Arrow Felicity's Father Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Castle, Supergirl, Supernatural, Once, S.H.I.E.L.D., HTGAWM, H50 and More

Will Arrow finally deal with daddy issues? Who’s new on Castle? Does The Darkness dictate a Supernatural demise? How will Beauty and the Beast bid us adieu? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

With Charlotte Ross returning to Arrow soon, can you tell us anything about her relationship with Oliver, Felicity, and if she’ll finally meet Quentin Lance? –Tina
Stephen Amell shared at the set last week that Oliver has formed a bond with Mama Smoak, especially since he was living the suburban life with her daughter Felicity. “I had always imagined that Oliver in his nice, easy-going state would have a dialogue with Donna Smoak, which was proven correct and leads to some funny moments,” he said. “The dynamic between the two of them is excellent.” As for any possible meeting of Donna and Quentin, Paul Blackthorne joked as he came away from filming the fall finale, “Do I have lipstick on my cheek? [Then again] it’s a Christmas episode, so of course, everybody’s kissing everybody.” Hmmm.

When will Arrow fans learn about Felicity’s father? –Kyle
Not anytime especially soon, it sounds like. “I don’t know anything about my dad,” Emily Bett Rickards said on set last week, “except that he’s probably going to be a villain and he’s rich and that he comes in this season.”

Do you have any new Castle scoop? –Alie
During our November Sweep preview chat, I was sure to ask the co-showrunners what exactly Kristopher Polaha will be up to on the series, besides being tall. “He’s playing a public defender who comes in [during the fall finale ‘Mr. & Mrs. Castle’] and presents with some unexpected complexity,” said Alexi Hawley. “He’s a little bit more than what he seems. “The design of his character,” Terence Paul Winter added, “is that he’s immediately at odds with the folks at the 12th, while representing a murderer. He’s trying to do his job while the 12th is trying to do theirs.”

Do you have any scoop on where Castle‘s Beckett will be when Stana Katic was in Milan? –Laura
For the next new episode, “Cool Boys” (airing Nov. 9), Beckett is “out of town at a meeting for a couple of days, at a work-related function,” Alexi Hawley told me. The EP then made clear that she is off doing “real work, not secret work” related to the LokSat mystery.

I know iZombie‘s Blaine is possibly evil and maniacal but he is also entertaining and so delicious. What’s next for him and does it include Liv? —Naazneen
Blaine and Liv will soon find themselves working together because “they have a similar foe,” David Anders previews. “Teammates don’t have to be friends; they just have to win the game.” (As for who would develop feelings first in the unlikely scenario that #Bliv becomes a thing, “Blaine would, ’cause Liv’s just cutie. An altruistic cutie,” Anders says with a laugh.) Speaking of unexpected duos, “Ravi and Blaine have some good stuff together,” Anders teases. “There’s a rivalry brewing between Ravi and Blaine.”

Any clues as to whether Once Upon a Time viewers are literally going to “hell” aka the Underworld, and if so, as a whole cast? Or is it possible it comes to Storybrooke? –Karen
Details — on any confirmed trip to Hell or otherwise – are scarce thus far, but this much I can share: For an early Season 5B episode, the ABC series is guest-casting the roles of a “dashing, strapping young man” who is “single-minded in his pursuit of his destiny: to be the greatest hero who ever lived” and a “plucky, 18-year-old female adventurer with a sly sense of humor and a tough, no-nonsense spirit.”

Is it too early for scoop on Beauty and the Beast Season 4? –Anna
Back in August when this email first came in? Yes. But now? Not so early! At the very least, I can report that the Season 4 aka series finale will be titled, fittingly, “Au Revoir.”

It’s very exciting that we’re going to get some members of the Lane family in Supergirl‘s first season, but is there any hope for Lois herself? And if not a guest-starring role or even a cameo, will we at least hear about her life onscreen? –Tatiana
As a matter of fact, not only does Clark Kent get name-checked in Episode 2, but his lady love Lois also is mentioned. (Jenna Dewan-Tatum then of course debuts as li’l sister Lucy aka James’ ex the following week.)

