Vampire Diaries Season 7 Spoilers

Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham Teases Bonnie's 'Huge' Romantic Reveal

Fresh off this week’s insane reveal about Alaric’s future, The Vampire Diaries is preparing to blow fans’ minds once again on Thursday (The CW, 8/7c) — this time with a peek at Bonnie 2.0.

“The inspiration behind future Bonnie was sort of Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club — a little more of a bad girl, as well as someone who’s hiding a secret,” Kat Graham tells TVLine. “It’s very different from the other flash-forwards you’ll see. Oh, and this one has the huge reveal of who I end up with!”

But it isn’t just Bonnie’s love life that’s going to throw you for a loop; Graham also says that Thursday’s episode contains a major Lily-centric twist.

“We don’t find out everything that Lily has done, and all the ways she’s effed everybody over, until Episode 5,” she says. “There’s a huge reveal for Bonnie and Damon in that way.”

Last chance to theorize, TVD fans: Who is Bonnie’s future mystery man? And what do you think/hope we’ll learn about Mama Salvatore? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Remy says:

    I’m thinking Bonnie’s man might be Enzo. Although I’m still kinda holding out for Caroline & Enzo. I just want Enzo to get some love from somebody because clearly it won’t be Lily.

    • Katie says:

      I find it pretty funny how you can pick out the dullena fans on here and other sites. They say the same things over and over again even if it doesn’t makes sense. My favorite is Bonnie and Elena are friends. I think that’s the best one seeing how hypocritical they are you know since their ship was founded on brothers. The other one I love is it won’t happen because they said they are keeping them as friends, I think we can all agree that Plec and Co have said certain things will/won’t happen to find out later it did/didn’t happen. So I don’t put much stock into what they say anymore because things change. Now with that being said I don’t think Bamon are going to happen right now and Enzo is my guess too not to mention the spoilers that have gone out have been accurate so far. I do think Bamon is coming though.

      • Dany says:

        It’s funny how you can pick out the 12 year olds on here and other sites because they use childish name-calling like “dullena”! This fandom is embarrassing because of people like you.

        • Katie says:

          lol It’s understandable that you’re upset that Nina left and you’re not able to see your couple anymore and I do feel for you really I do.

          • MFL says:

            With the way Plec & Dries love Delena….I’m pretty sure they’ll preserve Damon until the day they reunite him with Elena.

          • theonlyandoneme says:

            We might not have Delena physically in the show, but last night episode, when Damon wrote down a diary for Elena was epic… One of the best scenes of the episode, and all about DELENA. Even though Nina/Elena isn’t on the show, Delena live through Damon, and his self fight to be the better man for Elena.

          • Bamon says:

            These delenas are hiliarious. LMAO I love it! Bamon bringing the heat!!

          • Hanna says:

            I love how an ‘irrelevant’ ship that ‘won’t’ happen has everyone scared. LOL Bamon ftw!

      • Uwe says:

        Good luck with Bamon dreamer

    • hazel says:

      lily died already

  2. Michelle says:

    Bamon needs to be the huge reveal…they have to be. Their friggen perfect for each other. But spoilers say enzo which is dumb.

  3. Julie says:

    I heard spoilers that it is Enzo but I am hoping that is wrong. I saw some major chemistry between Enzo and Valarie actually and I hope they don’t waste this like they did for carenzo.

    Bamon has so much chemistry, but I am not sure if they will go their yet. I really feel like they should explore this! I don’t know why this show ignores chemistry all the time and tries to convince us of chemistry by use of sex all the time. Hopefully these things happen though and I hope they learn sex does not equal chemistry

  4. I need them to stop playing with my emotions…they need to go ahead and bless us all with Bamon. The breadcrumbs and hints and meaningful looks between Bonnie and Damon…it can only lead to Bamon greatness.

  5. Guest says:

    Please let it be BAMON!!!

