Gotham's Cory Michael Smith: Riddles Will 'Torment' Ed in Wake of Tragedy

Gotham Spoilers

If you have it, you don’t share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is “it”?

The answer to that riddle is “a secret,” and Gotham‘s Edward Nygma is sitting on a big and tragic one in the wake of accidentally killing his sweetheart, Miss Kringle.

TVLine hopped on the phone with Cory Michael Smith to survey Ed’s reaction to his misdeed — as well as the other Ed’s take on the grave twist. Also, a sneak peek at what brings the would-be Riddler and the Penguin together!

TVLINE | How is Edward feeling right now?
As we go into this week’s episode (tonight at 8/7c, on Fox), he’s utterly destroyed. He has killed the person that he’s in love with. His life had changed, he faced the possibility of actually being with someone, of entering manhood in a really exciting way. But now, this “other” part of him that we’ve been introduced to is there to punish himself.

TVLINE | I was going to ask, does his “other self” try to rationalize what happened, or does he pester him about it?
Oh, he’s there to punish. This is also where Ed’s relationship with riddles is born in a really tormenting way. Up until now, he has used them as a way of flirting, for fun and in trying to make friends. But at this point, this other part of him is going to be using the same love Gotham-Kringle-diesof riddles as a way to torment himself. This is where some severe scar tissue is earned.

TVLINE | How will we account for Miss Kringle’s absence?
Well, we’ve got to do something with her body — but first we have to find her body. [Laughs] Ed’s going to play some games on himself, making him guess where the body has been hidden, and then we have to get rid of the body, which is much easier said than done. And also, to bury the love of your life should take a bit of a ceremony, so it will be a “special” occasion for him.

TVLINE | If Ed was teetering on the edge of sanity for the past several episodes, would you say he has now lost his footing?
Yeah, I think so. Someone like Ed, who just can’t catch a break and whose misfortunes he could accept as just fate or “This is just me,” these kinds of people embrace parts about themselves that the rest of us deny. Unfortunately, he’s going to be forced into that camp of people who embrace these things as a way of getting what they want.

TVLINE | Is he be able to put on a good “game face” at the GCPD, though?
The fun part about what happens after this is once you’ve embraced these things, it doesn’t mean that you’re all of a the sudden good at it. [Laughs] It doesnt mean that he is now The Riddler and he is badass and supersmart. He has absolutely no idea what he’s doing!

TVLINE | Being a psychopath takes practice!
It does! Of course it takes practice. That’s why if there’s another run-in with Penguin, he may be like, “Oh, what a great time to inquire about how to be such a horrible human being!”

TVLINE | Yeah, John Stephens told me the Nov. 16 episode features “the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Penguin and The Riddler.”
[Laughs] Yeah…. Penguin is not in good health, and the ever-caring Ed finds him at an opportune time. Ed’s going to save his life, and where they run into each other is outside the city limits.

TVLINE | Any sartorial tweaks for Ed, as he inches closer to his Riddler identity? I know he has had the tie clip…
Though his relationship with riddles is going to change drastically, he doesn’t yet embrace that as, like, his marker, or his shtick. Theres definitely going to be more green in the clothing, and his wardrobe will be more brave. It will be changing, but not a lot.

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