Was Supernatural a Standout? Could Dead Fave Be Alive? Sad S.H.I.E.L.D. Cots? Arrow CEO Fail? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Chicago Fire, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Supernatural!

1 | Was Hawaii Five-0’s Max supposed to look like the boy from Up?

2 | TVLine reader Sarah asks: “On Blue Bloods, when did Nicky drop her second surname, Boyle, and only use Reagan? (Using the bonus of the family name?)”

| Is Eli’s closet-office on The Good Wife just a tiny (pun intended) bit too sitcom-y? As for an Alicia-Lucca law partnership: Yea or nay?

4 | How stoked must Once Upon a Time’s dwarfs be that they finally tagged along on an adventure? They’ve been positively integral 20Qs-once-pilotto the Camelot happenings thus far. Meanwhile, TVLine reader Shaz asks if anyone noticed “how this week’s last scene with Regina and Emma was a throwback to their original confrontation at Regina’s mansion in the pilot? Except this time the roles were reversed.”

| Were you surprised by how not surprised you were when Homeland revealed Mirando Otto’s Allison to be a turncoat? Homeland mole fatigue, perhaps?

| Show of hands, please, Walking Dead fans: How many of you think Glenn is truly, most sincerely dead, and how many of you think that, through the magic of camerawork, those were actually Nicholas’ insides that we saw the Walkers The Walking Dead Glenn Deadripping out? And if Glenn is to survive, he still has to escape that Walker mosh pit he’s mired in — theories as to how he will do that?

7 | Will there be anything left from The X-Files premiere that hasn’t been seen already in a sneak peek?

8 | How do we make this Jane the Virgin dream a reality?

9 | Does Switched at Birth‘s 10(!)-month timejump feel a bit extreme?

10 | Though it’s moot now, didn’t the Flash team let Firestorm wannabe Henry Hewitt in on Barry’s secret, or at least the S.T.A.R. Labs/Flash connection? And TVLine reader CSB asks: “Was I the only one that thought about the Buffy Loan Shark demon, who looked just like the King Shark?”

Agents of SHIELD Beds11 | Have inanimate objects ever delivered such a gut punch as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cots?

12 | After all of this summer’s hype surrounding Kermit’s new girlfriend Denise on The Muppets, why has she only appeared in one episode?!

13 | Can Chicago Fire‘s Casey and Dawson enjoy their pregnancy for more than two episodes before the “Oh no, will she lose the baby?” plot?!

14 | Were you expecting — or hoping — for Arrow’s Felicity to be a more capable, conscientious CEO? Or would that be unrealistic, given her lack of experience? Meanwhile, TVLine reader JoAnne asks about Sara’s homecoming: “How did Laurel and Thea get an undocumented, feral zombie into the country?”

15 | Are we all in agreement that Supernatural‘s “Baby” was the best episode in years? And sorry to increase your workload, Jensen and Jared, but doesn’t that just reinforce that the show is at its best when it’s focusing on just the boys?Supernatural Impala Episode

16 | Was there anything more adorable this week than Sleepy Hollow’s Zoe recognizing that Ichabod was dressed as John Adams, complete with sartorial specifics? And him then politely feigning approval of her “Betsy Ross” costume?

18 | Since we know How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise didn’t make that peach cobbler herself, who do we think did? Or was it store-bought? Let’s solve this, people!

19 | Might The Player have shown more staying power if Wesley Snipes was kicking all sorts of ass right out of the gate, as he has done in recent, weekly showcases? Also: Why doesn’t someone who does what Alex does have a more resilient iPhone case??

20 | The Project Runway judges only had the balls to eliminate Edmond because they knew Tim Gunn still had his save to use this week, right?

21 | Which ill-fated, “trimmed” freshman do you feel is getting the rawest deal: Minority Report, Blood & Oil, The Player or (just to be all-inclusive) Truth Be Told?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you have!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jenna says:

    No, if you are a FitzSimmons shipper, the cots were the worst thing they could have possibly done and let’s be honest, it hurts. A lot. Still.

    • Stark says:

      Not only that, but then she ask Fitz to help her bring back her boy toy

    • Robert Dassler says:

      It’s the best thing that could’ve happened for both of them. Now Fitz will take the hint that they are not going to be a couple and he can move on to someone who he hasn’t put on an impossibly high pedestal. She’s just a regular woman with her own needs and desires and not some meek ingenue who is going to save herself for him. He should have told her that he had feelings for her years ago but he didn’t. He lost her a long time ago.