  6. CJ says:

    I’m not quite sure I understand why everyone wants Bamon so badly. Is it such a crime for a story to have a great friendship? I mean friends have great chemistry, they should have great chemistry. Especially after going through traumatic events. I just think chemistry and romantic/sexual tension are two often interchangeable. It would be nice for them to differentiate that better, let it be one or the other so viewers can see that distinction. And I actually hope that TVD holds off on the Bamon romance.

    • Laura says:

      I don’t want them to hold off. Stefan and Caroline are the ones who should’ve remained friends. They have friendship/sibling chemistry that should never have been tampered with and ruined a great platonic friendship. This show doesn’t know real chemistry and how to use it properly and it would be a waste of Damon and Bonnie’s if they don’t make them happen.

      • Dany says:

        How would it be a waste? They don’t have romantic chemistry. They come across as brotherly/sisterly, and Damon will always be in love with Elena, she’s his obvious endgame. If they make him hook up with anyone, that person will just be a distraction, and Elena will be hanging over the girl’s head the whole time. I don’t understand Bonnie fans who want her to be nothing more than that distraction.

        • Katie says:

          I’m not sure Bonnie will be a distraction. Has Julie ever said that Damon and Elena are endgame? As far as I know Julie has never said that DE are endgame I’ve heard her say she doesn’t believe in endgames. Now that’s not to say she won’t change her mind when this show is over but no one not even the dullena’s know for SURE that that’s how this show will end.

          • Joan says:

            Julie said that Damon is counting down to the inevitable reunion with “his one, true love”. Sounds pretty endgame-ish to me, but ok.

          • Bri says:

            I would love for Bamon even if it’s later this season or next. Never say never in this show that’s for sure. We know she’s going to be with Enzo but don’t know for how long so I’m ok with that for now.

          • Stephy says:

            Agree, I think the only endgame anyone can count on is a Defan endgame and from some spoilers that’s going around even that’s questionable.

          • Uwe says:

            Omg you Bamon fans really suck. Because you obviously haven’t watched the show properly or even from the beginning. The story of The Vampire Diaries is Elena falling in love with Damon. Aka Delena. It was always about them. I agree though that Damon and Bonnie have become closer. But only because they got trapped in the prison world together. If Stefan never died Damon wouldn’t have sacrificed himself to save him and Alaric. Bamon is forced. And all Damon sees in her is a VERY GOOD BEST FRIEND that he cares about very much. NOT ROMANTICALLY.

  7. Liz says:

    It’s Enzo. Finally someone not too murderous or evil (l o l), I guess???? Or maybe Plec thought this could work because Enzo is the most useless character on the show, anyway, and she wouldn’t dare put Bonnie with a character people actually give a crap about.
    Funnily enough, I never thought Delena shippers and Bamon shippers would have this in common, but I see both sides excited about this because it either keeps Bonnie away from Damon and blocks Bamon (DErs might just hate Bamon more than they love their own ship) or because it’s not Kai (whose chemistry with Bonnie absolutely terrified BDers because it would have obliterated their ship) and they think it’ll make Damon jealous and “finally” get over his doppelganger obsession and fall for Bonnie as though he won’t be rewarded with Elena as soon as she dies…
    Plus, Bonenzo also has the added bonus of being Bamon lite, which is why Plec is hoping Bamon shippers will settle for it, and it has the opposites attract dynamic to draw in angry bonkai shippers so they can stop whining about decapitated Kai and get over their dead and buried ship. It also prevents more comments about Bonnie’s lack of a love life. Hooray!

    • Jenn says:

      That’s Plec logic for you!

    • Izzy Lewis says:

      If it’s two love interest who said it wasn’t Damon???? Julie didn’t say no Bamon so I’m confused, nor did anyone say Bonenzo were endgame??? Malarkey said it was a hookup, and Kat said she has a potential love interest that’s not in the flash forward????

    • Witz says:

      [ Or maybe Plec thought this could work because Enzo is the most useless character on the show, and she wouldn’t dare put Bonnie with a character people actually give a crap about.]

      True LOL, thats the only reason she would make Enzo be Bonnie’s love interest.

