Walking Dead Recap: Mourning Glory

Walking Dead Maggie Pregnant

In the aftermath of the Wolves’ attack, morale in Alexandria was at an all-time low in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. And Rick didn’t exactly raise anyone’s spirits by running up to the gate with half of the “roamer” herd trailing behind him. But then, the strangest thing happened. A few of the Alexandrians seemed to turn a corner. Who — and how? Read on…

LIFE AFTER (LOTS AND LOTS OF) DEATH | Once Rick was safely inside the gate, he gave the frightened Alexandrians a pep talk. “The wall’s gonna hold together,” he promised them. “Can you?” At first, it appeared that the answer was gonna be “Hell, no!” Deanna was wandering around half dazed, Aaron was being eaten alive by his guilty conscience, and some of the Alexandrians were even raiding the pantry to cook what they assumed would be their last meals before Spencer stopped them. Ironically, he was coming unglued, too, just a little less publicly. And doesn’t it figure? Right when Deanna seemed to get her groove back, she caught her son getting drunk on booze stolen from the pantry! Not only did he agree with their neighbors that they were toast, he also blamed his mother for Reg and Aiden’s deaths, Alexandria’s sorry state and pretty much everything but global warming. Later, though, he did seem kinda moved by Rosita’s sincere thanks for taking out the Wolf who’d tried to drive a semi into the community. And, when Deanna was attacked by a zombified Wolf, she valiantly fought back. (Dumbly — she kept going for the chest rather than the head — but valiantly.) “I wanna live,” she told Rick after he’d finished off the walker. And she believed that her — everyone’s — best chance of retaining a pulse was for him to take over Alexandria’s leadership. (Side note: What was with the blood seeping through the wall in that last shot? WAS it blood?)

LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE | Meanwhile, Jessie continued her transformation into a pragmatic badass, hauling away the body of the Wolf that she’d killed in her house and dispatching a fellow Alexandrian who’d turned. When she noticed that, in completing the latter task, she’d attracted an audience, she gave a little speech worthy of Rick, telling her neighbors that, no matter how ugly, they had to see things as they were now. “If we don’t fight,” she added, “we die.” Whether Ron was really on board, who could say? (Personally, I’m suspicious.) But the teenager did warn Carl that he’d tattle to Rick if he went over the wall to search for Enid. Ron also asked Rick to teach him to shoot (which you can see backfiring on Rick a mile away, can’t you?). As the hour came to a close, Jessie clarified to Rick that, when she said people needed to see things as they were now, she hadn’t meant that there was no future. On the other hand, she wasn’t opposed to getting some reassurance herself. “Tell me there’s more” than this, she pleaded. In response, he passionately kissed her. And kissed her. And…

“AWW” SOME | Amazingly, Rick wasn’t the only character to get a little love in “Now.” When Tara (adorably) lied that her head hurt so that she’d have an excuse to check on Denise, she found the doc despairing over a patient that she was sure wouldn’t make it. On the plus side, Denise noted, she was so worried about what was going on in her mini-clinic that she didn’t have time to adequately freak out about the oodles of walkers just beyond the gates. Still, Tara praised Denise’s bravery. She could have bailed, after all, and hadn’t. Later, after Denise took in Jessie’s pep talk, the doc’s studying paid off, and she managed to turn her patient’s condition around. “Hot damn,” she said to herself, then celebrated by seeking out Tara and planting a sweet kiss on her lips. Hot damn, indeed.

CLOSE… AND A CIGAR | Upon realizing that Maggie was planning to sneak over the wall to try to find Glenn, Aaron insisted on not only showing her a safer route out of Alexandria (through the sewers, emphasis on the “Ew!”) but accompanying her. Unfortunately, they only made it to the far end of the pipe before realizing that they were still awfully close to the half-herd. Aaron suggested that they could take out a walker or two and still make it, but Maggie didn’t want to try it for the same reason that she hadn’t accompanied Glenn into the field on his last fateful trip: “I’m pregnant,” she admitted. But, though she wouldn’t risk the baby’s life by going after Glenn, she also refused to give up on him. So, after she and Aaron made their way back, they erased Glenn’s (and, for that matter, Nicholas’) name from the memory wall.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you see Maggie’s pregnancy coming? Hit the comments!

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