      • Jenna says:

        But it’s not like he’s a nerdy schoolboy with an impossible crush on the popular girl, they were best friends, he fell for her and she fell for him. Elizabeth Henstridge herself said her relationship with Will was comfort driven and that it wouldn’t have happened in normal circumstances. Fitz isn’t putting her on a ‘high pedestal’ (he in fact hated her for a while in season 2) he’s in love with her, and that’s not silly because guess what? She may also have feelings for Will. But she still loves Fitz, too. Elizabeth has said as much.

    • Donna says:

      I completely agree that Supernatural is always at its best when its focus is on just Sam & Dean. Jared and Jensen’s chemistry is magical. Nice to see the ratings rebound too, on an episode that was so heavily promoted as a bothers-centric episode. Hope we get lots more brothers episodes like this one

  2. Mike B. says:

    6.) I think he’s still alive and that makes my head spinning. How to get out of there? No idea… some people mentioned the dumpster, but I don’t know if that’s enough. I’m more worried, what this means for Darryl and/or Carol at the End of Season 6b… I think they would shake up that significant death, every comic reader is dreading. And my money is on Darryl or Carol for that particular scene. And I don’t like it one bit

  3. Kat says:

    Totally agree that Supernatural was terrific this week because it let the chemistry of Jared and Jensen shine. And what a great way to showcase Baby!

  4. Grace says:

    1. Max’s get up was something else. But how about Danny spraining his ankle? For someone who does a fair amount of running/physical activity on the job, he’s come off as much more fragile in the last few seasons. I guess having Rambo for a partner isn’t easy!
    6. I think Glenn is dead. I LOVE him and was crushed… but it’s a cheat if he isn’t. There was no way out BEFORE Nicholas shot himself. And even if he crawled out of the dumpster, what are the chances that he wouldn’t suffer a single bite? Or that the walkers wouldn’t crawl under after him? The watch/”dumbass” totally foreshadowed his death. Just so sad!

    • Dark Defender says:

      Unless Nicholas hallucinated the entire thing.

    • Radha says:

      I don’t care if it’s a cheat, I want him alive. If Glenn has to go out, I want him going out on his terms, and not from that idiot, Nicholas, falling on him and putting him even more at risk. The least they could have done was have Glenn think of Maggie and pull the trigger on himself or something. Anything but that horrid death. So I have to disagree. Glenn can’t be dead–no matter if people think it’s a cheat or not. I refuse to have him go out in such a stupid way.

    • Britt says:

      I know it’s a TV show but having someone exit my life by saying the same thing he said to me when he entered my life (and through the same method of communication, no less) is cheesy. Makes dead people walking around more believable.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 5: after five seasons, Homeland did pulled something out of 24’s playbook. Numbers 19 and 21: The Player. The Player. The Player. Why a lot of people didn’t feel the love for the high octane action series especially Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester? Really disappointed that it didn’t get a big boost for a Blacklist lead-in on Thursday nights. In my honest opinion, The Player should be number 1 as the new Fall show people really missed the most.

    • Scott says:

      Because Person of Interest does it better?

      • POI’s stunts are terrible. Reese has never in 5 seasons aimed his d#(&# gun once. Raylan Givens he ain’t. Pick up your arm you wanna be gunslinger.

      • Jake says:

        POI is one of my favorite shows, always has been. And while POI and the Player both share a “we can see what’s coming” idea, that’s where the comparison ends for me. The Player has always been a very much action-filled show….and does that damn well. POI is more cerebral and less action, but still damn good action. I don’t find them at all alike in the important ways and I can thoroughly enjoy both. If it were to stick around somehow, The Player would join that elite group – my favorites.

  6. Ninamags says:

    Agree 100% on #15. Sorry guys but your show needs you all the time.
    #20. I think The Player is fantastic! It does need to stick around. Wesley should kick butt every week.
    #19. Yeah, everybody pretty much knew Edmond would be saved by Tim. He is too talented to just let go.

  7. Ted says:

    15. I liked the high school musical episode from last season more, but this was a great episode. And, while I dig Castiel and Crowley, I think the show’s better when the Winchesters are just working a job, not pitted in the center of another “fate of mankind” storyline. The ante’s been upped so many times, it’s starting to produce diminishing returns. Seriously, just give us a season where the big bad is of the earth-bound variety, not some epic cosmic Biblical menace.