Do you have any scoop on CBS’ Supergirl? –SuperSurfSurf
Episode 11 will introduce the potentially recurring character of Senator Miranda Crane, a dynamic, persuasive and dangerous ideologue who is preparing for a White House run based on an anti-alien platform.

Anything about Oliver and Connor on #HTGAWM!! —Wahiba
I’ve got news about Murder‘s occasionally law-breaking couple, but whether or not it’ll make you happy is a different matter. Remember how Oliver recently wondered aloud why he’s not actually on the Keating law firm’s payroll — considering how frequently he hacks the Philadelphia PD on its behalf? Well, the line wasn’t a coincidence. “Connor is really worried about him,” shares creator Pete Nowalk. “He sees that getting pulled into Annalise’s web can have really dark repercussions, and he’s experiencing those himself, so he wants to protect his Oliver. What happens to Oliver is definitely a big part of our storyline in the next few episodes.”

What does it mean for Supernatural‘s Dean that he and The Darkness are bound? What plans does Amara/Darkness have for him? Can one be killed without hurting the other? –DeMara
One can definitely be injured without affecting the other. “It’s not like a voodoo doll” (or “twinsies,” as Jared Padalecki jokes) “or anything like that,” star Jensen Ackles clarifies. “We will see… what exactly that relationship is” between Dean and The Darkness, Ackles adds. “I don’t think that he knows what to make of it. What it all means and how it’s all going to tie into his destiny and his future and what that means for the brothers, he’s very nervous about. Obviously, those nerves are something that he’s going to be hiding, but we will see it get fleshed out a bit.”

Supernatural‘s Sam and the Reaper — is there more to this story? –JJ
Interestingly, Dean will also be meeting Billie the reaper (played by Lisa Berry), in the fall finale. “To be honest… we have not shot those scenes yet, so I don’t know how intense it’s going to be,” Jensen Ackles said on set last week. “But I’m excited to work with her.”

Do you happen to have any scoop on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that isn’t Secret Warriors related? –Dee
Exec producer Jeffrey Bell affirms that May is “really angry” after her and Hunter’s attack on Ward wound up getting Andrew (seemingly) incinerated. And she’s not only mad at the menfolk. “Look, she was part of that plan, so she’s culpable,” Bell notes. “Knowing May, she’s more angry at herself than anybody else.” Asked if Andrew’s unclear fate will be confirmed sooner, or later, Bell hedged, “We will absolutely address his fate sooner or later!” (BTW, the Secret Warriors detected and do not appreciate your shade!)

I would love to have any spoilers you can give on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Fitz and Simmons! — Jenna
It sounds like they will keep their mission to somehow rescue Will from the planet on the down low, which of course on this show tends to backfire in spectacular fashion. “Like any kind of secret, it starts with one person knowing something,” says EP Jeffrey Bell, “and then over time there are twist and turns and complications.”

Hawaii Five-0‘s McGarrett has been receiving mysterious phone calls. His gut thinks it’s Catherine. How soon before we find out who is calling and what this is all about? –Leni
Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells me the payoff to that mystery will come at some point this season, though he won’t say how soon. “It’s not an ongoing [plot point], but it’s definitely a cloud that’s not going to go away,” he teased. As for those (Steve included!) wondering if it ties into Catherine’s recent, covert exit, Lenkov said, “I like that people are thinking that!”

Where is Gotham‘s Harvey Dent? Isn’t he supposed to be around more this year? –Drew
Dent (played by series regular Nicholas ‘D’Agosto) resurfaces this Monday in “Mommy’s Little Monster,” and from there on will appear “on and off,” says EP John Stephens. “We’re not playing any full Harvey Dent stories right now, but he’s a part of our world, that’s for sure.”

Can you tell me the song used in last week’s Scorpion when they emerged outside in their superhero costumes? – Colleen
That was “Cruel World” by The Surprise Party.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Vlada Gelman and Michael Slezak)

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  1. nhogan47 says:

    OH! So Once is doing Hercules!

    • Chris says:

      Would it be too much to ask to have James Woods and Danny DeVito do live action reprisals of Hades and Phil?

