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Jane the Virgin Boss Explains Love- Triangle Twist, Previews Time Jump

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s night Jane the Virgin

Just when you thought Jane the Virgin‘s heart was made up, the CW series threw the heroine – and viewers – a romantic curveball during Monday night’s episode.

A brief recap of the love tribulations: Jane decided she wanted to be with Michael, a fact which Rafael overheard via baby monitor. Rather than letting Jane break the news to him, he found ways to avoid the inevitable heartbreak until he finally revealed to her that he’s known all along about her choice. He also expressed some strong feelings about Michael’s distaste for him and his shady behavior. But it was Jane’s ex-fiancé who did the biggest disservice to himself when he accused Rafael of getting him in trouble at work – he didn’t – leading to a physical brawl between the two men. And during said fight, baby Mateo was injured! Realizing she needed to put her child first, Jane’s choice was unmade: she could not be with Michael, after all.

As for what comes next, executive producer Jennie Urman reveals below that the the love triangle is taking a breather as the show skips forward in time – but it’s hardly over.

TVLINE | Why the decision to have this twist on the love triangle after Jane made her choice?
I felt like that was a choice that she made, but part of her big arc this year is that she has a child and how many of her choices are just about what she wants now and how deeply they are affected by what she thinks her child needs and what’s best for him. That’s the biggest tension that you feel as a mom is, can you do anything for yourself? How do you retain your sense of self being a mom? She’s in this love triangle, and I feel like she has to make a choice fairly early, but we also didn’t want to lock her down with one of the guys super early because I feel like as a character, she needs to get out of the love triangle for a little while. Her stories need to grow a little bit. She needs to see what else is out there because she, like the audience, has been in the Rafael/Jane/Michael of it all. And that’s not to say that that’s not what she’s going to come back to, but I felt like she has to make a choice at a certain point and it couldn’t be too deeply into [the season]. Does that choice last forever and ever? This is a telenovela, so there has to be twists and turns and bumps along the way. But I felt like the important thing was to know that Jane understood where her heart was at last.

TVLINE | Would you say in the upcoming episodes, it’s not about debating Michael versus Rafael for her anymore?
Well, she made a choice. She chose Michael. The next episode, each act is a different month to really move time, which is something we couldn’t do between seasons because we left with such a cliffhanger. We felt like we wanted the world to have a chance to breathe after this. I will say it does, and then there’s all kinds of twists and turns. But Michael and Rafael are, obviously, in her life in changing capacities.

TVLINE | After what happened with Michael, does it become a situation where Rafael is the only option? Or there is no option?
Because Jane has made a choice, after the events of Episode 5, she needs to take a little break. It’s not like she’s running right back to Rafael. [Laughs] She made a choice. That’s where her heart was. It’s not like, “Now he’s not available. I’m going to switch back my heart to the other guy.” She figured out who she wanted. It just didn’t work out. So now she has to figure out how to move on. That’s a big part of the next episode and what time heals and what it doesn’t and how long things take and how long things feel like in the moment, but once you pass the moment, how quickly time went.

TVLINE | How does Rafael feel about what happened between the three of them? She’s not with Michael, but she didn’t technically choose him either.
He has a journey, as well. They all have journeys to go through in the aftermath… She and Rafael, they don’t have the luxury of space. They’re a family. They have to figure it out. That’s what they try to do in the next episode.

TVLINE | Elsewhere, Michael was fired. Does that leave him in a position where he’s a renegade, investigating Sin Rostro on his own?
You’ll have to see. What is he doing? That’s the question as we get into the next episode, and a little bit will be answered in [Episode] 6 and more will be answered in [Episode] 7.

TVLINE | I really enjoyed the Jane and Petra scenes in this episode. Can we expect that friendship to blossom?
Yes. [Episode] 6 has a lot of what that is and is not. I love the two of them together as actors, and I like that surprise of, can they become friends after all? Can it be stolen sperm under the bridge? I like believing that you can, that you can get over things.

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