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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Where There's a Will, There's a Way

“We’re inseparable…. We were.”

Being flung to a far-off planet opened up a whole new world for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Jemma Simmons, as vividly detailed by the ABC series this Tuesday.

A WHOLE NEW WORLD | In the episode “4,722 Hours” — as in the duration of Jemma’s trip — the bio-chemist related to colleague and best friend Fitz what exactly “happened” to her during her time on the planet. The engrossing tale was presented as a 42-minute-long flashback sequence, starting with Simmons being spat out by the portal onto the alien terrain. At first, the savvy scientist kept a clear head and approached the odyssey as the ultimate field study, intermittently recording her experiences for Fitz, whom she trusted (hoped?) to one day, some way come for her.

The final S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to prove to us her physical mettle, Jemma not surprisingly impressed as she improvised, sustaining brutal sandstorms and turning her near-death in a shallow pool into a feeding frenzy for her ravenous self. (“You’re dinner, biatch!”) So resilient was she as she found means to survive, all while awaiting (possible) rescue, you sensed she could tough it out all by her lonesome.

Only she wouldn’t have to.

WE ARE NOT ALONE | One day whilst navigating a series of reeds, Jemma slipped down through a hole, into a cave. There, she was locked up in a crude cage and fed suspect gruel. Eventually she would make a break for it, getting the drop on her human captor and fleeing out into the strange tundra. But after tumbling down a rocky slope, gashing her shin, she was carried back to the cave and properly introduced — to Will.

Will (played by Nikita‘s Dillon Casey) was an astronaut for NASA, which in 2001 sent a team of four through a portal to this planet located outside our solar system. The plan was for NASA to one day find means to retrieve the crew, but that never happened. Instead, Will’s comrades reportedly went mad after they one by one braved the “no-fly zone” — a graveyard of sorts for other otherworldly travelers — that is lorded over by a mysterious and ominous cloaked being.

Having unearthed a sextant in the “no-fly zone,” Jemma set out to map the new solar system and in turn calculate when next the portal might appear, using the last bars of her Fitz-ified cell phone to power Will’s old-school computer. She eventually concluded that in 18 days, they would need to arrive at a far-away gully — and it was Will’s job to devise a way to traverse the small chasm once they got there. But upon making the actual, time-sensitive trek, they found more of a small canyon than gully. Will attempted to shoot the “message in a bottle” that Jemma prepared as a “Hail Mary” into the closing portal, only to see the vessel shatter on the other side, having landed a millisecond too late.

FITZ IS COT-BLOCKED! | Sapped of the hope that had kept them afloat, Jemma and Will returned to the cave devastated — “This isn’t home; this is hell,” Jemma sobs — and then found themselves in each others’ arms, passionately amplifying the bond that had formed. SHIELD-BedAs seven weeks passed, the glimpse of their two cots pushed together as one and a “Good morning” kiss  affirmed that their relationship had indeed progressed. But it was during a “picnic” of sorts, where they hoped to catch sight of a sliver of sun, that Jemma spied the flare Fitz had fired from the other side. To get to the flare’s origin, Jemma would brave a sandstorm and risk the cloaked figure’s wrath, but she persevered, with Will right behind her.  Jemma briefly lost Will in the storm, but kept marching toward Fitz’s voice, ultimately finding his hand and getting pulled back home, though alone.

We then finally leave the planet and return to the Bus where Jemma has been relating her saga to Fitz — who quite apparently was not anticipating at least one of its twists. “I never would have survived with him,” she makes clear. Fitz walks away, and Jemma follows, praying that he can look past the why and proceed to help her get back to the planet.

It is then that Fitz proved the upright individual he is, how his love for Jemma and her desires supersedes his own wishes — as he reveals his research into a way to make the portal anew: “We’re going to get him back.” Then, in the coda, we see that Will did survive the sandstorm/the being, as that sliver of sun slipped away.

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  1. Amazing work. Long live FitzSimmons!

  2. Katy says:

    I think i was awesome, some people will hate it because of friendzoning Fitz….again but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fine acted episode of tv.

