Post Mortems

Switched at Birth Boss on Bay's Choice, Daphne's Future & More Finale Twists

It’s a good thing Switched at Birth has been renewed for a fifth season, because we’re sure you have a lot of questions after Monday’s big finale.

TVLine spoke with Switched creator Lizzy Weiss for the inside story on the game-changing hour, as well as what Season 5 holds for the Kennish-Vasquez squad — but first, a quick recap:

Despite Regina’s best efforts, Eric went rogue and took off with Will, nearly leading to a shootout at the family compound; Toby and Lily’s baby (Carlton!) was born; Kathryn flirted with disaster (and Craig); Bay’s first “official” art show ended with an apology from Emmett, as well as a kiss from Travis; and Daphne decided to go to China, even though she was booted from the program, after Mingo told her they should take some time to think about their relationship.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, the show jumped 10 months into the future, where Daphne and Bay’s apparent new life in China — Bay’s working as a tattoo artist, while Daphne spends her days at a clinic — was cut short by some shocking news from home.

TVLINE | So… I was not expecting to get a 10-month time jump.
We just really wanted to add a cliffhanger so that, if we were lucky enough to come back, we’d have something to jump off of. And it felt natural to jump them a little bit, to take them into their futures.

TVLINE | Is it safe to assume Daphne didn’t go back to school?
[Laughs] All will be revealed. There’s a lot of stuff that we’re talking about, and whenever we’re back on, you’ll get your answers.

TVLINE | Fair enough. When the girls do return home, though, will things be different than they/we remember?
We do, with time, want to shift some things around. We might even jump a little more, we’ll see. We need to talk through everything and figure out the best way to go, but we have some thoughts we’re playing with.

TVLINE | There was no mention of Mingo in China. What went into the decision to break them up, at least for now?
That was a very controversial decision in the writers’ room, I can tell you. A lot of the writers felt there should be consequences for Daphne having this emotional affair-type relationship with another guy. It was a lesson that she should learn, and I think we wanted the flexibility to think about what we really wanted to do with Daphne moving forward. We love Adam [Hagenbuch]; he’s a character that started off as someone you thought was flimsy, but he really grew into someone the fans really love. I’m happy with the way they ended things.

TVLINE | In happier news, I love Toby and Lily’s baby’s name.
I’m so excited by the name, and I hope fans will be, too. We went through a million names, and I was so nervous because I wanted it to be perfect. When that came up, I was just like, ‘That’s the most perfect, beautiful name.’ Not only is that where they met, but it’s so specific and unique to our show. Only on Switched at Birth does that name have meaning, and I love when the girls say “Carlton now, Carlton forever.”

TVLINE | As for Bay and Emmett, is that the end? He seemed to set her free, so to speak, to be with Travis.
There are a lot of vocal “Bemmett” fans, but there are also a lot of equally vocal fans who think their time has passed, and that maybe Bay and Travis would make an amazing couple. … You’re right that Emmett set her free for now. And what was really important for that moment, for me, was that Emmett basically apologizes for not standing by her with the Tank episode. He’s just a kid himself, and he had his own set of issues and feelings when that happened with Tank. With some distance, he now realizes how Bay felt about him not standing by her. I love that scene for the moment when he says, “Here are all of the things you’ve gone through this year, and you’re still standing and doing great.” It’s a testament to their relationship in the long run.

TVLINE | I have to say, I was weirdly excited to see Craig return.
Kathryn has really been very supportive, and we just felt like she needed a freakout, too. She was owed a freakout about losing the carwash and having money problems and becoming a grandmother so soon. We thought it would be fun to see her panic. In everybody’s marriage, there are bumps … and hopefully you push past them. Craig was just a fun way to get her into a fancy dress and to enjoy a nice moment, instead of being so stand-by-your-man.

TVLINE | Don’t hate me, but I’m not the biggest John fan right now.
Oh, that’s OK. John is John. You love him when he does the right thing — but he doesn’t always do the right thing. He’s fun to write for because he changes and grows, but the essence of him is always John Kennish.

Switched fans, your take on Monday’s finale? Hopes for Season 5? Grade the episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Wooster182 says:

    I really liked this episode. I really love the place E and B have gotten to and I hope it stays there. I also hope Bay and Travis has healed enough in 10 months to get together. Their chemistry in this episode was amazing. Travis was just so great.

    I was actually hoping K would leave J. I’m so tired of his temper tantrums.

    • #1Perf Girl says:

      What!? Why would “K” leave “J”?? That would never happen on the show. Like for real.

    • Amy says:

      Travis is gross, and he has zero chemistry with Bay. Bay treated Emmett poorly the entire time they were together. It’s no wonder it was finally enough for him to end things with her. I’d like to see Emmett and Daphne finally get together.

  2. Annabelle says:

    I really hope that wasn’t the “end” end of Daphne and Mingo. I really loved them together, and the way that they both grew throughout their relationship. Having Daphne jump from meaningless boyfriend to meaningless boyfriend in season 5 will really do a huge disservice to her character and the progression she’s made by having so much stability. Plus, I really love Mingo. I think he’s great. He was definitely the most genuine and kind and stable person Daphne’s ever been with.

