Vampire Diaries Newbie on the Heretics' Night Out, Stefan's Past With Valerie

Vampire Diaries Season 7 Spoilers

It sounds like “Steroline” isn’t going to be the only couple in hot water on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c).

“Mary Louise is going to see Nora in a new environment, and she’s not necessarily going to like it,” newcomer Teressa Liane tells TVLine. “They will share a dance … but this episode is going to test them a lot.”

That “new environment” Liane is referring to is the Heaven and Hell Ball, a dance where attendees must dress as an angel or a devil — and I’ll give you one guess which costume you’ll see on Mary Louise.

“Mary Louise is a devil, and appropriately so,” Liane says with a laugh. “The girls have a scene where they’re trying to decide what to wear, and I think Nora has a lot more fun with it. Mary Louise is there to experience it all, but from a very guarded state. She’s trying very hard to give Nora a little more of what she wants in this world, but it’s hard for her to fight her true nature.”

Speaking of people fighting their feelings, Liane doesn’t disagree that Valerie’s lingering feelings for Stefan have the potential to further alienate her from her fellow heretics.

“[Stefan and Valerie’s past is] definitely something they’re aware of, but I don’t think they understand how strongly she’s holding onto it,” Liane explains. “They don’t entirely trust Valerie; they’re always keeping a watchful eye on her.”

And considering TVLine’s recent scoop about Valerie teaming up with Damon and Stefan — possibly “against her will” — I’d say her “sisters” have good reason to be wary.

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