Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Unholy Matrimony  

On Thursday’s Scandal, Cyrus makes his return to the White House a memorable one, Olitz prepares for a wedding, and – holy Shondaland! – Mellie pulls off one of the greatest single-episode comebacks in the ABC juggernaut’s history. Let’s recap, shall we?

WEDDING BELL BLUES We open with Mellie in some major hot water: She’s caught lying in front of the Senate judiciary committee, claiming she knew nothing of Olitz until, like, a few minutes ago. But the Senators had damning testimony to the contrary (remember the bribe she paid Jeannine Locke, the former White House staffer, to lie about having an affair with Fitz?), so Mellie feebly taps the “I don’t recall” defense. As Sally Langston drools with delight, the White House changes strategy – it’s time to invoke Executive Privilege.

But according to Cyrus (is he happy to be back in the White House, or what?), there’s still one magic bullet that will make Olitz’s troubles magically disappear: Put a ring (a real wedding ring) on it, Fitz! An Olitz wedding would prevent Olivia from having to testify at the Senate’s impeachment hearings. Olivia, however, balks, “A shotgun wedding on the heels of a quckie divorce?!” Cyrus and Fitz try to twist her arm, but agree to find another way.

Later, during a heart-to-heart with Abby in the president’s (soon to be First Lady Olivia’s?) bedroom, Liv decides that perjuring herself is a better option than Fitz’s otherwise certain impeachment. “I love him too much to let that happen,” says Liv, who then calls marriage a “last-minute get out of jail free card.” Even a candle-lit, rose petal laden marriage proposal on the White House balcony can’t change her mind. “We’re not ready,” sighs Olivia. Counters Fitz: “You’re not ready, and you never will be.” Ooooh, burn.

ROWAN’S RETURN | Did anyone really think a silly little legality like extortion/embezzlement would keep the ever-sinister, unpredictable Papa Pope on the sidelines? It may take me an extra glass of Malbec (or three) to get on board with the latest Papa Rowan plot — good riddance, B613 (maybe), hello Lazarus One! — but it goes something like this: Elise (Jake’s wife, remember?) drops by to visit Papa Rowan, and they’re apparently planning (what else?) a prison break. But when Rowan survives an attack by a murderous prison guard, all bets are off. Jake confronts Elise on her secret prison visit, and she fesses up that she’s in the U.S. on behalf of Lazarus One — to kill Rowan. “The world will be a better place without Rowan in it,” she says. Amen, sister! With nowhere else to turn, Rowan calls Olivia — who wisely hangs up — and then Quinn, who decides she’d rather tell him “no” to his face. Later, Abby comes up with Olivia’s best option, and boom, she’s visiting Rowan in this hospital (who’s faking arrhythmias to avoid going back to jail and certain death). “Get me out of this prison, and I’ll get you out of this mess,” he tells his daughter, citing those B613 files stored in his memory bank. Watch out committee members, it’s blackmail time, courtesy of Papa Pope!

WE’RE ALL GOING TO HELL | Meanwhile, the Gladiators continue to circle the wagons around Olivia, and plan to counter the Locke cover-up mess and avoid a perjury trap. So what’s the genius plan? Blame it on dead Gladiator Harrison.

I HATE YOU SO MUCH | As she melts down at the prospect of Olitz’s unholy matrimony and her disastrous Senate testimony, Mellie meets with Olivia, who says if she springs Eli Pope — aka Damascus Bainbridge, Mellie’s faux rich contributor —  they’ll all be off the hook. We get a quick recap of B613, before Mellie unleashes her anger at Olivia (“I despise you” “Your father is a murderer”), before rejecting the offer. But Olivia has one final card to play: She finally decides to tell Mellie that Rowan was responsible for her son’s death. Later, Mellie meets with Fitz to finalize their divorce, and they play the blame game. “You have blood on your hands,” screams Fitz, while Mellie hisses back, “My life would have meant something, if it wasn’t for you!”

EYE ON THE PRIZE? | In a (so far) small side plot, VP Susan Ross turns to David for advice — she wants to resign her office. Later, over wine coolers, David tosses out the idea of her taking over the Oval office. “The President’s behavior is disgusting!” she shouts, before admitting she doesn’t want the job. But David convinces her she would still be better than Fitz.

