Once Upon a Time Photos: Ruby and Mulan Join Merida for a Quest

ABC takes a quite different stab at Charlie’s Angels this Sunday when Once Upon a Time brings back both Ruby and Mulan (played by Meghan Ory and Jamie Chung) to join Merida on a dangerous quest — as seen in a new batch of photos.

In “The Bear King” — the second of this Sunday’s two fresh episodes (airing at 8/7c) — Zelena and Arthur journey to DunBroch to retrieve a relic that will provide the advantage they need to vanquish Emma and the Storybrooke heroes. Their path will cross with that of Merida, who is on a journey to pay a debt that her father, King Fergus, owed to the Witch when he died. But the great Scot will need a helping hand, or four, in her mission.

“Merida and Mulan have had quite a close friendship for some time, so you find out how Mulan was introduced into Merida’s life,” Amy Manson previously told TVLine. “And then Ruby ends up meeting Mulan, and they offer to help Merida on her mission. That’s how the three of them become ‘Charlie’s Angels’!”

Check out the “MerRubyLan” photos below, plus new episodics from Sunday’s first episode, “Birth,” featuring Zelena in Wicked Witch mode and some Dark Emma/Hook action.

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