      • Rebecca says:

        Highly doubt that’ll happen. Both actors are too good for the crapfest that is OUAT now.

        • I agree. The show HAS become a crapfest. They need to kill it. It’s so far away from the show that it was. It’s beyond pathetic.

          • yurie says:

            The problems of a majority of American TV and British TV. One usually is too long and leads to the writers creating a lot of unnecessary filler to fulfill the 22-24 episode quota all the while having little time between seasons to write for the next one. On the flip side, we have one that is too short to a fault leading to absolutely zero filler which also means there is only time for plot and no world building with the short 3-6 episode run not to forget the huge wait between seasons for these short runs.

      • Jennifer says:

        Dear God, please PLEASE let this happen!!!!

    • Anna says:

      My thoughts exactly- allows for the underworld/hell themes but stays within works that can be somehow referenced to Disney properties. Please, please let Hades be as sarcastically delightful as his animated counterpart…

    • Mindeesa says:

      Absolutely!! That has to be Herc and Meg!

    • Csb says:

      Gag! If they do Hercules and Hades please be more accurate to the myth unlike the Disney version. Hera was Hercules villain. Hades actually helps Hercules by lending him his dog (Cerberus) on one of the labors.

      He also murders Megara in most Classical versions.

  2. Hercules and Megara are coming to OUAT

  3. Kim says:

    So for that OUAT casting, Hercules and Meg?

  4. Brad says:

    Lol so a episode without Beckett guess the upside no stalker Rick

  5. MattySi says:

    Is anyone else thinking Hercules and Megara with ONCE? That would explain the teased underworld plot which could also involve Hades.

  6. Ted says:

    Any chance OUAT can have more than one episode per half actually about one or more of its three female leads, or should we just give up at this point?

    • BM says:

      Yeah, I second that. Not that I mind Meg and Herc coming in, however, it looks like S5 is all about the guest stars (Camelot and Merida), so it would be nice to have some focus on the actual regular cast (especially Snow, Emma and Regina) in S5B.

  7. Jennifer says:

    OUaT, please don’t screw up Megara. Please don’t screw up Megara. Please don’t screw up Megara.

  8. Luis says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that we didn’t see poor Andrew’s dearly departed body anywhere – you can’t being incinerating anyone as beautiful as Balir Underwood!

  9. Katie says:

    I hope one day soon we will see answers to spoiler questions that have to do with the main characters on Hawaii Five-O.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yep, saved a less time-sensitive one for next column! Then again, I haven’t gotten many such Qs in a while that I haven’t already answered….

      • Aubrey says:

        Thank you Matt. Seems like you agree with the yawn inducing Catherine obsessed questions.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Technically, the Q I chose was about Steve’s mystery calls. The Catherine-related answer was simply following up on fan theory.

          • Grace says:

            It’s something that people are probably legitimately curious about, whether it’s related to Catherine or not. Given that this show’s strength isn’t subtlety (much as I love it, it’s just not), I’d imagine the calls are related to Catherine or Steve’s mom. The only reason I think the former is because of the secret mission part of Catherine’s exit. It seemed like a weird thing for the show to seed and then just drop. I guess we’ll find out at some point! Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did for the show to confirm that Charlie was Danny’s son, lol.

      • Mary says:

        Really looking forward to this upcoming spoiler you’re going to release later. Not that this one is not relevant, it’s undeniable that that phone call got us wondering… Personally I think it wasn’t Catherine. IMO, it wouldn’t make sense for her to make silent phone calls after she chose to leave. I think it’s something that will bring Steve’s storyline move forward, not backwards: honestly, I couldn’t be more done with Catherine than I am, and I think at this point Steve feels the same way.
        Thank you for the spoilers!

  10. A says:

    I’m excited for the Donna/Felicity and Donna/Oliver scenes, they should be fun. Also, whomever Felicity’s father turns out to be, it better lead to a huge, awesome arc for Felicity, she’s earned it.

    • Liz says:

      This. I really hope Felicity gets a story arc that’s about her and learning about her dad is a perfect way to do that. I think it’s time. We’re in season 4 and still don’t know that much about her. I love her and want to know so much more!