JAKE’S NEXT ADVENTURE | After deciding that a wedding is the best way out, Olivia calls Jake with the news. “Congratulations,” he says coldly, before heading off on a Lazarus One adventure. When he gets to the train station, he finds Elise, and gets a big surprise — she’s got a bullet hole in her back.

HELLO, OLIVIA | By now, we’ve come to expect the final minutes of a Scandal episode to provide plenty of shock and awe, and tonight’s closing scenes didn’t disappoint. Just hours from Olivia’s testimony, Olivia (wearing white, what else?) shows up for the quickie wedding, but gets a last-minute call from Mellie. Before we know it, the wedding’s off (Abby returns the ring to a puzzled Fitz), and Olivia and Mellie are face-to-face in an underground tunnel. Mellie’s had a realization! “You are not my enemy, you are my freedom,” she says. Then, as the Senate committee announces they’ve abandoned their investigation — Rowan really delivered on his blackmail on promise! —the former First Lady drops her bombshell on Olivia. “You are going make me President of the United States.”

But wait, there’s more (of course there is)! In walks Rowan (with old friend Tom), with a glint in his eye. “Hello, Olivia.”

 Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the action-packed episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. Laurel says:

    Upon further reflection from the killed co-lead blind item, I’m now wondering if Papa Pope may be ousted by Mellie. That would be one reason she let him out of jail, to get him in a place where she can take him out. It was interesting that the SS Agent who actually killed Jerry was also out. I think Mellie’s going to off one or both of them, or use the SS Agent’s guilt to have him kill Eli.

  2. Jake L. says:

    Laurel: Good theory, but even if that does happen, it’s not the blind item. Rowan could not be considered a “co-lead” of Scandal; Joe Morton has never even been a series regular (though heavily recurring since the later half of season two, he’s always a guest star.) So I think that disqualifies him from that particular blind item (though it doesn’t mean he won’t die anyway.)

  3. Bryce says:

    The scene in the middle with Liz and Mellie was the best of the season. Watching them both discover hard truths was gut-punching. It was so so perfect.

    • mrmcgee says:

      Yes! It reminded me of the bunker scene a few seasons ago with Liv, Fitz and Mellie. No quick cuts or editing, just acting.

      • Johannes says:

        Yes, I agree about the symmetry with the bunker scene after you mentioned it….I went back and watched it after reading your post this morning.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Damn. I knew it was too good to last. Scandal was on fire for five great episodes and now Shonda had to drag Rowan back into the mix. I’m so disgusted I don’t even care where the show is going unless it involves Jake and Rowan’s murder-suicide, preferably by the midseason hiatus. Except for Mellie going over to the dark side, this episode was D+ crap.

  5. kchuplis says:

    Makes ZERO sense. Why would Mellie release Rowan after finding out he killed Jerry? In what world is turning to the father you put away with good reason and great satisfaction a better card to play than marrying the guy you’ve been after for years? How kanthan a better “save” for Fitz? Off the rails. I can’t even with this show anymore.

    • Molly says:

      To me it makes perfect sense for Mellie, she wants to be POTUS and will do anything to do that, you heard her say if it weren’t for fitz she wouldn’t even have had kids. Now Olivia’s reasoning is beyond me, maybe she really is commitment phobic. I do like that her and Fitz are being honest with each other albeit not any more. Perhaps we will get a better idea of her reasoning later in the season as to why freeing her dad was a better option than marrying Fitz

      • kchuplis says:

        Then why did she nearly lose her mind when Jerry died. And Olivia’s behavior is beyond comprehension.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I can see her not wanting to get pushed into a marriage. Any marriage contracted just to keep one spouse from testifying against another one is bound to end up badly. She loves Fitz and she loves her freedom and she’s going to have to decide which she loves more. That wasn’t the problem with the episode. The problem was dragging Rowan back into it. They need to kill him off for good. Either that or give him and Jake their own spinoff but just get both of them the hell off the show.

