How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Does That Make Him Crazy? Possibly.

Amid Emily Sinclair’s blood splatter, Oliver’s spilled milk (not a euphemism), Bonnie’s declaration of hatred and Asher’s rap video, no doubt your head is spinning like Linda Blair in The Exorcist (albeit with immeasurably more style, sophistication and glamour) thanks to this week’s installment of How to Get Away With Murder.

That said, with so much OMG-WTF-GRRRRL,NAW plot to digest — and not spew around the room — you’d be forgiven for momentarily forgetting the two most essential words uttered over the course of the 60-minute roller coaster ride: “It’s him.”

OK, sure, we know Annalise is talking about Wes to her lover-confidante-partner-in-snacking Eve… but what does she mean by him? Long-lost son she gave up for adoption? (Wayyy too easy.) Long-lost nephew her sister gave up for adoption? (Hmmm… maybe.) Son of some long-lost suicidal client she’d made a death-bed promise to protect? (I’m probably overthinking this.) That young piece of Grade A law-student beef she’s been eyeing for two whole semesters? (Sorry… I can’t let go of the sexual tension percolating in every Annalise-Wes interaction, no matter how sick that makes me.)

Before I fall down a rabbit hole of theories sure to be disproven by creator/showrunner Pete Nowalk (look for our post mortem Q&A on TVLine around lunchtime on Friday), let’s break down the 10 most shocking developments from “I Want You to Die” (most of which happens just FOUR DAYS prior to “Shooting Night”):

Laurel gets props
“Go back to the office and stop being needy”

10. Annalise orders potato skins and mozzarella sticks at a dive bar with Eve. “What the hell?” she asks, smiling — smiling, people. Maybe she should take her “Sam money” and run off to Paris with her lesbian lover, no?

9. “You’re messin with the wrong bitch,” says Annalise, threatening Sinclair. To which her dumb-dumb rival puffs up her chest and asks, “Is that a threat?” (She tried it!) “I guess you’ll see,” smiles Annalise. Probably not significant, but damn fun!

8. Annalise gets her students to assail the character of Mother Teresa and bring her up on murder charges. It’s possible that sweet nun did kind of have an “inflated sense of self-worth,” right?

7. Eve clears Nate of “murdering” Nia. (There’s a lot we could go into here, but dude really didn’t deserve to wind up in jail for carrying out his wife’s wishes. Also, his adult-level talk with his romantic rival was truly, madly, adorably mature.)

6. There are divisions in the Keating Four on “Shooting Night.” In fact, the flash-forward shows Connor and Michaela fleeing the Hapstall mansion (Connor grousing, “We know better this time!”) while Laurel and Wes ponder how to use the latter’s gun to influence their actions. (Whoa!)

5. Bonnie doesn’t buy Asher’s excuses for the gang rape at Trotter Lake. “She works so hard to be OK and you get to go on being you… oblivious and the fun guy!” she rages, not buying her erstwhile lover’s defense of drunken youth. He counters in typically boneheaded fashion that “I understand why this is your thing” — and then she knows that Annalise has shared her history of childhood sexual abuse with the man she loves.

4. Bonnie confronts Annalise, hissing “I was the card you traded” (to guarantee Asher’s silence). But Annalise fights back that she truly loves her left-hand woman — and if not, she can go back to the fancy apartment where she’d been “rolling around in bed with a 25-year-old boy” (ouch… way to dis her romance with Mr. Millstone!) “I want you to die,” Bonnie concludes, unswayed. “That’s what I want. That it was you killed in this house, not Sam. Because he’d have never done this to me.”

3. When Eve confronts Annalise that with her theory that she’s framed Nate and is protecting Wes in Sam’s murder case, La Keating doesn’t deny it. He’s more than just some student, Annalise counters, “It’s him.” Suddenly, it’s clear these two women hold a secret that maybe no one else on the show knows — and Eve softens noticeably. “You’re a very good person.” Ummmm… let’s not get carried away, but still, here’s hoping this is a Burning Question that gets answered by the end of Season 2, yes? (My bet is that Wes is not Annalise’s blood relation — but rather the son of a friend or client who was killed doing Annalise’s legal bidding.)

2. Oliver becomes more deeply embroiled in the goings-on of the Keating firm, continuing with Frank’s request to trace the online life of Helena Hapstall’s biological son Philip — without Connor’s knowledge. “She’s so much nicer than you said!” Oliver coos, after meeting Annalise, and we know he’s the sweetest, most guileless guy you could imagine — and that he should take Connor’s advice, pack his belongings and head back to the America’s Next Top Supporting Characters house immediately. Instead, as Connor goes on a fake online “date” to collect Philip’s DNA, Philip (who’s been monitoring Oliver via secret video on his laptop) sneaks into the tech whiz’s apartment. and asks the most benign/terrifying question ever: “Hi, Oliver. How’s your night going?”

1. In the final seconds of the episode, as Michaela and Connor flee the Hapstall mansion on Shooting Night, they’re startled by Sinclair hitting the pavement with a splat as dramatic as Lexi Featherston’s in Sex and the City! They look up — past Laurel and Wes — and who do they see but… Bonnie??? I’ll never believe Bonnie killed both Rebecca and Emily… so forgive me for waiting til the fall finale in two weeks to declare her guilty. Until then, it’s your turn!

What did you think of this week’s HTGAWM? What is Annalise’s connection to Wes? And will Oliver be kidnapped — or actually die? Sound off below!

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