      • Rob Watkins says:

        But we do, we know where she went to school, we know she’s jewish, we know who her mother is, what her passions are, and that her father left her and her mother. We know plenty. We know less about Diggle, now that I think about it.

        • Lex says:

          People think they know more about Felicity because Felicity fans pay enough attention to the little details and throw-away lines that they become widely known – she dyes her hair, she has a nut allergy, she likes red wine, etc. These are all quick, short facts that are given because Felicity’s characterization has her stream-of-consciousness babbling tangents that relate small preferences or practices that aren’t much more than answers listed on an OKCupid profile. Even though she shows emotion easily, it took her a long while to trust Oliver and Diggle with her real thoughts and feelings.

          If we know more about Felicity than other characters, do you want to know similar facts? What is John Diggle’s favorite color? Does Thea Queen prefer chunky or creamy peanut butter? Does Laurel Lance ever leave the house without flawless makeup? What was Quentin Lance’s jam in high school?

          There’s a difference between knowing someone and knowing about someone; we know a lot *about* Felicity, but we don’t know her – how did she come to dye her hair black with purple streaks? What was she like as a child? What factors motivate her to be the person we see on screen? Because EBR plays her so well, with so many idiosyncrasies to explore, there are things you can infer, but there also so many questions. We know she has Daddy Issues (or Lack of Daddy Issues), but we don’t have any context to imagine him except for the fact that he was brilliant like Felicity and he left.

          EBR thinks it’s going to be a villain. Maybe it’s a character we know a lot about, and by knowing who he is we can find more concrete motivations for the character because of context. Maybe they’ll subvert expectations like they did when giving her a rebellious hacktivist phase instead of perpetual nerdy girl… maybe her dad’s actually a hero…

          Maybe her dad is Batman.

          We don’t know.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            The things I mentioned aren’t little trivial facts, they are important bits of her character. And who cares why she was goth? Did we need to know she was goth in the first place? That fell under the category of irrelevant details. What was she like as a child? Intelligent like her father. We know what motivated her, she wanted to make something out of her life and not end up like her mother – a Vegas cocktail waitress. Just knowing who her father is tells you nothing about why people make the decisions they do. That’s not how psychology works. She’s not nearly this mysterious blank slate you make her out to be. People aren’t these deterministic beings who you can explain by simply showing events in their past.

          • Lex says:

            Wow. We are apparently existing at different wavelengths. I don’t think you got my point at all, but I think that has more to do with your feelings about Felicity than how I was explaining the concept of character motivation. I need to go write an essay, so I’ll leave this debate as is.

    • Csb says:

      I completely agree! Fingers crossed.

  11. Vari says:

    Hercules and Meg
    And he flew on Pegasus… and in the show the Jones Brothers – Killian and big brother had it on their ship as they flew to Neverland.

  12. Shocker says:

    Oh look, 2 scoops on arrow and castle. What a surprise. I am so sick of this inside scoop being only certain shows. When I ask for scoop about a character on Blood and Oil I get a snarky response back with “we have already given 250% more scoop than anyone else”. I don’t know how reporting ONE more story about said character than other sites is 250% more so that was interesting math. this site reports 4000% more arrow scoop than anyone else but the writers don’t seem to complain about that.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I had already given you every little morsel there was to give on a guest star role. That = “250% more” (give or take, the math is admittedly fuzzy).

    • DC says:

      So the new castle character ( like we need any more, especially with the main characters being at odds and no longer together) is going to be more complex and more to him than expected. GREAT!!! so I guess folks are going to be jumping all over this with its another obstacal to keep Castle and Beckett apart. With the way these show runners are constantly thinking , talking and portraying the two leads this guy will end up having an affair with Beckett or caught in some sort of compromising position.

      The stupidity that these show runners are showing is just never going to end it seems. The ratings are already in the sub basement and heading to the hurry up and cover it with dirt before the stench overtakes us all position and instead of fixing their rash , non working decision they continue to exacerbate the problem. These folks just not only never learn but they don’t even have any clue.