    21. Definitely The Player. I feel like it’s just starting to find its footing now. I’d throw the Blindspot under the bus way before this show.

  8. Angela says:

    #16: That whole scene was pretty cute, yes :D. As was Abbie teasing Ichabod about his reaction to Zoe’s outfit :p.
    #18: I honestly hadn’t even considered the idea that she didn’t make it. Hm. I’m guessing she took it from the home of someone she knows-who, though, I don’t know.

  9. Spoiler Junkie says:

    21. IMHO, the one getting the rawest deal has to be The Player. It is quite an entertaining show with decent to very good action and the show’s mythology has also been deepening slowly over the course of the episodes. Also Wesley Snipes kicking ass like it was just yesterday that he was Blade.

    I will be sad to see it end. :(

    • Wordsmith says:

      I agree. Of this season’s newbies, The Player has been the one that has consistently exceeded my expectations. They have wonderfully orchestrated action mayhem, and an interesting twisty world to explore. Too bad we will likely never get answers to the intriguing questions they’ve set up.

  10. Supernatural’s ep Baby was absolutely the best in YEARS! And the reason is 100% because of the focus on Sam and Dean. Eric Kripke said it best: The more the show is about Sam and Dean, the better it is. It was true in the beginning, and it’s still true now. Here’s hoping for more brother-centric eps to come!

    • Claire says:

      Awww, you seem to have missed that great Dean-Cas phonecall. This episode was about Team Free Will: the heart of Supernatural. :-)

      • Tina says:

        LOL! The episode was about Sam, Dean & Baby. At least that’s how Jensen described it last weekend at ChiCon. ;-)

      • Ines says:

        Not sure which episode you saw but it had nothing to do with team Free Will. The heart of Supernatural has always been and will always be Dean, Sam and Baby. That’s who the episode was about. Cas was a secondary player, like Bobby was in the earlier seasons, providing guidance when needed only. Don’t get me wrong, I like Castiel but too much Castiel is bad thing, this was just the right amount ;)

  11. Win says:

    6. My TWD hand is raised for the latter, a.k.a. “see, Nicholas has guts after all”!

    18. It clearly wasn’t Wes – if anyone had a case of the bake face, it was Frank. Delfino Family Values and all that…

    19. Yes! Yes! Nine [episodes] times, yes!

    20. My thoughts exactly. And if I don’t hear “Breath* on Me,” we definitely know something’s up.

    21. The Player, but overall my excitement over most/all of the new fall shows has waned. I’ve kind of said that if something doesn’t get renewed, I may wish the cast/crew/showrunners had gotten time to fulfill their vision, but it’s more of a sigh + shrug than a “@#%”!

  12. Luli says:

    Question, did Megan Boone dye her hair blonde or is she using a wig? (If it is a wig at least it’s better than the one in season 1)

  13. Aaron says:

    15) I haven’t felt that happy about a Supernatural episode in a long time. I just don’t care about what is happening in heaven or hell anymore. Keep the focus on Sam and Dean and this show can touch your heart like no other.

  14. herman1959 says:

    (21) Minority Report (OK, it’s the only one I’ve seen). I usually give a new hour-long show 5 episodes and sure enough I started getting into it around Ep. 5. I feel like it’s one of those shows that need time to develop, but in today’s TV atmosphere time is an issue.

  15. Andi says:

    #21 The Player definitely. Good action, Philip Winchester is fantastic and the interaction with Cassandra is great.

  16. Bwhit says:

    13) thank you!!! Just let it happen and for once let Casey have some happiness in his personal life. In my opinion they have brought back season one Gabby and they are happy. It’s just so annoying that they already put them both in peril. Yes it’s a TV drama but there is such thing as wearing out your fanbase with constant issues. I hope this is one of the times that they resolve the issue, the baby survives and the rest of the episode is about the whole house.

  17. Annie says:

    #21 Definitely The Player. It’s such a fun show. If NBC doesn’t revive it for next summer/fall, then I hope another network will. TNT perhaps? Or move it to the USA Network.

  18. Luis says:

    3. Alicia & Lucca- HELL YES!!!
    11. I am STILL not over those cots.
    14. a) Someone with no business experience whatsoever being a terrible CEO? Hell, Carly Fiorina had tons of experience, and HP still hasn’t recovered from her reign of error.
    14. b) They probably said it was Trump’s sister come for a visit

  19. maermae says:

    #15 – I could not agree more. I feel like in recent years the SPN writers have been pushing an ensemble vibe and it’s honestly not really working. Cas & Crowley (and all supporting characters in general) have always worked best when they are supporting the Winchesters story, however, recently Cas & Crowley have been having their own, separate B and C storylines which has honestly been quite boring.

