Supergirl Recap: Somebody Save Me

Supergirl Superman Saves

This week on CBS’ Supergirl, Cat Grant got a super scoop, Kara realized that her heart isn’t indestructible and we learned that the Man of Steel is on Instant Messenger (and uses emoticons).

So, Cat got her coveted 1-on-1 with Supergirl, but the media magnate apparently didn’t get the #AskHerMore memo and soon enough segued into Qs about the hero’s plans to “start a family.” That last softball however prompted Supergirl to blurt out that Superman is her cousin, which quickly became Perd Hapley’s headline the next morning.

In between helping Cat plan a party for the release of a special CATCO Magazine issue with the Supergirl profile (let’s not talk about how it went to and came out of the presses within 48 hours), Kara dealt with Reactron aka  Ben Krull, a former nuclear plant employee who blames Superman for his wife’s death — and thus is out to hurt the Man of Steel’s own loved ones. Hank Henshaw forbids the DEO getting involved, since Reactron is no alien but born of man-made tech, so Kara goes it alone at first, with help from Winn, James and the new “secret lair” Winn set up in a vacant upstairs CatCo office.

Kara’s scariest moment, though, may have come not battling a nuclear-powered psycho but critiquing the first draft of her boss’ Supergirl profile, suggesting its tone is “a little nasty” and that the quotes, which she transcribed for Cat, were taken out of context. Cat though stands firm that Supergirl is like one of today’s mortal millennials, in that she will probably call her cousin when things don’t go her way.

When Reactron abducts tech titan Maxwell Lord for the purpose of helping fix his fritzing suit, Supergirl flies to the rescue, freeing Max but then getting into a one-sided scuffle with Krull. Kara is just about down for the count when a red-and-blue blur swoops into frame, scaring off Reactron. Later, when Kara chides James for summoning his superfriend, the photog counters, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in you” — to which Kara growls, “Maybe you shouldn’t be here at all,” so he leaves.

After that tense exchange, Kara vents to Alex, noting of her original destiny, “I’m supposed to be the one saving [Kal-El], not the other way around.” But as Alex reassures, “Your story is just starting, and some day it will be you saving him.” Alex then comes through with a party dress (from “the DEO closet”?) for her sis, who’s late for the huge launch party.

There, Max (briefly) cuts a rug with Cat (in between conspicuously prodding about how she got in touch with Supergirl). Kara meanwhile juggles dances with Winn and then James, who apologies for earlier. “I call [Superman] when things get tough… when I get scared. And I was scared I was going to lose you,” he explains. The duo’s latest warm moment is interrupted by Reactron’s party-crashing. After slipping “into something more durable,” Kara gets word from Alex and Hank (who’s agreed to help out with the non-alien matter) that she can pluck out her foe’s power core if she first encases it in lead. So she melts down a nearby bust, dips her hand into the scalding goo and then uses it to power down Reactron and thus save James, who had offered up Superman’s BFF as a distraction.

Later, Alex nudges Kara to seek out James, having noticed that the photog makes her sister smile like no one else has. But just Supergirl-Clark-textas an ebullient Kara strides into her colleague’s office, she meets Lucy Lane aka Lois’ younger sister, who is apparently visiting from Metropolis to rekindle things with James. Returning to her desk, crestfallen, Kara is roused from her funk by an Instant Message ping — from “Clark.” She thanks her cuz for saving her life, to which he replies, “I talked to Jimmy. Won’t happen again :-)” Acknowledging her big win over Reactron, Clark notes, “Guess it was a job for Supergirl.” When she thanks him for the support, he writes back, “What else is family for?”

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