Scandal Recap: Daddy Fearest

Scandal Season 5 Recap

On Thursday’s Scandal, Olivia makes a big confession, Fitz goes off the rails in the name of Olitz, and Rowan is apprehended by [spoiler]. Ready, set… let’s recap!

COTW | We open with the media in a frenzy over the potential of a historic disarmament deal between the U.S. and The Republic of Bandar, with Fitz and President Razani ready to sign on the dotted line. At a fancy dinner, a Bandar diplomat named Navid Turani tells Olivia he wants to defect to the U.S., citing human rights violations in his country. He offers up what he thinks is a nuclear site location in exchange, which Cyrus worries will blow up the accord deal. Enter the Gladiators, who go to work digging into Navid’s backstory. Is he sincere, or up to no good? Later, when the Gladiators discover Navid’s intel is apparently bogus — it’s just a soda factory, not a nuclear site — Olivia angrily denies his asylum request. The Gladiators eventually back up his story, but Navid has already gone and slit his wrists (thankfully, he’s still alive). Ultimately, Navid says he’s gay and was actually seeking asylum to escape certain death. Happily, Fitz grants the asylum. To wrap things up, Fitz (after signing the accord), whispers to Razani that he’s blowing the hidden cyber attacks site (aka soda factory) off the map, and there’s nothing the prez can do about it. Well played times two, Fitz!

BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID | Meanwhile, Rowan pays Olivia a visit and tries to convince her that he’s actually not the devil; in fact, he’s – gulp! — scared silly of “someone else with their finger on the button, someone far more dangerous than I.” Rowan tells Olivia she should be afraid, too, and reminds her, “I did my best for you. I take tremendous pride in who you have become.” That compels Liv to ask Huck about Lazarus One — AKA the kill Rowan plan — which he says he hasn’t heard of (yeah, right!).

OLIVIA’S CHOICE | Olivia tells Jake she’s convinced Rowan is “actually the innocent one this time,” but he’s having none of it. His days of “spooning” his ex through those dark, Rowan-created places are over. “That train has left the station, and you do not get to ride this anymore,” he huffs. Later, Abby tells Olivia that Cyrus is working with David behind Fitz’s back, and it’s “only a matter of time” before Fitz learns the truth. Liv knows she must come clean, but she also knows that “once I tell him, that’s it — we’re done. I’m not ready to be done.”

SET THE NIGHT TO MUSIC | Realizing he’s being iced out of the White House’s inner circle, Cyrus tasks David with finding Rowan and returning “him to his cement box.” Of course, David’s investigation lead him straight to Olivia, who’s arrested for aiding the escape of a prisoner. Liv’s first visitor in “jail” is Fitz, who refuses to believe she played any role in her father’s release. “You wouldn’t do that to me, you’re not Mellie,” says Fitz, before adding “tell me it’s not true.” Cue Roberta Flack’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” while a teary Olivia spills the beans (at least we think she did; the director got artsy and cut the dialogue from the scene!).

HOME, SWEET HOME | But instead of kicking Olivia out, Fitz moves her in! Yep, POTUS shocks Cyrus and demands Liv be released and sent straight to the residence. He even has Liv’s vast wardrobe moved into the White House. “You live here now,” he creepily informs Liv, declaring to keep her safe (with her own Secret Service detail and all). “This is your home.” He also promises to call off the hit he put out on Rowan, but now it’s Fitz who’s the liar. In the previous scene, he orders Jake to simply “let me know when it’s done.” But someone else beats Jake to the proverbial punch. In the episode’s final moment, a handcuffed, terrified Rowan comes face-to-face with an unidentified kidnapper who turns out to be… Huck!

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