  3. laurelnev says:

    Wow. What a FANTASTIC, movie like episode. And Fitz at the end…straight to work on a way to try to rescue Will.Forget Ward and Hydra…I want more episodes like this. Poor Jemma! And poor Fitz…who will Jemma pick if they ARE able to rescue Will (and my bet is they will be.)

    Only thing I didn’t like? Way to spoil in the coming attractions, ABC!

    • Charissa29 says:

      I agree. This is the first episode in a long time that really gripped and held my attention! Well, Fitz in the season premiere was pretty awesome too. Watching AOS is sort of a habit, but if they keep making episodes like this I will move it to the top of my dvr. Next week looks like business as usual, but I will breathlessly await more episodes such as this. Real storytelling! Yay!

    • lariet50 says:

      Yes, producers: PLEASE forget Ward and Hydra! :)

    • Teste says:

      For all I care, there should be someone awesome for Fitz and Gemma should get a bastard for life.

      Fitz is pure. Gemma not. He needs someone pure with him and not some girl that picks him as alternative (I’m not talking about the ‘sex’ part, people..).

  4. TaishaB says:

    When they kissed I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Really didn’t want it to go that route….

    • ConnorD says:

      When I say the two beds together I was like NOO…they had sex!I hoped that that thing would have killed him

    • Julian says:

      Serious I’m with u. Poor fitz has been fighting for her love and now marvel does this to him? And if it’s just to drag it out? Sigh so stoopid. I’m getting ready to dump this show. Before u know it they will make an even bigger mistake and make ward a bad guy? .. Oh wait!?!

  5. justtobesane says:

    Interesting episode. Elizabeth Henstridge was amazing. And I understand the writers STILL want drama with FitzSimmons but can they give us a break? The FitzSimmons fandom has gone through enough.

  6. TaishaB says:

    It was a great episode though.

  7. Steven says:

    Anybody else think Will is possessed by whatever was there? I mean, the sun was up, as he went walking the sun went down and got dark and the long dark shadow behind him. I think whatever was there got him.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Curious…. What did he do with the gun at the end? Was that showing us he used the final bullet? Or that he was never going to use it?

      • Steven says:

        Oh he used the final bullet. I heard the shot when Jemma was calling out for him. I figure the creature that has possessed him just tossed it because it is a useless thing now

      • Dj says:

        Yeah the chamber was empty. There was a gun shot heard right after he told Simmons to go and right before she found Fitz. Will was willing to sacrifice his self to give her a chance to be saved.

      • Bill says:

        We heard one shot, so I think it meant he was not going to use it to “end things” and would still be there for the rescue, despite what had to be just an acute sense of loss.

    • Mike says:

      I think Will was never Will at all, the creature had taken over or possessed Will the entire time. How does one man survive the whole time while everyone else gets killed? Every time Simmons got close to moving forward something stopped them way to easily. Why would people keep being sent there? Almost seems like they where being sent as an offering to whatever it was, and Simmons was off that cycle, so she was not part of it, and could be used for information. No way the show goes through all that to bring him back and save him, he is going to be evil unleashed and they will be responsible, maybe she will have his child as well.

    • Dylen says:

      Didn’t they show that “It” was someone/something in an astronaut uniform? And I thought someone said “You can’t trust him” , but then the gunshot was heard and you don’t know who survived until later when they show Will tossing the gun. It makes me wonder if he did kill the others and left them in the “no fly zone” which would explain why he was trying to keep her away from the area. She did say it was almost as if people were sent there as a sacrifice. Maybe he did something terrible to be sent there and he wasn’t part of the NASA team at all. Maybe the astronaut was one of the NASA team who actually escaped Will trying to kill him. The astronaut had something in his hand too, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

    • Anna says:

      That’s what I was thinking as well. They’ll get Will back to Earth and with him “it” that’s in him now so he’ll be like another big bad. At least that’s what I hope because the whole Hydra thing and the other agency hunting inhumans is kinda boring.

    • Dee says:

      No one else got a Lost vibe? “It” being like the black smole, the idea that the planet is alive? That Will is vaguely creepy like the Others?

