Starbucks Cup Controversy: Daily Show Tackles 'Stupid' Online Outrage

Starbucks Cups Controversy

If your Internet is working — which I assume it is, since you’re reading this — you’re probably aware of the growing (and totally ridiculous) controversy surrounding Starbucks’ new, not-Christmasy-enough holiday cups.

Trevor Noah is certainly aware of it, and like most of us, he thinks the whole thing is utter nonsense.

“The cups are red and green,” Noah said on Tuesday’s Daily Show. “That’s the color of Christmas. They didn’t make the cups red and green in honor of stoplights or to remember the time that Kermit got a rash — which, by the way, Kermit, is what happens when you sleep with two pigs at once. Should have worn a lily pad.”

But Noah didn’t merely illuminate Kermit’s proclivity for pig sex. No, sir. He also did what all those rage-first-ask-questions-never news organizations have failed to do in their coverage of Starbucks’ War on Christmas: He pointed out that the whole debacle — which has now become a talking point for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump — was started by an online troll, one who gets fake-angry about a whole number of things, hoping the gullible public will latch onto at least one of his many causes.

Stupid mission accomplished.

Hit PLAY on the video below for Noah’s full take-down, then drop a comment with your own thoughts — though I wouldn’t begrudge you for not having any — on this crazy-pants controversy.

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