  8. dlt74 says:

    Won’t be Bamon…he was safely tucked away in his coffin with Elena in a storage facility waiting for Bonnie’s life to live out. I’m betting we have Benzo or Bric (note they didn’t exactly say Ric was a widower) Who better to help raise witchy children than a witch?

    • Moria says:

      But we don’t know why Damon is “safely tucked away”, makes you wonder what made Damon so scared to do that because right now he seems to be wanting to find out who he is w/o her. Also your theory of Bonnie helping Ric raise the twins might be true since Damon in the ff went to Ric’s house and it seems that their relationship is strained for some reason. Could it be Bonnie perhaps?

      • Dany says:

        They’ve said that Damon is going “dark” and will hit a low point, and that’s what will push him to desiccate. That’s why Alaric wasn’t allowing Damon in; that wasn’t “strained”, that was fear. A romance isn’t a dark low point, it’s just drama, and wouldn’t cause that kind of reaction from Alaric.

        • caroline says:

          I think the fall out will come from other cause and it has to do with Lily and he is also could become dangerous .In episode 7 Lily share a dark secret to Damon and Stefan that makes them doubt about their family it could be they are half brothers or Damon is adopted and is why Giuseppe hated him .
          Alaric seems not wanted invite him in the house because they have finished things very wrong.Thinking that Jo will be gone fast because of Damon and this will finish their friendship.Also ihis brother has everything he wanted and has the love of his mother which he doesn’t
          I think a lot of this things he wanted not to be will fail : a selfish friend,a jealous brother and a horrible son .Those will bring him to a dark place and he will put himself in a coffin before doing something terrible which may cause Elena not be with him when she wakes up from what Julie said recently in a interview

          • lt says:

            This sounds about right. Let’s retcon some more history. I have been waiting for them to “reveal” that the brothers aren’t really brothers or half brothers because really what is history or consistency in this show anymore? lol I know some fans have left and quit watching the show but for me I love seeing how far gone tvd can get. I’m watching for the comedy now and see how much of the earlier seasons they can rewrite. I wish people could stick it for the laughs.

    • Beba says:

      It’s def not Alaric, he thought Bonnie was dead in last night’s episode why would Bonnie wanna be a step mother at 22. It’s Enzo, although spoilers hint that there might be a bamon/bonenzo love triangle coming after Damon returns.

    • Cher says:

      Huge Bamon fan here but…I actually am liking Bonnie with Alaric. I can actually see that happening more than “Bonenzo”. Why is Enzo even around?! He’s cool and all but him with Bonnie makes zero sense to me. His dynamic with Bonnie is nothing like Damon. Doesn’t compare. And we already have that dynamic with Bamon. Don’t give me a poor substitute. I want something more for Bonnie and a storyline with Ric and the twins – that would be mind blowing!

  9. JJ says:

    Enzo. Bamon would be awful given that Damon will always love Elena and Bonnie is Elena’s childhood best friend. And Ric is too old. I could see Bonnie and Enzo having a thing given the right circumstances. They both have horrible luck in the romance department but maybe they could be happy together.

    • Dany says:

      I agree, I think Bonenzo will be decent. Bonnie made a comment about looking for a “nice guy, or not so nice guy” last episode, and Enzo straddles that line. Enzo is going to have to move on from Lily soon enough, all the while he’s working with Bonnie over this phoenix stone or w.e. it is. The timeline is catching up to the flash forwards around 7×15 they said so that gives 10 episodes to build up Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship to the point where the FF romance makes sense.

    • Amber says:

      To be fair, Enzo is WAY older than Ric. Just saying.

  10. Dani says:

    Damon should be with Bonnie. They are so hot together with their insane chemistry.

  11. Dany says:

    It’s definitely Enzo. Kat Graham and Michael Malarkey have both said that their romantic reveals are in 7×05. The writers said that it would come out of nowhere but make sense, and in this episode they’re supposed to be working together (in the present timeline) so they’ll probably spend most of the episode showing Bonnie and Enzo’s starting point (“rage sparks”, banter and bickering etc) and then show their end point in the flash forward, where they’re together.

