Which Series Is Killing Off Its Co-Lead? TVLine Readers Tackle Our Most Dramatic Blind Item Ever!

To misquote Axl Rose, “Welcome to TVLine’s Oct. 21 Blind Item, baby! Someone’s gonna dieeeeee!”

In case you missed it, my colleague Michael Ausiello posted a carefully worded story that day, warning readers that, “an established drama series that gets a fair amount of love on TVLine is set to whack its co-lead this season, so it’s time to start clutching your Grandma’s pearls.”

“Details are super sketchy, but rumor has it the fatal twist is set to occur in this hour-long show’s forthcoming fall finale,” TVLine’s fearless leader (and shameless tease) continued. “Meanwhile, there are conflicting accounts as to whether the death will actually stick. Given the importance this particular character has to the series, it’s tough to imagine that it would. But in this Will Gardner-offing, McDreamy-snuffing TV world we live in now, I suppose anything is possible.”

The aforementioned story — in which the character was referred to as a “fan favorite” — generated over 600 comments chock full of conspiracy theories, rumors, innuendo, hand-wringing, smack talk and silliness. Readers dug deep into the story for potential clues, too, debating the meaning of “co-lead,” wondering about the significance of words like “fair” and “pearls,” and speculating if the possible failure to “stick” pointed to a supernatural series.

Now, despite the fact that I have no knowledge whatsoever about who the “victim” is going to be — I couldn’t bring myself to go all Huck-Vs.-Quinn’s-Teeth on Mr. Ausiello in the name of scoop —  I chose what I thought were the 30 best reader guesses. Some are carefully reasoned. Others are parked at the intersection of Bats–t and Crazy. But they’ve all got their merits (or are at least amusing).

Check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us if you think any of these guesses will turn out to be spot-on!

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