      • Dee says:

        Also, there’s that scene where Will and Jemma are waiting for the sunrise. Jemma notes how much like her dad Will is and she is SECONDS away from having some big epiphany or big connection when the flare goes up. Will is definitely not as he seems.

  8. Kat says:

    Really happy to see Dillon Casey again (I know he’s a regular on a show in Canada, but since I am not in Canada there has been a decided lack of Dillon Casey in my life lately). Elizabeth did an incredible job. I think having character based episodes like this, that don’t necessarily do much to drive the plot forward but really dig into the people, is really important especially for a show like SHIELD. They did it well.

  9. Gary says:

    Great episode but Simmons doesn’t deserve Fitz, I am disappointed and glad they did and I hope they don’t make Fitz a love-sick puppy following Jemma around. He has proven himself and definitely deserves his own identity/story.

    • Jack says:

      I loved this episode and I disagree with those who say Simmons doesn’t deserve Fitz. When she was taken she had just admitted that MAYBE there could be more between her and Fitz. It was something that might or might not have worked, and then BOOM space portal and we saw her try and try and hope and believe she would get back.
      I thought they did a great job showing the evolution of her feelings. The first time she went to sleep she said goodnight to Fitz and then later in the cave when she went to sleep on her own, she said goodnight to both of them. And as the hope of home and Fitz dwindled she let herself need Will because he was there and he was good and he cares and she cares about him and after their failure it seemed like there was no way home.
      And at the end, when she says she has to go back for Will, she isn’t saying she doesn’t love Fitz, but HOW could she leave Will behind and live with herself? Will who has been alone on that planet for the better part of 14 years and was still human enough to save her and maybe what Jemma will see is that those intense feelings aren’t the same back on Earth or maybe they’ll still be there but no matter the romance she has to go back, because that’s the GOOD person she is.
      Fitz is a good person too and we saw that at the end where he immediately starts helping her figure out a way back. He recognizes that she needs to save Will and he is willing to help her and doesn’t need anything in return. He just wants her to be safe and happy. I would hope that if it turns out that she needs Will to be happy, Fitz would be able to figure it out and move on. Hopefully still be able to be friends with Jemma but recognize it won’t become romantic between the two of them, nor does she owe him anything.

      • Radha says:

        These comments usually bother me. Sure she doesn’t owe Fitz anything, and if it turns out she doesn’t return his feelings, fine. But it irks me when people act like Fitz /can’t/ be upset about that or be in agony over that and that he should be the one to move on and still be best friends! What if he /can’t/ move on and has to end the friendship for his own sanity? Sure he loves Jemma and should want what makes her happy, but what if her happiness, which he will gladly provide, is too much for him and breaks his heart? Should he just suffer and paste a smile on and still be best friends with her? What if he can’t do that? There’s putting someone else before your own needs selflessly and then there’s doing it to a point where you don’t do what is right for you. If Fitz can’t move past and needs space and maybe can’t be the close friends with her like they once were, I think we should give him some credit as well. It irks me when people act like someone not returning your feelings should just be a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s not. And it should be okay to NOT be okay if the person you’re in love with is never in love with you. Yes, he should move on, yes Simmons does not owe him a thing, but Fitz has a right to be hurt and to put himself first too.

        • Levi says:

          Agree, Fitz has a right to be upset. They weren’t officially “together” or anything but he was in love with her and it feels like she threw that away. She obviously doesn’t care as much about him as he did about her.

          • Unonymous says:

            That’s not really true because you guys are all forgetting to look at it from her point of view. She was stranded with no hope for months before she even thought of kissing him and she never thought she would get out. She was isolated and he was the only other human there so by right they would be attracted to each other. I do feel sorry for Fitz but I understand why Jemma did what she did and to be honest we all would have in her position.

  10. Sivaro says:

    I loved 95% of the episode and Elizabeth Henstridge was phenomenal, but hate that they went the cliche love triangle. Hoping that the monolith is tied into overall show mythology and not just about Will and Jemma hooking up to keep FitzSimmons apart for a few more seasons.