    Sam & Dean no longer feel like the center of the SPN universe and that’s a problem. SPN has always worked so well because it was built upon the brothers and the relationship between the brothers. Changing that foundation changes the core of SPN to something that feels cheap & manufactured.

    Baby showcased just how good this show has the potential to be when the focus is returned to Sam & Dean.

    I really think SPN needs to reel it back in. No more angel & demon politics. Just the brothers in Baby driving across the country saving people, hunting things.

    • Deb says:

      I agree with every word you said. Side characters can be great, but it’s how they’re utilized that matters. The reason why a lot of the old-school characters like Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, etc. were so great is because they were there to support the Winchesters’ story. Castiel and Crowley were great at first too but most of their storylines took place off screen away from the boys and they were only brought in to either help out or play foil to them a few times a season. In the past few seasons TPTB have tried to have them carry their own separate storylines on screen and it’s just not working out.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like them just fine. They both have their merits but neither one of them is a strong enough character to carry their own show, and that’s what it feels like when they’re on screen anymore. It just feels like there are three separate shows being presented to us and none of them feel like Supernatural. That’s why “Baby” was such a great episode. Just the boys in the car on the road, working a case. It just had that old-school Supernatural feel to it and it was a fun ride from beginning to end. I wish we could have more of this every week.

    • Jude says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!! Got into a bit of a tiff with a friend who worships Cas and thinks he is soooo central. Me?? Nuh-uh!! If had it my way we would have kept Garth as the “new Bobby” (no threat to the brotherly relationship there) and Cas and Crowley could go have their own spin-off ” Between Heaven & Hell” or something. A little bit of either of those two is one thing, but enough is enough….

      BABY proved that! The true fans have always loved the brotherly devotion aspect of the show where they would kill for one another or die for each other ….. I want a lot more of that. Put the angel & the demon on sabbatical for at least several episodes….

  20. Rachel says:

    18 – glad I wasn’t the only who thought there was no way Annalise could’ve made that cobbler….twice! She’s way too busy covering up 9,000 murders. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  21. 11 | Have inanimate objects ever delivered such a gut punch as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cots?

    That scene wasn’t cool. I hated seeing Will kissing Jemma, especially since she had a dinner date with Fitz before she got transported. I hope she isn’t pregnant.

    14 | Were you expecting — or hoping — for Arrow’s Felicity to be a more capable, conscientious CEO? Or would that be unrealistic, given her lack of experience? Meanwhile, TVLine reader JoAnne asks about Sara’s homecoming: “How did Laurel and Thea get an undocumented, feral zombie into the country?”

    Felicity is not a CEO and it shows. I assume Laurel and Thea got Feral Sara into the country the same way they got dead Sara out–in her coffin, but sedated this time. I’m sure they had to make up some excuse as to why they are traveling back and forth with a corpse…

    18 | Might The Player have shown more staying power if Wesley Snipes was kicking all sorts of ass right out of the gate, as he has done in recent, weekly showcases? Also: Why doesn’t someone who does what Alex does have a more resilient iPhone case??

    Maybe if they both were kicking ass side by side, and/or both (or teams) going out on games/missions for different Pit Bosses. “The Players”. A more resilient iPhone case might be too bulky or inefficient to carry around and use quickly. Alex probably changes phones constantly, especially while on the run, so putting it in a case would seem unnecessary.

    • iamolisebika says:

      But then the chemistry between Will and Jemma was electric. Sure she’s besties with Fitz but can’t deny I’m rutting for Will and Jemma. Besides Will has it going for him in the looks department

  22. Kim R says:

    3. Eli’s office has become the newest character on The Good Wife. As far as another pairing up for Alicia, I suspected that from the beginning of the season and am on the “wait and see” fence.
    11. The episode was done so well that when I caught the glimpse of the cots together I was glad for them both that they found comfort and warmth in the face of something so dire. It was clear the entire time that she was carrying Fitz with her in her heart (not just in her phone).
    14. I stopped asking logical questions after Dig’s mask was revealed. Holy Impediments, Batman!

