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NCIS: What Was the Meaning Behind Jeanne's [Spoiler]? (Watch Videos)

NCIS Jeanne Kisses Tony

This Tuesday on CBS’ NCIS, the team’s investigation into a ravaged Sudanese camp that had been populated by Doctors Without Borders types served to unexpectedly reunite Tony DiNozzo with Dr. Jeanne Woods née Benoit, whom he years ago had wooed — quite successfully — as part of an undercover op.

Watch video of the intense Tony/Jeanne reunion:

Jeanne’s husband David, whom she met some time after her torrid break-up with Tony, was among the doctors who had gone missing — or, worse, had been burned beyond recognition — during the attack by a local warlord. After Ducky was able to confirm that David was not among the charred, DiNozzo led a team to Sudan to seek out David and the other MIA doctor, allowing Jeanne to tag along as an expert on the region and its dialects.

Tony & Co. ultimately tracked down David and Ensign Joni Ryan and bravely managed to extricate them from where they were being held, thanks in no small part to some last-second aerial support courtesy of Gibbs’ connections.

Because of the team’s top priority — racing against time to find and save the relief workers — Tony and Jeanne didn’t get to talk very much about the past, though the look on her face when they first locked eyes, and at other times throughout the episode’s early scenes, spoke volumes. (Rather, DiNozzo’s colleagues had the most to quip about the volatile reunion, especially when McGee aka “McGossip Girl” briefed Bishop on the soap opera of it all.) But once David had been rescued, Jeanne was visibly quite appreciative of, and maybe even touched by, her ex’s diligence in pulling off the daring mission.

In fact, when parting ways, she bestowed on him a kiss — on the cheek, sure, but one that was perhaps a little lingering, a little warm, given circumstances both past and present. Watch video:

“It was a little bit [lingering and warm],” Scottie Thompson, who reprised her role as Jeanne, allowed of the good-bye gesture. “I think it’s fun moment,” she continued, “and it will be interesting to see how fans react to that, and what that opens up in terms of possibilities — or not — of what lays down the road.”

Thompson says it could merely be Jeanne’s acknowledgement that Tony, despite his past betrayal, very much proved to be an honorable man under adverse circumstances. “After everything they’ve gone through [in the episode], a lot of those initial emotions [they shared upon reuniting] have sort of gone away,” the actress opines. “By then it’s like, ‘I love you as a person, in the end.’ And that’s nice, because that sort of moment can go a million ways.”

If Thompson sticks around.

Despite rumors that Jeanne will be seen again, her portrayer claimed, “I’m not sure,” adding: “I just know I had a really great time coming back, so we’ll see what pans out. But I would love to explore wherever this may or may not go!”

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