    • Unown says:

      Why did they leave chains so fast

    • Trivian Zephyr says:

      yeah I really did like daphne and Mingo, she finally got an amazing partner and I am scared that she might just through it all away just for her dreams… I know it might sound bad, but they were in perfect harmony together…

    • Tee says:

      I personally would love her to be single for a while–focus on your studies, not your lady bits!

      • Annabelle says:

        I agree, Daphne could use some time to focus on herself, her family relationships, her studies, etc, etc, but this /is/ ABC Family (soon to be Free Form, lmao) we’re talking about here. Neither Daphne or Bay has been really single for more than 3 or 4 episodes at a time.

  3. Ariel says:

    It was a tear jerker. I cried my eyes out. I really like the science when Emmett and Bay talked, and I’m really hoping they get back together. I don’t think Travis is right for Bay. I didn’t like the last few seconds at the end where bay is telling Daphne they need too go home. I hate having to wait too find out what’s getting ready too happen. Can’t wait be next season!!!

    • Sammy says:

      I’m with you bay and Emmet belong together Travis is no good for bay , the whole fake art show just to make Bay feel special is a slap in the face to Bay he’s basically saying your not good enough to get your own show so I’ll stage one for you. Emmet an the other hand supports Bay and tells her she will have a show someday and it will be amazing he’s supporting her to stay positive not trying to trick her to win brownie points like Travis , I think Emmet “let’s her go” because he truly believes they are ment to be abcence makes the heart grow fonder , they need to live without each other to truly appreciate what they had , just like the song ” let her go” emmet will reasise that “you only know you love her when you let her go” and Bay will realise that Emmet only let her go because he loved her and wants her to be happy even if she finds happiness with his friend , by letting Bay go Emmet proved how much he truly loves her . Bay and Emmet need to get back together go back to season one watch how strong their love is stop tearing them apart put them back together and let it last .whatever the big reason the girls have to leave China for let’s hope it brings Bay and Emmet back together :)

      • Ashley says:

        i dont agree that they’re bad for each other because travis is a really good guy, but i just want bay and emmett together. so you’re right on that. lets cross our fingers bay and emmett find each other again.

      • Someone says:

        I agree with your comment! Emmett and Bay are just so perfect and show that love to each other.

    • Sasha says:


    • Jackie says:

      I agree I love Bay and Emmett together, I’m hoping that they will find their way back to each other!! It obvious they love each other.
      Travis is a BF type for bay he needs a new person to come alone one that is great and perfect for him, Travis is a great guy but he isn’t right for Bay!! I also hope Daphine and Mingo stay together their realaltioship is the first one she had that ever was a good fit!!
      And yes I hated the last 3 minutes of the ending and now we have to wait to see what crisis is going on back home 😁

    • Annalese says:

      I agree with u this is so not fair I heard that the reason they left China is because J & K are breaking up. I love Bay and Emmett together if they break them up I’m totally ditching the show and Travis grosses me out sometimes especially when he kissed her

  4. Lisa says:

    I really enjoy every episode and look forward to the next . I really hope that Daphne and Mingo are together for the long haul , he brings so much to her character . I also would like to suggest a sound track in the near future , Switched always has the best music !

  5. Carla Carrera says:

    I love the finale. Hope Travis and Bay find a way to be together

  6. awnb95 says:

    I’m guessing the house caught on fire, or John had another heart attack, or lastly there was a car accident. We’ll see next year.

  7. kn1231 says:

    I LOVED the Bay and Travis scenes. Now with that being said, I’m still on the fence about them as a couple. I don’t hate the idea, but Bay needs one stable friend and I’m afraid she’ll lose that if she starts to date Travis (because I really believe Bay and Emmett with be end game, even though I wish that wasn’t the case). I also really liked Daphne and Mingo, and hoping like others that that relationship isn’t over for good.
    I also really thought with all of the money talk the last two episodes, that Eric was conning Regina. And I still think they could go that route if they wanted, but it would be hard to work that in with the ending for that relationship. I feel like the Eric the conman was the way they were headed, but without knowing if they were going to be renewed, they wanted it to be a more happy ending if that was the final episode. In regards to the time jump, I think it is going to have to do something with Lily and Toby’s baby. The DS storyline has been pretty cheerful so far, and I think we are in for darker times ahead, unless they actually do write those two characters off the show. Finally, I love Katherine, and wish we saw more of her.

  8. Viv says:

    Carlton = Fresh Prince

    • Katie says:


      I was afraid no one else would point that o

    • cali4nya says:

      Haha yes!! That’s what I said! They kinda sounded like they thought they made up that name when they said switched at birth is the only show where that name has meaning but maybe they meant a “reason” to why they named him that? Idk. However, Carlton to me will always be will smiths goofy cousin on fresh prince of bel air haha

      • Nikkikins says:

        Carlton is the school for the deaf where Daphne, Emmett, and Travis went in high school….. If I’m not mistaken it is where Toby and Lily met.