  23. Sarah says:

    6. I am praying that he is alive but I can honestly say I don know what to believe..Glenn is an integral character of the show so I think sending him off like that is not a great plan and isn’t it early in the season for a major character death?
    I have doubts and fears but hopefully he will be miraculously alive.
    14. I was hoping some actually experience in being a CEO before she actually got the job.. If the goal is to get the company to the ground she must be heading into the right direction. And why do we only see one worker in all the scenes of Felicity at work? Did they fired all employees? I hope she gets more experience has she gets use to the job.

  24. Linda says:

    15) Yes, just focus on the Winchester brothers! Amen.
    16) Um no.

  25. There have been many Supernatural episodes that focussed on the brothers that were terrible – the key to a good SPN episode is in-character writing, not forcing drama between the characters where it doesn’t need to be (aka lying and feeling guilty over and over and over again) as well as writing a coherent episode that’s in tune with the overall story arc.

    If we had only Sam and Dean every week it’d get super boring super fast because there are so few things that the brothers haven’t experienced together yet (lying, making up, hiding things, saving each other, sacrificing each other, learning to let go, forgetting that you learned to let go and let your brother be his own person, betray each other, choose each other, sacrifice the world for each other, prank each other, leave each other….) it’s (almost) all been done – with very little learning or character progress.

    Characters like Castiel, Crowley, Rowena, Charlie, Bobby and Kevin are way too important to the story and a lot of the episodes they’re in are fantastic.

    • Hikari says:

      Quality writing is what makes a good show! And if we can have CONSISTENT good writing, we will have a consistently good show.
      If this episode had been in the hands of Buck-Leming? We would NOT have seen these results.
      We’ve seen many bro-centered episodes flop.
      What’s needed is a culling of the writers who just ain’t doing it for us.

      • I’m sorry, which episodes centeres solely on the brothers have flopped? Because I can’t think of a single one.

        • Going with recent episodes, Paper Moon, Halt & Catch Fire come to mind when it comes to low ratings (if you interpret flopping as low ratings, although the core viewers naturally stay through the good and the bad). These episodes were run of the mill, MOTW brother episodes.
          If you want a subjectively terrible episode, I feel uncomfortable naming any because it’s subjective and I don’t want to start any kind of fanwars.
          In my original comment I said that some episodes that focus on the brothers were terrible, and without naming any I stand by that.

          Going at it from another perspective – Dark Dynasty is an episode that killed off a fan-favorite side character – and it flopped terribly rating-wise and fan-reaction wise.

          • Audrey says:

            We haven’t seen a brothers’bond centric episode since forever and all the episodes you name sure had both Sam and Dean but they were working with no true brothers feel and it’s what has been truly missing in the show. Baby brought back this relation that gives a soul and heart to the show. The show is full of wonderful B characters (John, Bobby, Elen, Azazel, Ruby, Meg, Castiel, Charlie, Crowley…). All are necessary but where the show fails is when Sam and Dean become guest to the show, have to be rescue by the guests. Castiel and Crowley are awesome in small doses. Watching their own journey is boring: personally I can’t stand anymore heaven and hell politics. Cass storyline has been the same since season 5 aka the rebel angel and if Crowley has to be a bad character, we shouldn’t see him too much because we shouldn’t sympathy with the bad guy.
            In Baby, we got back an interesting Cass because he was sided. It is not a bad thing. Personally I much prefer a little bit of Cass in good use than too much bad exposure.
            We all agree it was a wonderful episode, lets the focus on that. Everyone enjoyed it maybe not for the same reasons but I feel it’s because we all find back the past magic of the show. Hopefully, the writers will release it.

        • Laura says:

          Season 7 tanked in the ratings. Jared commented in an interview that they didn’t think the show would get another season.

          • Audrey says:

            Season 7 ratings were not worse than this season and were pretty good for a Friday night, specially following Nikita.

          • Tina says:

            Season 7 ratings sucked because the story sucked. None of the brothers had a story and Leviathans were ridiculous. They killed off Bobby.
            So if you’re implying that the ratings sucked because Castiel wasn’t there, you’re wrong. Most bro fans I know didn’t like the season too. The brothers may have been on the same page, but you could see there was no real emotional connection.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Tina, the brothers did have a story – hunting the Leviathans. It wasn’t a strong season, but ” you could see there was no real emotional connection” is simply not true.