      So very sad that what was once such a great show and love story has been reduced to slithering out on its belly like the slime it has become rather than standing tall as it goes out. SO sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree wholeheartedly DC ,what a joke ,the show writers think the fans are loving this. They should get a clue, too bad the network doesn’t have a say in this ,and fire the writers and get back to the Caskett story .All these new characters seem to indicate a death of a lead even though they say know what BS.

      • Georgee says:

        You are so right, the two new show runners ( Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum) have no clue what the fans want or they just do not care. Being the deep thinkers that they are they can not figure out why the show rating is at 1.1 Write to Paul Lee the president of ABC Walt Disney and ask him, just maybe he might care.

        • Anonymous says:

          George, true also I like their statement that the new lawyer will bring some complexity to the story. What does that mean a new boy for Beckett to play with. Writers please get a clue and read what the reviews and fans are telling you get back to the Caskett story of them solving crimes together.

        • A-Jay says:

          So what makes you an expert on what “fans” want? I’m no expert, but you don’t speak for me.

          • Anonymous says:

            A-jay,I don’t speak for you nor do I want to,I go by all comments posted and it seems to me that the majority of fans don’t like this direction look at the ratings.

      • A-Jay says:

        I thought the show came back down? So to say “X” + “Y” = “Z” is incorrect. You must be using the new common core where you have to take a subroutine route to get 1+1=2

    • Lex says:

      Maybe there’s a lot of Arrow and Castle scoop because Matt receives more Arrow and Castle questions. There’s less scoop about other shows because there aren’t fans asking questions about them. Maybe he has greater access to the cast/producers of Arrow and Castle. There would be more questions about other shows if they were asked and it would be possible to answer them. And besides, who wouldn’t want to talk to Stephen Amell and Nathan Fillion whenever they get a chance?

  13. Angela says:

    As much as I’d love to find a way for Connor’s protectiveness towards Oliver to allow them to still be together, I doubt that’s going to be the case. I sense a breakup coming, and then Oliver’s confusion over the breakup leading to him trying to figure out, on his own, what’s going on with Connor. I hope they can work things out somehow, though!

  14. Aubrey says:

    Enough with the Catherine crap. She was never a main character even when she was a regular. Who cares if or when she comes back????? She was never more than Steve’s bed buddy and brought nothing needed or unique to Show. Let it go already. Can we please focus on the actors who are and have always been listed as stars on the press releases and forget about ones who couldn’t keep their full time gig?

    • Jess says:

      ummmm knock it off already. i, for one, loved Steve and Catherine together. They had such great chemistry. Second of all the question was about Steve, not Catherine. It just happened that in the show, Steve thinks the phone calls are from Catherine. Get off your high horse already.

      • Jess says:

        I personally think it’s his mom or someone related to her work.

      • KatieKatt says:

        Oh please. If you follow Leni on Twitter like I do you’d know that her question was all about Catherine disguised as a question about Steve. She doesn’t care about who was on the phone unless it was Catherine.

        • Carol says:

          A few Cath fans making a lot of noise – love this show but really don’t like the way this particuler character stirs people up. It just spoils it for the rest.

        • Leni says:

          If you follow me on Twitter you know if I wanted to ask about Cath I would have . This was about the phone calls. You and your friends seem to be the ones focused on Catherine. I personally don’t think it was her. Now do us both a favor and unfollow me, so you will no longer be disturbed by my tweets. Or is that how you troll accounts? Get a life.

          • KatieKatt says:

            Someone protests a bit much did I touch a nerve? Why is it that all fans who don’t like Catherine need to get a life while the few that are obsessed with her return and talk about nothing else and hate on people who don’t like her don’t?

            Her story is over and the McRoll story is dead. She broke Steve’s heart twice now and bringing her back would be stupid. Fool Steve once shame on her, fool Steve twice shame on him. Fool Steve a third time and you ruin his character. How does bringing her back for Steve to instantly forgive her again make him look good? How does her coming back pregnant [a popular request from some of you McRoll obsessed] forcing them back together because it’s the right thing to do make either of them look good?

            Nope gonna still follow you because you and your friend’s tweets are entertaining to read. Figure out who I am and block me if you don’t want me to see all the complaining and hating on fans of the show you do.