    To top it off, someone leaked a bunch of spoilers and Bonnie/Enzo was one of them. And the writers have said that they’re going to keep Bonnie and Damon as friends. Bamon fans just read romance in every interaction when it’s not actually there.

  12. I think we’re getting both Bamon AND an intermediate love interest. Bonenzo doesn’t preclude Bamon, which I think some people fail to understand. Of all the guys on the show, past and present, Bonnie has the best chemistry with Damon. Their mutual respect and love for one another has been hard-earned, which is why it will last. Earned. Not inherited because either of them have romantic history with the other’s ancestors (plural), or because one looks exactly like someone else. TVD is already laying the groundwork for it. There are plenty of platonic M/F relationships on this show. Every single male currently on the show is platonic with Bonnie. The Bamon ban is over. If the writers know what’s good for them, they’ll utilize the jewels that they have in Kat and Ian, and make use of their natural chemistry, instead of trying to diffuse it as they have for years.

    • Jenn says:

      Could not agree more!

      • Bri says:

        Bamon are so cute together and they have so much chemistry. They are the only reason I watch this show anymore, I love every scene they have together.

        • maria says:

          Bamon have undeniable chemistry and I love them as friends and I am open to Them being more than Friends, depending on how the story is handled. They are also the only reason I am watching this shows still, for Ian and Kat./Damon and Bonnie, and maybe Alaric and Oscar in the mix.

    • Michaela says:

      What “mutual” respect? Did he not choke her in 6×19? Did he not contemplate pushing her in front of a moving vehicle in 7×01 and fantasize about her death? Oh, but “he didn’t actually do it!!111!!!11”? It’s not mutual respect when all he sees is “Not Elena”. People are so easily distracted by forehead kisses and empty speeches that in the end have no other purpose but to have Bonnie stay put as Damon’s babysitter or “moral compass” and outlet for his manpain. The only thing that’s been earned is an unnatural devotion to Damon who’d never do the same for her and an inheritance that consists of Damon being both directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of several of her family members, all for the sake of his napping girlfriend.

    • Izzy Lewis says:

      Yeah Kat mentioned 2 love interest, Matt and Bonnie are staying platonic thank god I do love their friendship, so it’s could be both Enzo and Damon, from the spoilers it’s looking more and more like it will be, Bonnie finally gets herself a love triangle lol….

  13. hello says:

    Probably one of the female heretics

  14. Beba says:

    We know it’s Enzo lol, someone spoiled the news online already plus with the bits of spoilers from Caroline Dries and Michael Malarkey we know it’s Enzo. I’m more excited about this bad Girl Bonnie Bennett this sounds juicy :))

  15. Prateek Accola says:

    Bottom line: 3 years from now, it’s …

    Alaric + Jo ( no doubt because the twin daughters of Ric like we have watched in last episode were from Jo’s womb. Remember when she was stabbed during her wedding with her two cuties )

    Tyler + Caroline (Although I ship #Steroline too too much but it’s kind of depressing when you see her not with her soul-stef-mate)

    Damon + semicomatose Elena (obviously)

    Bonnie + (Bonnie) because this is who she is. SELF EMPLOYED MATURE GRAMS TYPE GIRL. this is the one we like in this show not any Bamon or Benzo or Beremy.

    *** Reply me if you are agreeing with my theory. tysm

    • Sharon says:

      I think Ric is single dad. Maybe Jo is crazy hunter, maybe she gives her life force to their twins

    • Erin says:

      At first I thought they were twins, but then looking back I think one was younger. One was a little shorter and he asked “Josie” to help her sister put on her pjs. So one might be slightly older, which means maybe it’s not twins and not Jo. ???

  16. Jamiee says:

    I know he is dead, but am I the only one who still wants it to be Kia? You never know his sister was just brought back from the dead there’s still a chance for him to come back too.