    • Katie says:

      Thank God someone on here is actually thinking. I was sitting here wondering what everyone was talking about because the episode was amazing but it had zilch to do with a “just the brothers” format, and everything to do with the writing. Robbie Thompson is the flat out best, everyone in the Supernatural family knows that. Robbie managed to integrate everything everyone loves (sorta raising the question, ‘how come the other writers can’t do stuff like this’): brothers actually communicating, Sam being honest about his visions, Dean worrying about Cas, Cas healing at the Bunker and helping the brothers with the research, Baby, girls being awesome. What was NOT to like?

  26. Steven says:

    18. I even said to my sister while watching that there was no way she baked that.

  27. #15 It was a great episode, Robbie Thompson is a gift to the fandom. He gets every aspect of it. Love that while it just was Sam & Dean on the screen, Cas was still there leading a hand as his part of Team Free Will.

    As for it just being about brothers 24/7, um, there I disagree. Brother’s only storylines I find very limiting to the whole and dull. Jensen and Jared are great but I prefer a larger story then 2 guys fighting monsters, that monotonous.

    • Really? Because that is the entire storyline of Supernatural. Season 2, which many still think is the best season of the entire show is only about the brothers and it’s bloody fantastic. If you prefer a larger storyline then maybe you shouldn’t be watching a show that is based on two brothers.

      • Laura says:

        If you want a show that’s just about the brothers maybe you shouldn’t be watching one where the showrunner and the lead actors have emphasized how important Misha is to the show.

        • You mean the same show runner and lead actors who make it quite clear that there are three leads and Misha ain’t one?

          • Karen says:

            You don’t think much of the Js, do you? I can never understand that. Your version of the Js are lying liars who lie about the fact they’re genuine friends with Misha and enjoy his presence in the cast. People like you aren’t really J2 fans at all. You’re just trolls who project your own hate onto them.

      • Katie says:

        Who are these people that think season two was the best season???? Because I have never heard that argument before. Seems to me that very very clearly seasons 5 and 8 were the best, hands down.

        • Audrey says:

          I do as many others (in poll of favorite season, season 2 is always high rated) and I was very close to stop watching the show after the first half of season 8, it was awful for me. I know many say season 4 was awesome but I didn’t like it at all. We all have different love,
          you have every right to think differently but please don’t seem offended because some disagree with your opinion.

  28. jr. says:

    Glenn probably survived because: there were so many Zombies crammed together, they could not bend down to chomp on him. Glenn will crawl away through there legs, and escape, just baretly

  29. KT says:

    #21. “The Player” for sure. Give it more of a chance to find its footing, especially since they are using Wesley Snipes in a more entertaining role now.

  30. Kate says:

    9. I just was able to watch this last night, and yeah, I’m still baffled over the ten month period. It would be one thing if Bay (and her ease of Chinese isn’t baffling considering she picked up ASL pretty quickly) found herself more inspired to stay there and like she ran and found, I don’t know, Kathryn or Regina there who might just have come along. But, I know summer breaks are long, but Daphne had school to return to like six months earlier. Unless we find out later that Bay did make herself at home there and Daphne liked it too, but this is Christmas break and she came back to escape whatever new drama was happening in Kansas City. But then this was just one of a few variations that were apparently shot because they didn’t know yet they had a fifth season.

  31. Tia says:

    15: Yes. Just yes.

    Also can someone explain #11??? I haven’t seen SHIELD at all.

  32. Joe says:

    #15 Completely agree. It’s been a while since I enjoyed an episode of Supernatural as much as this one. For such a high concept episode, it’s the simplicity of relying on Jared and Jensen to do what they’ve done best for the past 10+ seasons that made it most enjoyable.

    #21 Definitely The Player. It deserves way more love than it’s gotten thus far.

  33. Melissa says:

    #21 The Player. Also, The Player. And, if I must be honest, The Player.

    I am so miffed that they shortened its season. I really liked this show right off, and it’s really been clicking lately. So unfair.

    • Tara says:

      For sure. It gets better and better with each new episode. We’re learning more about the characters in every episode, so it’s not just about action, but hell yeah, it sure has some great action (and Mr. Winchester)

  34. LKate says:

    Agree that when Supernatural is focused on Sam and Dean and their weirdly yet addictive brotherly relationship, the show is at it’s best. The old time side characters were great precisely because they supported the Winchester’s stories. Now the side characters (Crowley, Cas, Claire) have their own storylines and frankly it’s boring as dried paint. If they’re not interesting enough to have their own spinoff, then they’re not interesting enough to have their own storylines.

