Donald Trump's Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue: Grade It!

Let’s not make this post a referendum on whether or not NBC made the right decision in allowing Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live — mainly because I’ve got another article planned for later tonight on that exact subject.

For now, let’s put aside our deeply held partisan beliefs — don’t laugh… it’s possible-ish! — and weigh in on whether the Republican  presidential candidate/Celebrity Apprentice host/hairstyle cautionary tale can post a “Mission Accomplished” banner as a result of delivering genuine laughs with his opening monologue.

Trump’s verrrrry brief intro consisted of three jokes:

* Trump saying his longtime enemy Rosie O’Donnell had shown up to support him — then ignoring cast member Aidy Bryant’s attempts to convince him she wasn’t the former The View firebrand.

* Trump being flanked by the man currently charged with playing him on the show (Taran Killam) as well as prior impersonator Darrell Hammond as evidence he knows how to take a joke. (Killam’s wordless pomposity was especially choice — but Trump himself didn’t bring much to the moment.)

* Trump getting hit with a heckler yelling “You’re a racist!” — before the cameras cut away backstage to show Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David (who played Bernie Sanders in the cold open), admitting he’d made $5,000 for the accusation.

From my couch, this was a bunt from Trump where (love him or hate him) you’d at least have expected an attempt at a home run.

But what did you think? Press PLAY above and watch Trump’s monologue (again?), then vote in the poll below, and then sound off in the comments!

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