Castle Recap: Happy Anniversary...? (Or: Wow, Did They Really Do That?!)

Castle Recap Anniversary Wedding

This week on ABC’s Castle, estranged Rick and Kate endeavored to mark their first wedding anniversary, some way, somehow, while Ryan and Epso dealt with “relationship” issues of their own.

Co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter had told us that Rick and Kate would “find a way” to celebrate one year together, despite this “weird time out” their marriage is in the midst of. And boy, did they.

Because yes, during perhaps the couple’s most tumultuous stretch over seven-and-a-half seasons, you got a Castle/Beckett love scene. And I doubt anyone out there was expecting that. Between that and the “no winter hiatus” news, it must have felt like an early Christmas.

Rick of course got the ball rolling, surprising (despite a few mechanical glitches) Kate with balloons, confetti cannons and a simple, sweet dinner invite — which she ultimately and gladly accepted, after rationalizing that it would simply be a “time out from their time out.”

Helping cement Kate’s decision to veer from her LokSat freeze-out playbook was her witnessing of Rick “undercover” at a divorce attorney, where he hesitated just long enough, when asked about the future of his marriage, to affect his voyeur wife.

And while their first stab at dinner was waylaid by Ryan and Espo’s partnership issues, even that detour (namely, something Javy said) gave Kate the nudge she needed to have an all-out “time in” with her husband, when they day-late celebration came around.Castle Sex

“Kate, I have never given up hope, not since the day we met,” Rick professed during the afterglow of their “better than I remembered” interlude. The only droplet of cold water on the assignation: Rick spying a cryptic text to Kate (from Vikram), and her not being upfront about it. But he didn’t seem so much irked as, “Hmmmmm….”

The Case of the Week I admittedly wasnt paying too much attention to, but my impression was it got a bit over-complicated. But hey, it’s Jenny Wolek!

A few items from the notable and quotable, then y’all can get commenting:

* “Tell that to the hole in my ass.”

* “Sherlock Homeboy’s got a theory.”

* I enjoyed the “sting,” where Alexis wound up snapping pics of the lawyer’s files. Or maybe I just enjoy the “nose” gesture from The Sting.

* Javy and Ryan all a-titter over Hayley and Kate’s towel-clad spa bust didn’t do either character any favors. Ugh.

* Where do I get myself one of those bulletproof reporter notepads?

* “Don’t move or I’ll shoot your ass!” “He’ll do it, too. Trust me.”

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