    • tvmama says:

      Totally agreed! The love triangle is such an old and overused trope!

    • Charissa29 says:

      The “love triangle” aspect of the show was the least important. It was a terrific episode, and as for the triangle part it is the most reasonable one I have seen. Lost on a planet with someone, no hope of going home? Much more rational, understandable and interesting than most.

  11. j says:

    There were WAY too many leaps in logic for me. It was an interesting idea, but I would have liked to keep cutting back to her telling the story throughout the episode. That way we could have gotten real narration instead of her talking to her magic phone.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Magic? I think that sucker used alien power technology. That would certainly be a reasonable explanation for a show like Shield

      • Dj says:

        You dont even have say it was aliens. Stark invented the Iron Man armor and built the arc reactor in a cave. Fitz isn’t as smart as Stark but he should be smart enough to use Shield limitless tec resources to up grade a smartphone battery.

  12. Ronnie says:

    That was a fantastic episode! Jemma has really evolved from the somewhat meek/timid science geek in season 1. I hope this gets the powers that be to take more chances on episodes that don’t fit their usual formula.

  13. Sounds brilliant, but we all know where this is going. A love triangle. Seriously, guys, can we have two characters figure out they like each other without another person getting involved? It hurts too many feelings.

    • Robert Dassler says:

      This isn’t real life. This is TV. It’s all about generating enough stories to fill 22 episodes. People would just get bored if they got together. And BTW the producers have already said that FitzSimmons are never going to be a couple.

      • anthroptomist says:

        Yeah, the writers can’t be expected to keep things interesting if Fitzsimmons are together. That was tried once long ago in a tv show starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd. That total failure gave Hollywood writers forever the excuse to keep couples apart and not bother trying to write interesting relationships. Blame the situation, not the writing! It’s just too hard!

        Mindy Kaling is bucking that trend, but her show is now on Hulu so it doesn’t count.

      • Brent says:

        Do you have a source for that claim about the producers you can share?

        • It has a interview of not too much long ago when Maurissa Tancharoen said that Fitzsimmons as a couple was not in their plans. They could change their views? yes, but she said this in a very decided way. FS as a couple has ZERO interest to the writers. A happy couple? And being so much alike, almost as siblings? lmao, you better stay in CW. It’s not goint to happen in this show. They are better as platonic anyway.

  14. Plus it’s always the man who seems to have hurt feelings as the girl is the spurner. Saw it with Chuck, saw with Castle, and I’m seeing it here.

    • Stark says:

      on Chuck?It was always Chuck, who first started to date other people, then and only then did Sarah move on

      • Griffin says:

        You mean Sandwich Girl? That was after Sarah lied to him in Chuck vs. the Truth about whether there could be anything between them, and long before Sarah acknowledged to herself that she was in love with him. There was no “moving on” by Sarah that early.

        Poor Fitz. Count me as one who is disappointed at the love triangle.

  15. GeoDiva says:

    That was great! I’ve always like FitzSimmons as friends, so I am okay with Will. Of course once he is eventually rescued, he will turn out to a jerk or evil. Oh well…..

    • Steven says:

      I do think the creature possessed him….

    • Penny says:

      Agreed, I always felt FitzSimmons had great chemistry but not in the romantic sense. FitzSimmons worked best without the angsty lovey undertones, they’re best friends and I hoped they would realistically depict two strongly connected people that don’t want to bone eachother, but once they save will and he dies tragically the FitzSimmons ship will sail I guess. Well there remains Mack and Skye and hopefully May and Coulson so I won’t be too let down if they get together.

      Great episode nonetheless.

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    My favorite episode of the series, without a doubt.

  17. CJ says:

    That was a great hour of TV, and I was delighted to have Dillon Casey on my screen once again. He and Elizabeth Henstridge were fantastic tonight.

  18. Sheila says:

    Will was alone for 14 years. Then hope (Gemma) came, and hope left. He must be depressed more than ever now, if he is even still himself. Barring possession, what if he kills himself after that? As far as the Will and Gemma relationship… they were two desperate people in a desperate situation. I think it was coping and comfort, not much more than that.

