The Leftovers Shocker: Did They Just Kill Off [Spoiler]?!

The Leftovers Kevin Dies

Warning: The following story contains major spoilers from this week’s episode of The Leftovers. If you have yet to watch it, hit the nearest exit. 

“It’s going to be a hard day, buddy,” Patti warns Kevin at the beginning of Sunday’s episode of The Leftovers.

She wasn’t fooling.

By the end of the hour, Justin Theroux‘s tortured, terrorized alter ego was dead, the victim of an unintentional suicide/murder at the hands of the posinonous Virgil. Speaking of Erika’s pops, he’s also dead — the victim of an intentional suicide. Let’s quickly recap the whole sordid affair.

Desperate to evict Patti from his brain, where she’s been squatting since the season premiere, Kevin reluctantly turned to Miracle’s resident exorcist Virgil, who described the ex-cop’s predicament thusly: “She ain’t in you, she’s on you. And if you want to get her off you, you can’t do it on your turf. You got to go to hers. The other place.”

Translation: Kevin’s gotta die — temporarily. Just long enough for him to “vanquish” Patti on the other side. Virgil is then supposed to step in after a few minutes and resuscitate him. Only Virgil went horrifyingly off script. With Kevin’s lifeless, mouth-foamy body at his feet, Virgil emptied the syringe containing the heart-restarting epinephrine, put a gun to his own head and proceeded to pull the trigger.

In the episode’s closing seconds, as if to erase any doubt that Kevin did indeed die, Virgil’s grandson Michael is seen dragging his corpse out of the house.

Of course, this being The Leftovers, Kevin’s apparent death doesn’t necessarily mean that Theroux is off the show. There are still three episodes left in Season 2. Kevin could pull a Patti and return as Nora’s guardian angel. It’s also possible he could be resurrected, although that seems unlikely.

Curiously, the official longline for next Sunday’s installment reads more like a recap of this week’s fateful final scene: “In the shadow of Laurie questioning his mental health, Kevin attempts to vanquish Patti on an unexpected battlefield. A terrible, heartbreaking choice is all that stands between Kevin and his chance to rid himself of her and his past.”

An HBO rep declined to comment on Theroux’s Leftovers future. Series co-creator Damon Lindelof, meanwhile, remains in radio-silence mode until after Season 2 wraps in early December.

What do you think? Even in the twisty-turny world of TheLeftovers, was Kevin’s apparent death a shocker? Got a theory as to how he might return? Hit the comments!

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