    The “Baby” episode was great not only because it was Sam and Dean focused but also it has everything from the golden era from the first 3 seasons: from Sam’s visions to the brothers bantering, arguing, eating, and having fun in the car, and then the gore and brutality of killing or be killed when in conflict with monsters.

  35. Whatevah says:

    6. He’s not dead and he climbed under or in the dumpster. Or we won’t even see how he got away. Like when he and Nicholas were in the woods and Glenn had a walker on top of him and he was surrounded and *poof* there he was just fine, tackling Nicholas. Or the Governor getting out of the warehouse when Andrea let all the walkers out on him.

  36. Arthur says:

    “doesn’t that just reinforce that the show is at its best when it’s focusing on just the boys?”

    Not quite. Baby did well because it brought back a fun dynamic between the brothers, no one was broken, Cas was actually involved with the guys instead of being tortured and off on his own, it had humor and good writing (Robbie Thompson should write a LOT more episodes), and the brothers weren’t acting codependent. That’s what I want to see, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the other characters involved as well.

    You can’t just have a show with two characters. It doesn’t work. The supporting characters add color and depth to the show, and to imply that they aren’t important is kind of crappy. Cas and Crowley are just as much a part of the SPN narrative to me as the brothers, and I agree with Jared when he says that he can’t imagine a day when SPN ever goes on without Misha.

    So no, I disagree. Baby was a FANTASTIC episode because it had something for everyone. It went back to the roots of the show but without alienating some fans. It doesn’t matter why you watch the show, because we’re all valid fans no matter what our favorite parts are. :)

  37. Claire says:

    LOL no, SPN is best when it has Sam, Dean, *and* Cas. Just like this episode did, with that great phonecall scene between Cas and Dean. Best moment! Along with Dean getting rid of the werepire’s head with Baby’s windshield wiper, and Sam’s vision of John (or was it?!). This was a great, nuanced script. Don’t reduce it to being just da bruddas…

    • ninamags says:

      LOL, yes. It could have been ANYBODY telling the boys about the ghoulpire! or whatever the hell the creature was. The phone call was the best moment? Really? Dean wasn’t even listening to the majority of it. He was too busy fighting. Jensen and Jared definitely made this the best episode in a long time.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        It could’ve been anyone, but it’s a much better scene because it’s not just a character giving exposition, it was an entertaining scene because of the person giving it. There’s no question that it was Sam and Dean made the episode but Castiel turned a good scene of exposition and made it great.

      • Laura says:

        “Jensen and Jared definitely made this the best episode in a long time.”

        Not for me and a lot of others they didn’t. IA the Cas phone calls were a high point.

        • ninamags says:

          Well, then, why did you bother tuning in? The previews showed Sam and Dean and the car. That’s it. Jared and Jensen had been talking about this episode for a long time. They were just excited about it. No one mentioned that “phone calls!” were going to be happening.

    • Tina says:

      You mean the phone call that Dean missed most part of it because he was fighting with the monster-deputy? O.o

      • Laura says:

        The phone call that was important because it included a character who is (despite your obvious hate) important to a lot of viewers, and because it enriched a scene that was Baby’s “POV.” One of the reasons it was funny was *because* Dean was oblivious to it, and Cas was oblivious to what was going on with Dean. You’d have to be really stupid not to get that.

        • Tina says:

          Ah! I see it didn’t get you long to start the name calling! Typical Cas fan!
          Everyone from the cast&crew, INCLUDING Jensen&Jared, promoted this episode as a bro heavy episode. So saying that the reason you and some others tuned in for Cas, first of all is disrespectful to the Js.
          But you’re obviously not watching for the brothers, so I wouldn’t expect better comments from you.

          And to be clear, no one is denying that Cas is a part of the SPN story. He is just not the main focus. The main focus is Sam&Dean and all the rest are here to support THEIR story. And if the supporting characters have a good story to tell, then that’s even better for the show. Acknowledging that Cas is a(n) (important) supporting character is not hate. Learn the difference.

  38. Rob Watkins says:

    The best episode before Baby was Death’s Door, which was a Bobby-centric episode.

    To those saying that if you can’t hold a spinoff, you shouldn’t hold your own storyline, that’s just nonsense. Some characters work great within a given series but can’t hold their own. Castiel’s story is plenty interesting, especially in season 4 and 5. Need further proof? Daredevil. Foggy’s story was interesting but he can’t hold his own spinoff.

    • ninamags says:

      Yeah, but we’re not in season 4 or 5 are we? We are in season 11. The sell-by date on that character has come and gone.