  17. Cam says:

    I think from all the spoilers that’s Bonnie and Enzo are together, and I’m hoping that Caroline’s fiancé is actually Liam. Would be cool for the writers to incorporate him into this season. Also, was there even ever any closure with Sarah Salvatore? Did Damon even ever find out she lived? I hope she comes back too

  18. Izzy Lewis says:

    So wait better news is Bonnie 2.0 bad bitch Bon Bon will be featured in the flash forward and not the present day. I thought so, yeah we know it’s Lorenzo in the flash forward with her and Thought it would be Tyler but apparently not, heard Enzo and Bonnie are hooking up in a scene. Excited for the Bamon reveal, does it have anything to do with the spell between Elena and Bonnie, or is it about the Stone.

  19. Carla Krae says:

    Loving this season.

  20. Lauren says:

    If it’s not Kai, then I don’t care.

  21. Sarah says:

    Actually it seems that Mama Salvatore is hiding something really important about Bonnie and Damon, so I think that she could be responsible for the sleeping beauty spell because she was a team with Kai in the last episode of season six. I think this is the ‘secret’ that she hides, something that can link both Bonnie and Damon… Now according for the flash forward scenes, Enzo isn’t the only one that can be seen as possible candidate. The writers said that Matt is out of the games but I’m not totally sure about it, because they said in the past that ‘Steroline will never happen’ and this isn’t true as we know. So there’s also Matt as candidate.. I exclude Ric after the scenes with the little twin girls in the 7×04 and I probably can exclude also Damon because he was exsiccated in the coffin near to what seems Elena’s coffin. But I really hope that in the future Bamon can have a chance because they deserve it as characters, they have a chemistry that can make them work as couple.

  22. sarah says:

    i hope we are going to get a bamon couple this year.

  23. Brittany says:

    I think it’s Enzo which I think could be very interesting. It’s definitely not Damon. In the 3 year flash forward we saw of Stefan and Damon he was in a coffin and Stefan went to revive him and Damon said “I told you not to wake me until Elena comes back.” So I’m sorry but people need to get “Bamon” romantic ideas out of their head and pay attention to all the glimpses in the future which point to Damon still being madly in love with Elena….waiting for her return. Bonnie deserves to be with someone who loves her and only her.

    • mary says:

      No offence but are you a writer of the show? do you know what’s going to happen this year in the serie to tell us not to ship bamon? because i am sorry this is exactly what you’re saying here. Are we all suppose to ship dullena? well hell no. As a bamon fan, i’ll still have hope so please stop telling us what to do. Thanks.

    • Scemma says:

      Dude you can’t tell People who to ship, people want Bamon they can ship Bamon. Damon is allowed to love more than one person just like Elena loved Stefan and Damon. IDK why ya’ll want Damon to pine for 100 years before Elena returns, if she even comes back, Nina said she’s done with TVD, Plec begging her to come back might not even work. Just let people ship their ships, there are people who hate Delena, they want Damon to date someone else, someone better, so let them why is this bothering you at all.

      • Emma says:

        Thank you Mary and Scemma, this is what I’ve never understood from day one of tvd. Not everyone is alike we all have different opinions and different preferences. News flash: We Are Not Going To Like The Same Things! Not everyone likes Damon, not everyone likes Elena, not everyone likes Stefan and guess what not everyone likes who they’ve been with or who they’re with currently or who they’ll be with in the future and you know what it’s not the end of the world. This is a tv show not real life.

  24. Sarahj says:

    It is going to be someone we don’t expect. Everyone has been saying for awhile now that they want Bamon. I don’t and I doubt it will be him.

  25. Scemma says:

    ON Set Fans spoiler the whole thing, Michael didn’t even help he spoiled it too. But yeah Bonenzo is happening, but it’s just a fling not a epic love story. SO I’m guessing Bamon is still happening anyways, into the future episodes which I excited to see. I think Damon might fall in love with Bonnie when he sees her again tbh.

