HTGAWM EP Teases 'Mysterious' New Character, Asher Bombshell and a 'Terrifying, Bananas' Fall Finale

Like to think of yourself as a good egg? Tonight’s installment of How to Get Away With Murder (10/9c on ABC) offers what’s essentially a one-question Cosmo quiz putting that theory to the test, teases creator and EP Pete Nowalk.

The cheekily titled episode — “Two Bird, One Millstone” — will finally reveal the bad act Asher committed at Trotter Lake, a secret that prosecutor Emily Sinclair has been using to turn him into a mole inside Annalise Keating’s law office.

“It’s bad,” says Nowalk, when asked about Asher’s secret. “I mean, I think you’re a bad person if you’re not very upset.”

The hour will also introduce us to “a mysterious, interesting character” named Philip (played by Manhattan‘s Jefferson White), but Nowalk clams up when pressed about how he’ll fit into the story or even which HTGAWM regulars will share scenes with the newcomer.

One thing Nowalk is more forthcoming about is the growing bond between Michaela and Caleb. “Their relationship is going to change this week and in subsequent weeks — following what Michaela discovered about Levi,” he says. “Levi’s arrest, finding out he was Eggs911 and was lying to her, all that is going to send Michaela spinning. And it’s also going to send her into a different dynamic with Caleb.”

VIOLA DAVIS, LIZA WEILBonnie and Asher’s bond — both before and after the flash-forward — will also continue to evolve in the weeks leading up to HTGAWM‘s Nov. 19 winter finale. Just be certain to “look at your assumptions” before leaping to any conclusions about where their arc is headed, warns Nowalk. “You haven’t seen the whole story,” he adds, when asked about last Thursday’s reveal that Asher abandons Bonnie at a gas station following Annalise’s shooting and goes to the police station. “Some of that will be exactly what you think it is, and other parts will be very different than what you think they are.”

It’s all leading up to a mid-seaon finale “that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Nowalk confesses. “That terrifies me, and I love it. It’s bananas.”

Just like the show did in Season 1, there will be some shifts in structure and tone when HTGAWM returns in January having answered the “Who shot Annalise?” question. “The first half of this season has been leading up to Flash-Forward night, so the [second half] has to shift. I like to keep it fresh,” Nowalk says. “We’re just starting to work on those episodes, so I can’t promise you anything. But in the back half of the season, it’s my goal that we study the characters and learn more about their pasts, maybe show those pasts a little more.”

How worried are you about Asher’s secret? Any theories on who put that bullet in Annalise? Sound off below!