  19. Melosm says:

    This is my favorite show right now. Each week does not disappoint!!

  20. James D says:

    Please tell me Dillion Casey will be in more episodes he’s awesome and deserves more work. as for the episode I loved it great work by Elizabeth.

  21. P.S.L says:

    Performance of the week? I think so!

    • Tenney says:

      I think so too! Elizabeth Henstridge was awesome. This was my favorite episode of the season so far and one of my favorites over all. No complaints whatsoever.

  22. Jason says:

    People are being a bit hard on the idea of Gemma and Will in my opinion. They are two people in a dire situation, forced to bond by virtue of being the only people on a hostile planet. With only each other to lean on and no hope of escape, what are they supposed to do? Take a vow of celibacy? Plus, it’s not like there are any other forms of recreation available. It’s a bummer for Fitz, (though his nobility at the end was moving), but if they handle the triangle with maturity I have no problem with it.

  23. LC says:

    Best episode EVER!! Totally AWESOME!! More FitzSimmons please!

  24. Ellinaras78 says:

    Best SHIELD episode yet.

  25. Amy says:

    She didn’t actually friendzone Fitz, I’m almost positive she’ll choose him over Will.

    • Nora says:

      She hasn’t so far. She kissed Will in that episode more times than she and Fitz even talked to each other in the majority of season 2. A real shame, so much buildup to their relationship, it means nothing now.

      • John NYC says:

        I don’t think that (“means nothing”) they’re both on a journey and their interactions are a huge part of where they are now. Both far stronger than they would have ever imagined when we first saw them as shiny lab mice.

    • lol, she already choose Will. She said: “I’m not going back without you”. Elizabeth said that, quote: “Jemma is IN LOVE with Will”. Fitz should move on. She likes him as a best friend, let it go Fitz! You can’t force someone to like you in a romantic way! It doesn’t work like that!

  26. Bwhit says:

    One of the best episodes of the series by far! I feel like if the tables were turned and it was Fitz, he wouldn’t have let another woman in that easy, even if there was very little hope. On the other hand, we didn’t see how far their relationship had actually progressed. I mean yeah, their cots were pushed together but it most likely is a comfort thing at that point. I know Jemma went through a horrible experience but my heart broke for Fitz, especially when he told her that he would help get Will back.

  27. Josh says:

    My heart broke for Fitz. He loves her so much and I believe she has feelings for him too but Will was there and she didn’t know if they would ever be saved. Fitz did the right thing but I’m getting so sick of the writers beating up on Fitz I want him to win to get the girl for once. All in all the Episode was Fantastic! Elizabeth was amazing and proved IMO she could carry an episode and possibly a show down the road.

  28. tvgeek says:

    Amazing episode!! If Elizabeth doesn’t win Performer of the Week it will be a damn shame.

  29. Dj says:

    This ranks as one of my favorite episodes of the series. Well writing and wonderfully acted. I’m more invested in trying to get Will back then I am them going after Ward or stopping Lash.

  30. ndixit says:

    I know everyone seemed to love this ep, but apart from the acting, I really saw nothing of particular value other than an insertion of an incredibly contrived love triangle. Fitz’s situation has gone from being sad to slightly pathetic as he keeps getting cockblocked by something or another. I am not looking forward to the resulting angst which will most definitely happen. The ep didn’t really answer much about the planet. Nothing tying back to the inhumans, nothing concrete about what was chasing them. It was just a disappointing ep that seemed to be more there as a showcase for Henstridge then a way to move the story forward.

    • I agree with you 100% ndixit. These people saying over and over and over again what a great episode it was must have watched something different. The acting was good (NOT great) but the story lacked BIGTIME. All this to get a love triangle?? S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t need that. I have no problem with them going down a love story type tale but let’s not make it cliched. Fitz has been beaten to hell enough. There IS ROMANTIC chemistry between Fitz & Simmons and their love story should be the easiest one to tell.

    • I disagree. Why wrap up an intriguing cross-season intergalactic subplot with possible ties to the MCU before November? I love the fact that there are unanswered questions for me to ponder and theorize about. I like that the production team lets us into the minds of these characters. What’s with the instant gratification from Marvel fans anyway, when Phase 3 doesn’t conclude until 2019?