          • the girl says:

            I don’t think it is the idea of marriage that is so daunting to Liv. It is the idea of being First Lady. I think she has consistently made it clear that she does not want the position. She fears losing herself in order to serve the nation, and that is a bigger issue than her love of Fitz. But I don’t think it was the marriage itself that was troublesome.

      • deenabraun says:

        Later in the season? You’re actually going to watch this crap to give Shonda ratings?

  6. Amy says:

    I love Susan. Can we get a spin off please?

  7. Gwen says:

    I’m done. I’m really, truly DONE.

  8. niloofar says:

    I enjoyed Jake hanging up on Olivia.

  9. Ram510 says:

    Mellie was on fire tonight!!!! What a performance. The scene with her and Olivia when she found out about Rowan and her son was excellent. The scene with her and Fitz signing the divorce papers was another incredible scene. Can they give her an award already, or at least a nomination, geez.
    Huh, but it looks like I was the only one in this comment section who enjoyed this episode.

  10. niloofar22 says:

    Fitz is getting his divorce and he still has to blame Mellie.

  11. niloofar22 says:

    After years of their affair, now she just wants to date?
    She did everything to put her dad in jail last season, what was the point of that?

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Alas, I can see where the second half of the season is going: the series will get bogged down endlessly in silly episodes where Jake is chasing Rowan all over the place trying to kill him.
    I sure hope Sleepy Hollow will still be running in that time slot by then.

  13. Coal says:

    That was fun. I also enjoy it whenever Mellie and Fitz exchange blows those are the best scenes. As for Fitz and Olivia, they are now together what’s really left to tell in their story ? Thanks to Chandra Wilson for directing the episode. P.S. I miss Lizzy Bear already.

  14. cadfile says:

    A great villian is someone used sparingly. Poppa Pope is overstaying his welcome. I was hoping for more fixer of the week stories and less broad story. Oh well….

  15. Matt C. says:

    Really loved this episode, although I’m disappointed Papa Pope is back into the mix ONCE AGAIN. Joe Morton is a great actor, but that character is just so obnoxious and played out. Bellamy Young was amazing tonight, though. Where is her Emmy?! Or at least a nomination!

  16. christopher bee says:

    That Episode was a Masterpiece in every angle possible. The Acting, the Music, the Editing, the Camerawork. Loved it. Let Awards reign over.

  17. herman1959 says:

    Can we get a crossover with Scandal and Sleepy Hollow so Ichabod and Abbie can take down Rowan for good (he just won’t stay down)?

  18. Greta Nelson says:

    I really love scandal, but I’m ready for Olivia and Fitz to have some peace. Let them be happy. Why kill off Jakes wife? Let him move on. Let Olivia grab mellie just one time so she can quit talking smack in her face.

    • Johannes says:

      But Greta, you know Olitz can’t have “peace” until the series finale next year or S7, if it is still intended to be a limited series. If that happened, there wouldn’t be any drama to move storylines. And I too would like for Olivia to be able to smack Mellie just once before the series ends–maybe after Mellie is sworn in as president because of all of Olivia’s hard work, she can congratulate Mellie by slapping her smug face in private and with an empowered voice, tell her “congratulations Mellie on your victory” as she walks off into the sunset with Fitz holding her hand and Mellie still holding the area of her face Olivia smacked….or something like that. LOL!

      • Amanda says:

        I’m waiting for the day that Mellie smacks the Whore-ness out of Olivia! IF they want to get my attention, I want to see how the daughter feels about it. Her reaction would prove to me that I haven’t been a loyal watcher for nothing!

        • D.W. says:

          I’m waiting for the day somebody pulls Mellie down off of her high horse. It’s one thing to blame Fitz for every bad thing that has happened in your life as if you couldn’t file divorce papers your damn self, but it’s another thing entirely to make the so called lead character your slave/bitch for no reason at all other than you claiming to want a presidency when you didn’t even rightfully earn a senate seat. Sit down Mellie take several seats. Nobody owes you anything. And all this woe is me I’m owed BS is going to blow up in her face. How can a mother who grieved endlessly last year during the first couple of episodes of season four so willingly let her sons murderer go free. She’s a cold harder frigid bitch and since she feels like she’s on top now there’s nowhere to go but down.

