Elementary Sneak Peek: Sherlock Is Still In Contact With [Spoiler]!

Turns out a pen pal is forever on Elementary — even if she did try to destroy your life.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from Thursday’s Season 4 premiere (CBS, 10/9c), Sherlock imagines a life behind bars for himself after his brutal beating of Oscar, and tells Watson that they can exchange letters— just as he and Moriarty do!

“That’s still going on?” a surprised Joan responds.

As for when we might see Moriarty in the flesh, that’s a matter complicated by her portrayer Natalie Dormer’s busy film schedule.

“I reached out to Natalie recently because I did have some ideas and was hoping we’d be able to see her towards the end of the season. But she is acting in a movie [titled In Darkness] that she co-wrote,” executive producer Rob Doherty told TVLine in late August. “She is a friend of the show, for sure, and we love having her around. So at the moment, the odds are slim, but the door is not shut.”

At least we’ll always have snail mail. Press PLAY above to watch the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Sherlock’s correspondence.

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