  31. Alichat says:

    Ok….1) I want my phone Fitz-ified! Her battery lasted four months?! I can’t get mine to last one day. Why has Fitz not patented this fix and made millions?????

    2) Anyone else find it weird that Will didn’t appear to have aged? 14 years on an unknown planet….shouldn’t he be in his mid to late 40s at least? Early 50s? Thinner? Pale and vitamin deficient due to lack of proper food and sunshine?

    • Mmtp777 says:

      I wondered the same thing. Between that and the weird rescue scene in the sandstorm I was actually thinking that Will wasn’t really there. But I guess the final scene means that he was.

      • Mallory says:

        I was wondering those exact 2 things! I think the planet had to be somewhere where you don’t age. And dang, that battery was definitely impressive!!

  32. m3rcnate says:

    Beautiful episode, one of the most organic and nice ways to tease Fitz and Simmons getting together and then pull the rug out from it by having one be in a relationship with someone else…it isn’t annoying that she obviously has feelings for someone else now.

  33. FitzSimmons forever says:

    feelings are mixed. Great episode but the love story aspect tore away from Jemma’s character development she was supposed to get in this episode. Especially after the fans, network, cast and crew all seemed to be pushing for FitzSimmons, this sudden twist of ‘Nevermind, Jemma loves Will’ seems a little forced, at least after it took TWO AND A HALF YEARS of waiting for FitzSimmons, they finally recognize their feelings for each other and then in six months ‘SHIELD time’, they rip it away like they were always friends and it’s no big deal that Jemma decided to get a space boyfriend.

    • Brent says:

      Disagree, they absolutely made it clear that it was a big deal. They made it clear that Jemma and Fitz had progressed to something more than friends, Jemma’s first day on the planet was spent thinking about getting back for her date with Fitz. Will points out to her that they sound like more than best friends. Simmons clearly feels guilty about giving up on Fitz and is terrified of hurting him. Fitz was the entire focal point of what she wanted to get back to until she believed that all hope was lost. The fact that Fitz immediately set about finding a way to rescue Will was meant to show his selflessness and strength of character despite how much what he had just heard had hurt him.

      I’m not a big fan of the space boyfriend/love triangle storyline or whatever it is at this point, I guess we’ll see how it turns out. But to say the played it off as no big deal, or that they had ignored whatever steps they had just taken between Fitz and Jemma is just incorrect.

    • Danari88 says:

      I loved this epi, even though I ship FitzSimmons and it was heartbreaking. The writing, acting and tidbits of interesting info were all fab. I understand Simmons ultimately bonding how she did with Will, and feel her gradual progression into that relationship was well written even if I hated that it happened -once again breaking the heart of one of my favorite Shield characters. I really hope it’s a heck of a lot bigger plot twist than a love triangle. Maybe when Will went into the fog and the shot went off, Will was killed, not the baddie, and he’s just posing as Will. Or maybe there is more than one baddie and Will is one of them. If either is true and FitzSimmons successfully bring “Will” to earth, it could make for some really great TV, and it would expedite FitzSimmons getting back to their romance. Come on. They really deserve it, right?

  34. DarkDefender says:


  35. para says:

    bad title for the recap! but loved the episode! I really hope really really hope that will survived and became an inhuman

  36. I think this is one of the better episodes to come along in a while…very well acted and produced

  37. Kasey Minnis says:

    All I have to say is if Elizabeth Henstridge doesn’t get TVLine’s performer of the week, something is seriously wrong.

  38. Ryan Orange says:

    One of (if not the) best episodes of the series.

  39. Tahoe Mike says:

    It’s ABC, I think there is a law that there must be a love triangle shoehorned in there somewhere, need it or not.