          • srccland says:

            LOL. Katie needs a mirror.

  15. Smoak Arrow says:

    I’m totally ready for a return visit by Charlotte Ross to Arrow. I’m looking forward to her being more involved and interacting a ton with Felicity, Oliver, Diggle, and absolutely Quentin this time around. Really curious about what they have in store for Felicity’s story regarding her father. Since they squashed rumors the other day, they need to make this story as good as that one could have been. Or better. Also, some more Oliver/Felicity, please! The last few weeks of the show have gone pretty light there. I need more balance with their story.

  16. Lila says:

    SHIELD spoilers are always so vague! Dangit, Marvel!

  17. Drew says:

    Glad to hear that Harvey Dent will be back soon.

  18. Gonzosgirrl says:

    So Dean meets a reaper in the fall finale. A hint about Ausiello’s blind item?

  19. Phil says:

    “and a ‘plucky, 18-year-old female adventurer with a sly sense of humor and a tough, no-nonsense spirit.'”
    So great – Once is going to introduce Merida!

  20. DW SW says:

    Interesting spoilers of Supernatural.
    I can not wait to watch new episodes , speaking episodes, BABY was fantastic , Jensen and Jared fantastic .

  21. Amelia says:

    I’m assuming it’s too obvious for Damnien Dark to be Felicity’s father. I am new to Arrowverse so I can’t remember if she has met her father or not. I think she has so that discounts that.

    • Ana says:

      No, we never saw Felicity’s father! She only talked about him with Oliver in 3×13 episode “Heir to the Demon” like he abandoned her and after, Donna Smoak said some things to Felicity about her father in 3 x 05 episode “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”.

  22. annek says:

    Wow an interview and AH/TPW didnt use the word fun. Now thats newsworthy.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ve got a couple banked for next column, make no mistake ;)

      • mine says:

        so did the word “fun” replace”organic” which we used to her in previous seasons interviews???

      • John Z says:

        Could you ask them if they are aware of how much the fan base seems to really hate the break up arc, and when they are going to fix it and get them back together. Like with at what episode. Or if not, ask them how their resumes are looking.

    • Kelly says:

      What does “fun” mean in their language because this season has been anything but!

      And do we really need yet another new character? Ugh.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Please enough of Catherine and I doubt you got anything from Lenkov. That storyline is dead. It’s Doris his mother.

  24. lame says:

    Wonder if the new guy that is scheduled to appear on Castle will have more to do than Hailey or Vikram . Remember those two, a Lotta fanfare and then poof, both are MIA, just like Beckett’s search for Locksat, remember that one as well .

    • lame says:

      The more somethings change, the more they stay the same.

      • lame says:

        I can see what they’re doing, they will keep adding new characters so when the season comes to an end we’ll realize it’s been weeks since we’ve seen Castle or Beckett.

    • BoboTheRaven says:

      Beckett sure doesn’t seem to have much urgency in her investigation of LokSat. She did run a test on some 2-year old drusg last months… I guess the DEA never got round to that before. Only Beckett is original enough to think of that.

      • lame says:

        If Beckett really wanted to locate Locksat she would go to the NYC Hall of Records, remember in 6.23 they found she was married , something the NYPD , the FBI and homeland security couldn’t do.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hayley is in the next three, Vikram in Nov. 16 and 23…. LokSat was missing from, what, one episode…?

    • annek says:

      Lets hope new guy has as much to do as Hayley and Vikram. No need for these ppl. Would much rather them make use of Martha and Lanie. Although they’d probably destroy those characters too

  25. Liz says:

    I adore Mama Smoak but keep her away from the Lance family! LOL. Can’t wait to see Oliver/Donna dynamic. Sounds like fun.