        • sweetweeny says:

          Why is Olivia a “whore” – A very married Mellie slept with Andrew, so is she a whore also? As for Karen, everyone knows that when there is a divorce, children are asked which parent they want to live with – and with karen being of an age to make such a decision, it was given considerable weight; therefore, her and Fitz must be on good terms. Mellie got custody of Teddy because he is too young to make a choice and Fitz choose not to fight it. as for Karen’s reaction, she caught her Mother giving her “Uncle” oral sex so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hold Mellie in the highest of esteems.

        • Julianna Scherbatsky says:

          I’m with you in this one! Actually Mellie should have smacked the whore-ness out of Olivia years ago!

          • Cheyenne says:

            Then who should have smacked the whore-ness out of Mellie? That trashy heifer was caught by her own daughter screwing Andrew on the WH carpet because she was too stupid to shut the door.

  19. Tennisnsun says:

    What fun! My favorite episode ever. I have long since given up on trying to follow the complicated storylines and have things make any sense. I tune in to see some terrific acting and have a few laughs at the same time. Mellie is always entertaining and she totally proved what a fine actress she is last nite. I thoroughly enjoy Papa Pope and his histrionics as well as loveable Cyrus. Nice to have Sally back too.(I still think of her as Meredith Greys Mom). A few years back she offed her hubby and got away with it, but what the heck. As far as Jake goes, I just love to look at him and imagine. I personally think Olivia and Fitz together is a big snore.

  20. Renee says:

    Every minute of last nights episode was RIVETING! I enjoyed it! I like Joe Morton as an actor and as Papa Pope. After reading the comments I know I’m in the minority.. Last night Bellamy Young gave a great performance. It was good to see Cyrus back in the White House. And Sally Langston..she is a hoot!

  21. Maxx Jones says:

    come on guys/gladiators…the plot thickens! by now you should know how Shonda operates/writes – we are in for one hell of a storyline; stay-tuned, I know I will – I can’t wait!!

  22. hayes says:

    The writers can’t be that naive to not realize Rowan Pope and the whole B613 subplot is just not working anymore.

    • Cheyenne says:

      With any luck, this episode may be a wake-up call. I heard the ratings and the reviews were way down. Evidently the West Coast viewers read a lot of negative comments by the East Coast viewers and decided not to bother with it. Social media saves the day.

  23. Brian says:

    After 5 good episodes, this 6th episode sucked. They undid all of the progress Olivia had made this season. Ugh…

  24. allison says:

    Someone please tell me who all got killed last night Re the pics the committee were handed.

    • dezi says:

      Yes!! What was that?? I didn’t understand except that it had something to do with Rowen.

      • kchuplis says:

        That was the dirt Rowan had on everyone to make them drop the impeachment. That’s why I don’t understand anyone being surprised he showed up with Mellie. Knew immediately she had released him. Another thing I hate about Rowan. Always omnipotent. Convenient for pretty much any plot turn. It’s a cheat.

  25. robandco says:

    Where the hell are they going with that Lazarus One storyline? Is it over now Papa Pope (?) killed Jake’s friend?
    I have to admit the episode was pretty solid. When they started talking about the wedding at the beginning I almost fainted. Thank god they didn’t go there. I like Melly as the villain of the show. Much less threatening that the omniscient B613 Rowan Pope but still I love to hate her.
    Too bad they aren’t using David much now, I like the actor.

  26. :-) says:

    I know we can’t explore all of the people that were blackmailed last night but some of those envelopes looked interesting. I think they warrant a closer look

  27. Michele says:

    I’m so confused about why anyone wants to see Olivia and Fitz ride off into the sunset together….they’re horrible people who have done loads of damage to others. If any storyline is played out, it’s that one.

    The Rowan hate is amusing because Rowan is one of the few characters who at least acknowledges he’s done terrible things ( for the Republic?)and has learned to not be as conflicted as others pretend to be. He knows the possibility of having to do something else terrible is a forgone conclusion so he accepts his role as is, he doesn’t try to redefine his place. It is what it is.