      • RJ says:

        Nope Cas is still great–works great with the boys as he did in this episode.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        That’s like saying Frasier’s sell by date after season 5 of Cheers. What’s fascinating about the character is how human he is. He started as an Angel that followed orders, but over time began questioning orders and eventually becoming more and more human. Not only that, but he embraces that. It’s also nice for the show to have a character they haven’t killed off permanently.

        The show should remain about the Winchesters, which it always has, but not be afraid to add new characters and dynamics.

      • Laura says:

        Well Jared and Jensen don’t agree with you.

        • ninamags says:

          Like if they could publicly say otherwise.

          • Karen says:

            You’re not a fan of the Js if you’re essentially saying they’re liars. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re projecting your hate onto them, you should seek help. That isn’t healthy.

          • Cally says:

            Oh look: fans of Jared Padalecki are being nasty about Misha. It must be a day ending in day. Jared is a lovely, kind man who has done nothing to deserve being incorporated into your vicious hate for his friend.

          • Audrey says:

            Let’s not fight, the episode was to great. There is no reason to call name: yes the show is about Sam and Dean, yes Cass has an important role, no one deny it. There is nothing wrong to say we enjoy to see the bond, teasing, laughing between the brothers back. because it’s been missing for so long. Yes, the phone call was great but not the main focus of the episode.
            Anyway the star of the episode wasn’t Sam, Dean, Cass, TFW, it was BABY.
            Cally, you are very unfair to say Jared’s fans are hating on Misha, sorry I had to say it.

  39. m3rcnate says:

    6) Glenn isn’t dead. I’d bet $100.

    10) Yeah the Flash writers had to really speed all that up to a unrealistic level. Must be budget constraints, why not film that in a different area of STAR Labs where the Flash suit and Barry (etc) aren’t? This plot hole could have easily been avoided by doing something like that.

    11) Haha.

    13) I know right? Freakin network TV and their predictable cyclical story lines. Character is pregnant? Well we gotta find a way to either put the babies life up in the air from a complication or just straight out find a way to kill the baby.

    14) Lol that was never gonna happen. This show isn’t going to show people doing their jobs competently, whether it is Felicity running the company or Oliver as a Mayor.

  40. Laurie says:

    #15 You are so right! The boys together, in character, no false manufactured melodrama. Bring back old style SPN. Done like this, it’s the best network TV there is.

  41. #19. No. The Player would have done better if NBC had given it the promotion they gave Blindspot.(Which they should have The Player is the better show.)

    #21. The Player. But then it had the rawest deal to begin with.

    • Bri says:

      writingmyownway – what do you mean by “but then it had the rawest deal to begin with.
      Do you mean the “made-to-kill-the-show” timeslot? or are you referring to something else?
      and I absolutely agree with you. No kidding on the comment by no promotion. I like Blindspot a lot, but I like the Player, too. Maybe even better in some ways.

  42. Tina says:

    Couldn’t agree more about SUPERNATURAL! When the brothers are working together, the show really shines! I loved their talk, I loved watching them teasing each other, I loved seeing them laughing and singing together and I died when they called each other ‘bitch’ & ‘jerk’!
    We need more moments like these!

  43. JJ1100 says:

    Yes to Supernatural’s Baby being the best one is years. And yes to focusing back on Sam and Dean and allowing their relationship to come back into focus. That’s the core of Supernatural, so here’s hoping Baby was a sign of good things to come!

  44. Annie says:

    I feel bad for Truth Be Told, because it is airs the worst night of the week for television viewing, and because critics have trashed it more than any other show. It never stood a chance.

  45. Hollowdoll says:

    Yes Supernatural is definitely better when it focuses on only Sam and Dean.

  46. 15.] Apart from maybe “Fan Fiction” in season 10 (which was also written my Rob btw), this definitely was the best episode in YEARS. It focused on the heart of the show, on Sam and Dean, travelling the country in their baby, goofing off, teasing, having fun and TALKING about stuff. I really really enjoyed this episode so freaking much because for ONCE it didn’t take focus off the brothers to deal with annoying side-characters that have overstayed their welcome. This was truely an episode about what the show is really about and I could honestly watch entire seasons just like this.

  47. Marco says:

    21. The Player, definitely.

  48. Brad says:

    Bonnie probably made the peach cobbler

  49. Thomas hunter says:

    #14 – no doubt, Thea’ daddy took care of helping them all three get back into Star City