Chicago Med Preview: Meet the New Doctors, Nurses and More — Plus: How Many Spinoffs Is Too Many?

Chicago Med Preview

NBC’s Chicago Med opens its doors this Tuesday at 9/8c, but the latest entry in Dick Wolf’s Windy City-set trilogy is hardly the only place to get medical treatment on TV. So what will set the newest Chicago Fire spinoff apart?

“We want to [be] much more in the ER and St. Elsewhere model than Grey’s Anatomy,” executive producer Danielle Gelber says. “It’s not going to be a pure soap by any stretch of the imagination, but there will be a lot of character storylines and emotional entanglements. We want to be telling cutting-edge stories about ethical conundrums and the state of medicine and health care in America today.”

And in addition to not following in Grey’s’ footsteps, the NBC freshman won’t be exactly like CBS’ own new medical drama, either.

Code Black is much more about a day in the life of pure crisis. That’s not going to be what we do,” Gelber adds. “There’s going to be more time lapse in our episodes, as well.”

Additionally, Med‘s Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Charles (played by Oliver Platt), presents a unique viewpoint. “The thing that’s really surprising is I can’t recall a major medical show – ER, Chicago Hope, Grey’s – that had a shrink in a central role,” Wolf points out.

As for whether there’s a limit to how many offshoots the Chicago franchise can handle, “There probably is, but I don’t know where it is,” Wolf responds. “The audience will let us know when no mas. I just want Med to work.”

Flip through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to get the scoop on who’s who on Med, who’s butting heads and who’s got a romance.

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