  26. Emmy says:

    I think it will probably be Enzo from all of the articles and interviews I have read. But I think it would be really funny/plot twisty if it were Stefan. I really hope that Caroline is engaged to Matt, but I’m scared that it’s a fake out and her fiance really is Stefan. I am fine with Caroline ending up with Stefan in the end game (honestly there has never been a Caroline pairing that I didn’t enjoy) but I would love for them to revisit her and Matt or her and Tyler.

  27. bonkai_is_epic says:

    Bonnie’s love interest should have been Kai. Bring Kai back, and the ratings will finally tick up.

  28. Alexa says:

    It’s going to be Enzo according to spoilers but it should be Kai. :( Bonnie and Kai were the most interesting thing about season 6.

  29. kim says:

    I hope it’s bamon. Please writers!!!!!

  30. Charlotte says:

    I just wish that Bonnie and Damon should end up together cause the point is Elena will never come back and like Stefan said Elena wanted Damon to start over and start dating someone and guess what ? who is the best one for Damon ? It’s Bonnie , I know guys that between Bonnie and Damon is just a great friendship but who cares ? there are so many relationship that used to be friendship before like Elena and Damon when Elena still be with Stefan , and THERE IS NO LONGER DELENA it’s okay if u still ship them but it’s never gonna happen again so you guys gonna leave Damon alone until the end just because that Delena fans think that Delena is forever but hey Elena is dead and she never come back! believe me if you still thinking that Bamon is a bad choice wail until they find a new girl for Damon and that time you will be regret.

  31. iamolisebika says:

    Am I the only one who wants Bonnie to end up with a human guy so she can continue the Bennett line and give us some more wives. I mean? And Bonnie and Enzo are worse than forcing Stefan and Caroline together. And I cannot deny the chemistry between BonBon and Damon even though I ship Delena. If bonnie isn’t with someone close to human then she shouldn’t be with anyone.

  32. Bella says:

    Damon and bonnie are not getting together let’s just face it bonnie would never do that to elena and Damon loves elena and only elena. Plus Damon thinks of bonnie as his best friend.

  33. LydiaNgar says:

    Am I the only who wants BonKai ??? I hope Kai would come back <3

  34. sontdee says:

    I will always ship Bonkia they had the best chemistry Bamon I am ok with as bff because Bonnie deserve better then Damon in way I do like the idea of Enzo and Bonnie because Enzo is definitely Damon lite and Bonnie and Enzo do have fantastic love hate

  35. eva575 says:

    I think that it is Enzo it would be very interesting and I think that’s probably why Damon desiccated himself because he couldn’t stand to see Enzo and Bonnie together so he desided to desiccant himself to wait for Elena and forget bonnie

  36. Shaboo says:

    Bonnie could end up with one of the lesbian heritics. Kat was pushing a potential lesbian love interest on Bonnie (Discoveries).

  37. katie says:

    Actually to all the Delana lovers let it go, if you were to read the book DAMON LOVES BONNIE MORE THAN HE LOVED ELENA. The show is different from the book but have a lot of similarities also be true to yourself and re-watch season 6 even I before season 6 didn’t support Bamon or considered them a thing. One thing both book and show have in common is that Bonnie and Damon will do whatever it takes to stratify one another.

    • Cara says:

      Yes, tvd took all the book Bamon scenes and used it for tv de. So tv de are fake anyway and makes Bamon more relevant. Not to mention when Nina announced her departure JP had to scramble and insert scenes rewrite history just to prop de and TRY to make them a believable couple. So I feel sorry for de fans because basically their ship is fake and they know it. That’s why they’re so crazy because they know Bamon is a threat, Bamon is the better relationship because JP has developed it better. Even their friendship is better developed than de’s whole arc.

  38. Rinto says:

    I have been saying is Enzo since August i think, so i hope is him !

  39. Erin says:

    Could it possibly be Tyler?

  40. tasmeera says:

    I think bonnies man might b enzo because have u ever noticed the way they act when lilly’s around

  41. lea says:

    Give us some Bamon please