  26. I seriously don’t understand the secrecy behind Will on AoS. I mean really, shouldn’t as soon as Simmons came back have been “Oh NASA had already sent people through the portal and one of them is still alive! We have to go rescue them or at least learn about the planet”

  27. Becca says:

    Holy crap!!!! What are the chances that Damian Darhk is Felicity’s father!!!! He mentioned last night that he has a child and they said he is likely to be a villain!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Wendy Mericle said DD isn’t Felicity’s dad. Emily said all she knows is Felicity’s dad is rich and a Bad guy also will be introduced this season!!! I’m thinking he’s a partner of Damien OR his Boss

      • Tasha says:

        They did a brilliant job of having Damien darhk have partners in HIVE so they have an endless supply of future bad guys. While I believe they will take out darhk this season they won’t take out HIVE. I definitely think Felicity’s dad will be introduced this season but if he is as brilliant as his dtr then he has the potential to be a major villain and hopefully one of darhks “associates”. I don’t want her story to be smashed in with diggles or her dad to be a one of bad guy. It would be kool to see her dad as maybe the right hand to vandal savage and that storyline role into season 5. #felicityisNOTinthegrave #olicity.

  28. Darlene Dieno says:

    As long as Catherine is gone for good!

  29. saku says:

    I love olicity and felicity so much… cant wait to learn about her dad… arrow can take as much time as they want to bring the papa smoak storyline because it just means that it will be well developped (i hope lol)

  30. Ellyce says:

    PapaSmoak! I’ve been waiting so long for Felicity’s story. Looking forward to Oliver and Donna interactions too. Can’t wait for 4×06!

  31. Actors do not know the narrative =/= the show runners do not know the narratives (we can say flashes to the plot that the actors have no idea of)

  32. Blurgh says:

    Let me get this straight. They make us wait 3 weeks for a new ‘Castle’ episode, and Beckett isn’t even in it?!

  33. Teri says:

    This Beckett less episode is due to Stana negotiating to be not around. ABC agreed to it so the Writers had to come up to something without her. Don’t blame the writers for everything.

    • BB says:

      That’s not true. Why are you lying?

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, but if we had had Castle and Beckett working together and happy up until now then maybe I could enjoy “Cool Boys”. Instead we’ve gotten a separation and only a few minutes in each episode where Caskett are actually together. It makes this episode even harder to take.

  34. Rosemarie says:

    When is Person of Interest coming on TV????

  35. Rosemarie says:

    When is Person of Interest coming back on TV??

  36. Eunice says:

    Ha! Says the woman who has complained almost nonstop on Twitter about the Catherine portion of the spoiler since it was shared. Maybe next time you get your question answered you could show a little gratitude instead of complaining about the answer you got.

    I don’t care if she comes back or not but if Peter has no intention of her returning he needs to stop teasing her fans. It’s cruelty for those who can’t quite grasp that the story has ended and they got the closure they wanted.

  37. just to be ridiculous… what if Felicity’s rich, villainous dad is Vandal Savage? … just to be ridiculous.

    • Kira says:

      I don’t think it is ridiculous at all. I actually think there may be a chance her father can be Vandel Savage.

    • Lex says:

      You know, if they’re pushing for shared universe continuity towards the end of the season, Vandal as Papa Smoak wouldn’t be too outrageous…

  38. I don’t need SmoaknLance to be a real thing. I’m just excited they might at least meet! LOL
    I’m not a Bliv shipper, but I’m not opposed. So long as it’s written well. I mean, it’s not like Major is getting close to Liv (with good reason…

  39. georgee says:

    Friday 10/30 bad news Castle Day.The last episode of this fall Mr & Mrs Castle we find Kate changing her last name, who knows which one Beckett or Castle and Rick losing his wedding band. Now maybe just maybe they will get back together in episode 17. Some one any one explain how this improves ratings, we are at 1.1 18-49 age group. Remember we were told they are back together at sprint speed. Sounds like another Charlie Brown football episode.You need to start writing to Mr Paul Lee and get Hawley and Winter ( tweedle dee and tweedle dum) replaced with the old show runners ASAP.

  40. Mari says:

    How fast can a dramedy go down the drain?

  41. Ashley says:

    I’m so excited for Felicity Smoak’s father and it better be a juicy story line, that’s all I have to say. I hope he’s a formidable villain. I’m optimistic, though. And of course it’s always nice to see Felicity’s mom on the show, love her and am dying to see her interact with Oliver.

  42. gracie05 says:

    F the town crier…the show is awesome the premise is new

  43. gracie05 says:

    love his show