Vampire Diaries/Originals Crossover Coming? EPs Talk 'Common Ground'

Vampire Diaries Originals Crossover

Not since the Unholy Mikaelson Trinity crashed Katherine’s goodbye party in Jan. 2014 have The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossed paths — but it’s (maybe) possible that’s all about to change.

Speaking to reporters at a recent screening of the CW dramas, TVD executive producer Caroline Dries and Originals EP Michael Narducci discussed the likelihood of the two shows merging for a third time, offering some hope — albeit a thin sliver — for fans desperately craving a crossover.

“We’ve been thinking about how to make it work,” Dries said. “We have one large kitchen between the two of our offices, so I think — finally — we might be able to work something out. There are a lot of spinning plates.”

Added Narducci, “Our storylines are such that [The Vampire Diaries is] flashing forward, spending a little time in the now and in the future, and [The Originals is] spending a little time in the now … and in their distant pasts. In this immediate moment, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an easy merger of storyline. On both shows, you’re going to see those particular storylines … might have some more potential for common ground in the future.”

Of course, both Narducci and Dries are aware that the fate of TVD‘s core characters relies on the survival of the Mikaelsons — you know, sire lines and all that jazz — and always keep that fact in the backs of their minds.

“Our guys could just be drinking at Skull Bar and just die one day,” joked Dries, at which point Narducci reassured the room, “We want to make it so that there are real consequences to the events of [The Originals] that would not destroy Stefan Salvatore or Damon while they’re just hanging out.”

Time to weigh in: Are you dying for another crossover event, or are you fine with the two entities remaining separate? And if a third crossover does happen, what would you like to see? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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