Once Upon a Time Reveals Emma's Dark, Dark Plan: Were You Surprised?

Once Upon a Time Hook Dead

The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s opening hour of Once Upon a Time.

At long last, ABC’s Once Upon a Time has shed light on Dark Emma’s plan — including why she had to return everyone to Storybrooke with a mind-wipe.

In recent weeks, there have been hints and indications — no more so than when Emma fended off the eeeeevil counsel of former DO Nimue — that the onetime Savior hoped to use her Darkness for good, to protect her loved ones.

Well, in this Sunday’s first episode, “Birth,” Emma was finally moved to tell (mostly) all to Hook: that she plans to transfer the Darkness from herself into a new vessel, Zelena, whose pregnancy she accelerated. (In short: It’s a girl!) Once that is done, she will use Excalibur to strike down Zelena and vanquish the Darkness once and for all — a drastic, dark plan that all of her loved ones opposed.

Aye, but Emma left out a few small details — namely, as Hook eventually learned via dreamcatcher, that the wound he suffered during battle in Camelot against Arthur was a mortal one, seeing as it came from Excalibur. But rather than let Hook die, a desperate Emma tethered him to the sword, effectively turning them both into Dark Ones.

In Storybrooke, Hook was incensed to learn of the fate Emma thrust upon him. “So much for our future, Swan,” he growled, alluding to the house they stood in, which he had planned to one day share with his love. And at episode’s end, he plotted with Zelena to “take care of” Emma….

But wait, there’s much more! Namely, a whole second episode. Click here for a rundown of all the double dip’s biggest twists and turns.

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