    That versus Fitz who seems to think he has some moral high ground and has a REAL difficult time recognizing his general lack of being a decent human being. He, by far, is the WORST character on the show, manipulative,selfish, weak and unable to see or change his behavior .

    I can’t even begin to talk about Olivia and her issues. She’s so concerned about how horrible her father is but doesn’t seem to truly acknowledge that literally ALL of the men in her life are pretty horrible ( the women too, herself included).

    Everyone on the show has blood on their hands and are willing to do anything to maintain or gain power. Some characters are more honest about this and I as a viewer appreciate that. I like that the writers make no one an innocent. There are literally no white hats and there never were.

    The episode was good, the twist at the end was very Shonda-like. Of course they’ll be some cooperation and then double crossing from the “new alliance” of Mellie and crew. This show had never been realistic so trying to make things make sense is pointless. It’s a night time soap opera. And I enjoy it.

  28. sladewilson says:

    If this season was going to be all in for Liv and Fitz, I was so done with it. I can’t stand Olitz. But now that Mellie is making moves again and Papa Pope is back, thank you Shonda. I want them to just burn the whole thing down to the ground. Just pure destruction. For nothing else, it will make for great TV. Nothing like a good train wreck to end it all….

    • Julianna Scherbatsky says:

      You read my mind and wrote my words!! I can’t Olitz either and I want Mellie making moves like that? Genius! I want and need more!

  29. Kisha from Houston says:

    The scene with Mellie & Fitz was everything for me! Much like last weeks scene with Cyrus & Fitz. After having the affair and being in love for years, risking everything to be together, how are they NOT ready for marriage. What has this all been for. I thought they would both jump at the opportunity .

    • Cheyenne says:

      Marriage seems like more of an endgame, don’t you think? Everything else that came after that would be anti-climax.

  30. T.M. says:

    I could watch Mellie and Olivia yell at Fitz for hours and hours and hours and hours.

  31. gina says:

    I wish liv and fitz would have peace and live happily ever after. Liv needs to stop calling and visiting jake. And letting out pappy pope was just stupid. Marry fitz already.

  32. What Olivia and Fitz did to Mellie is horrific. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it when she finally got her peace to go off on Fitz. He is a namby pamby. Why anyone would love him is beyond me.

  33. Julianna Scherbatsky says:

    This season has been terrible so far but this episode was freaking amazing!!! Bellamy Young was just damn perfect and I am so happy that Mellie finally told Fitz off, he’s become an extremely annoying character! Mellie slayed! Go Mellie Go!

  34. Allison says:

    What an awesome episode this was! Yes, it was light Cyrus-lite and Lizzie Bear free, but awesome all the same! Olivia was so beautiful with her hair up like that and no matter how many times her look changes over the seasons, Kerry Washington’s beauty continues to stun and amaze me. Mellie and Fitz’s divorce exchange had me gasping. Bellamy Young brought it. She put her all into that scene with Fitz. I think that conversation was many, many years overdue. Mellie had been holding that in for a long time and the venom with which she unleashed it – whoa Mellie! (Yes, I know. I saw it as soon as I wrote it). Speaking of venom, I see the viper has been released from his cage. I love Joe Morton, but Papa Pope not so much. I loved, loved, loved him when he first came on the show, but he has overstayed his welcome. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy Joe Morton’s performance – he is dynamite – but ughhhhhh… The only good thing that happened after I saw that Papa Pope had been freed from his cell was that Tom was there as well. I clapped and cheered when I saw him. I know, I know Tom killed Fitz and Mellie’s son, yada, yada, but like I have said and will continue to say, no one on this show is a saint. Well, it sucks that they gave Jake a wife and then one or two episodes later, she dead. I figured it would happen eventually, but not that soon. Oh well, Jake what are you gonna do now? You’ve more or less told Olivia to kick rocks so now what? I guess it will be to take down Rowan. Again. Sigh…maybe that plan will come to fruition this time? Anyway, awesome performances by Bellamy Young and Kerry Washington. That scene in the tunnel was so raw and so emotional. They just killed it. They just did.