Wicked City Premiere: Will You Take a Second Stab At ABC's Killer Drama?

Kent Grainger (Ed WestwickGossip Girl) is a man of many alleged trades: a record label executive, a talent agent to the stars, and most importantly, a secret admirer.

In ABC’s Wicked City, the CW alum plays a copycat serial killer in the drug-fueled murder capital of the world — 1982 Los Angeles — where, much like Billy Idol’s then-eventual hit, he’s got nothing but flesh for fantasy.

Set on making a name for himself as more than just the second coming of the “Hillside Strangler,” Kent spends his nights talking women into following him back to his car for a little, umm, meat and greet, before stabbing at their skulls as a song he dedicates to them plays on the radio.

His devilish routine is quickly challenged, however, when he meets his match in the insecure Betty (Erika Christensen, Parenthood). After discovering that the seemingly run-of-the-mill nurse — who he clearly hasn’t seen gleefully ripping stitches out of an elderly patient — is a single mother of two, he opts not to kill her, but instead, to see where things go. And though he’s got a thing for her, he soon realizes they can’t be intimate unless she’s playing dead. (Don’t worry: she’s totally into it, and by the end, willing to tag along with him and a second female conquest, still unaware that he’s capable of murder.)

While that toxic relationship brews, Detective Jack Roth (Jeremy Sisto, Law & Order) is working overtime as he attempts to find the copycat, all the while cheating on his wife with a coke-addled undercover cop (Karolina Wydra, True Blood) and reluctantly mulling over clues with his newly-promoted partner (Gabriel Luna, Matador).

Though his initial plan to lure the killer out of hiding by claiming he had already been found goes belly-up, he soon finds the link he needs in aspiring journalist Karen McClaren (Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story), who earlier met and has plans to meet with the supposed record exec at a concert on the Sunset Strip. Unfortunately, Kent catches on to Karen’s new tie to the po-po when he sees her talking with Jack at their meeting place, and calls in a dedication to distract Jack while he and Betty exit the venue. Meanwhile, Karen goes missing, and it’s unclear if Kent got to her before plotting his escape.

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