  40. Sarah says:

    Such a great episode and I hope they get Will back :)

  41. Traye says:

    It annoys me to hear everyone going on about, Who will Simmons pick. Any guy in Fitz position helps her bring Will back, it’s a jerk move not to. But he does so with the understanding that things have changed forever between them. Look Simmons didn’t do anything wrong so he can’t be mad at her, but no self respecting guy holds out hope, the door would close and lock forever after this. She’s a grownup capable of making her own decisions but he has every right to be upset. He spent everyday for months trying to get her back safely, risked his life, ignored his friends who told him to move on. When he does find her after risking his life again, she’s homed up with some other guy over there? Really? I’d feel so dumb if I was him, any guy would, it’s how we’re built. Again she’s not wrong for doing what she did, it was an extraordinary situation. But given their history, his past issues with her, he’d be wrong to ever try and advance things past the friends phase. I keep reading Fitz got friend zoned. I don’t think so. It’s TV, Will isn’t sticking around forever, that’s obvious, but in truth Simmons just friend zoned herself. In real life Fitz helping her bring Will back is his parting gift, there would be no hope for them getting together in his mind. At least no time soon. This being TV he’ll probably be okay with it by season’s end. But in real life it would take years, years and distance before he could even consider risking having her break his heart again, because that’s what just happened to him.

  42. Theo says:

    Gemmas Phone lastet 3 weeks, what’s her battery, Plutonium? ;)

  43. Kevin Fowler says:

    Simmons is a trulop. She knew Fitz loved her and he risked his life to save her. And what does she do, ask for his help to rescue her lover. As usual women have no consideration for anyone else’s feeling except their own.

  44. Franco says:

    Very good episode, Simmons was good as dead to the crew. I know the Will relationship will fade away. Fitz is Simmons favorite word and all they were doing was surviving if you’re in a different planet it doesn’t count. I’m glad Will used his last bullet on the Cloaked Figured but was the cloaked figured part of his crew trying to get back? I think there is a final twist.

  45. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Elizabeth did great in episode. Like the actor who plays Will. Glad he’s still alive. Hope the creature didn’t get him.

  46. Jonny says:

    Why is no one trying to theorize who that cloaked figure was??? That’s what had me most interested! Could it be the embodiment of Death that Thanos is obsessed with? There has to he some significance

  47. Bill says:

    Just a magnificent hour of TV. Well done, SHIELD.

  48. Kim R says:

    So well done. I really liked how the entire episode stayed on the planet and didn’t flash back and forth. It really let me get invested in her (and then their) dire situation as they struggled to find their way home again. The relationship that developed did not seem out of place or character to me at all. She would not have survived without Will (or Fritz). I did notice when Will said he only had 1 bullet. Where did the other ones go? And would he not have had any extra in his supplies? I believe his story with a raised eyebrow. :)

    • John NYC says:

      Probably used the other bullets when he was previously attacked, after 14 years on a planet with god knows what other nasty wildlife besides Jemma’s “dinner” I could see ammunition running out…

  49. Luis says:

    Brilliant episode, outstanding performance by Elizabeth Henstridge, and good on the writers for throwing another roadblock on Fitz’s path to happiness. Looking forward to the twists that ensue!

  50. Jeanette says:

    I loved this episode! Easily one of my recent favorites of the show. I am much more invested in this than some of the other storylines. The only thing that really bothers me is, didn’t Bobby say something in the first episode about it being over 3 months since Jemma disappeared and this episode said something about 4 months I think or someone else in the comments did? If you do the calculations, the number of hours doesn’t add up. 4722 hours is 198.75 days, that is just over 28 weeks. 26 weeks is half a year. So Jemma was gone for over 6 months and I didn’t think there was that much of a time jump. Either I missed something about how long Jemma was missing or the writers didn’t take the time to use a simple calculator. It bothered me all episode with the count up of the hours. Maybe the writers just wanted impressive numbers, or maybe this is a detail they wanted people to miss but as a mathematician I couldn’t overlook it. Or maybe the simple answer is that time is different on that planet, but Jemma’s phone should have still been going on Earth time. Maybe after it died, she couldn’t quite get the timing right.

    • Brigid says:

      No they have always said she was gone 6 months. It even said 6 months ago in the very beginning when they showed last years finally scene before Jemma was sucked into the portal.