KNOWING YA, OLITZ! | Later that same night, a majorly angst-ridden Liv is seen being escorted by a nurse into a medical room, where she undergoes that aforementioned abortion. She then heads back to the White House and  makes a beeline for Mellie’s booze stash, which sets up an epic ‘Olitz’ brawl for the ages. Olivia likens herself to a “hostage” and her time in the White House a “sick, twisted punishment,” before screaming to Fitz, “There is no us!” Next thing we know, she’s moving out of the White House and back into her apartment.

JAKE TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS | Jake is still hot on Rowan’s trail, and knows that following Russell and Tom (who’s under orders to find Rowan or die) will eventually lead to Papa Pope himself. Soon enough, Jake finds himself face-to-face with Russell (who took out Elise), ignores his pleas to join Lazarus One, and puts a bullet in his head.

HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS | As the White House staff exchanges gifts (Lizze even pretends to like Susan’s hideous scarf), we end the episode with a truly shocking Shondland holiday montage: Huck has released Rowan (!) and drops him off at home, where Jake (!) is waiting with an apology (“You were right, Lazarus wasn’t you”). Charlie (wearing festive reindeer antlers!) shows up to surprise a lonely Quinn, while Olivia (back in her own apartment) welcomes the return of her couch (!), and savors a glass of wine.

Now it’s your turn. Did the fall finale live up to your expectations? What did you think of the abortion twist? Hit the comments!

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