    • Anna says:

      Only problem I had with that naming was that Carlton actually wasn’t where Toby and Lily met. They met because they lived in the same apartment building, and Toby was playing his music too loudly. They didn’t even know the other taught/coached at Carlton until Lily helped Toby take care of drunken Tank.
      No idea why everyone completely forgot that.

  9. pastel says:

    I hope Bay and Emmett get back together. Travis needs to get back with Beth or perhaps a new student should be introduced into the show.

  10. Justina says:

    I love switched at birth faithful watcher since season 1. I don’t like the Bay and Travis relationship… i love Mingo n Daphne! can’t wait for next season!

  11. JBC says:

    Jumped the Shark!! Bye Switched at Birth!

    • Tee says:

      Beijing was so laughable. We’re supposed to buy that that was actually China?! If this show is filmed in LA, surely they could have put out a call for a ton more Asians, and have a bunch of non-Asians pose as tourists and business people. Beijing is like CRAMMED.

  12. aph1976 says:

    I really liked this episode.I think Bay and Emmett will try to be just friends now.As for the 10 month time jump i like that too and i’m thinking when the next season opens Bay and Daphne are already back home and dealing with whatever happened there.

  13. fiberlicious says:

    Another strong vote for Team Dingo!

  14. Chester says:

    Americans are so uptight about relationships. An emotional affair? Really. The implication is that people can’t have any kind of deep, non-same-sex friendship. That’s very sad.

    • Meaghan says:

      I don’t think it was about the same sec relationship. I think it’s the fact that she was attracted to him. He was definitely attracted to her. They kissed. They flirted all the time and even after she drew the line he continued to do so. I don’t know how open your relationships are, but kissing other people is generally a no-no. Especially ones that are then trying to undermine the relationship you have with your boyfriend. No exactly a platonic non same sex relationship. And trust me, I’ve had plenty of those. I don’t go around making out with all my guy friends.

  15. MAB says:

    I really love Emmett and Bay together. I do not like Bay with Travis and would be very disappointed if it goes that way especially if somewhere down the road she winds up back with Emmett it would look like she is passed back and forth between two friends. Awkward.

  16. Ann says:

    Hats off to the writers, cant wait until next seasons. Finally they ended the Bay & Emmett love story. Im all for bringing back Ty, I know its a long shot, but i felt he was never given a really chance. With his script having to be an army guy, that sucks. I really don’t know what to expect for next seasons. So anxious for 2016…

    • Meaghan says:

      I LOVE Ty. I keep hoping they’ll bring him back. Especially because she never really had a chance with him. And they broke up because of something he didn’t actually do

      • Ranelle says:

        I would love for Ty to come back but the actor has another show- in fact the reason he left twice was for other jobs. It’s unfortunate- I honestly see Bay and Ty as end game, as much as I like Bay & emmett- but I think that’s almost been played out. Bay & Ty have great chemistry & just an ease about them- plus their relationship isn’t as tumultuous…. While Bemmett always has some drama going on, they barely had any time to be happy and that wears on the viewer. Still, I am not sure they’ll be able to bring Blair Redford back unless it’s for an arc at the end of the series.

  17. I want to know what the heck happened at the end with that “emergency call from home”?

    • Hannah says:

      It has to be something rather important like a death or arrest because I have not seen Bay’s face look that worried till after Angelo died.

  18. Julie says:

    Travis and bay that really a turn off , they don’t match.please they. Should not go futher

  19. Kaydee says:

    Let’s just say (as usual with my all time favorite show, Switched At Birth!!!), I was on an emotional roller coaster watching this episode. I can never get enough of Switched At Birth, it’s literally my favorite show of all time. Anyway, I was happy (mostly) with the finale. Some things shocked me, that’s for sure. This was a good season – the only thing wrong with this season, is that it was way too short! I am finally getting over Bemmett though, which I didn’t think would happen – it’s kind of embarrassing to admit how upset I was when they broke up, that tells you a bit of just how attached I really am to this show. This show is so unique in a number of ways, if I listed all of the reasons why I love it so much, who knows how many pages it would be. But, I am however, finally getting over it. Now though, I’m actually realizing how much I want Bay and Travis to be together! The thought never struck me before, but they would be so great together! I mean, I’ve always thought that Travis is such an amazing and sweet guy. He reminds me sometimes in ways of someone in my own life, so that may make me a little biased, but still, Travis is really great – and after everything that Bay has been through, Travis is what she really needs. Not that bogus Garrett guy. He was so not right for Bay for a number of reasons, so I’m quite glad that they ended that. I can’t express how happy I was when Toby and Lily decided to (in my opinion, I’m not trying to start an argument though!) in my own opinion, what was the right choice, which was to keep/have the baby. Then, when Toby and Lily were fighting, I was so afraid that they wouldn’t stay together. But when they both announced how they were going to move to London together, I was shocked. Well, okay, not when they announced it, but when they discussed it alone and came to that decision, is when I was shocked. I’m not too happy with this choice though, if they really do go through with it – I can see that they are having mixed feelings now about moving away and I kind of like that. I mean, I totally understand why they want to move to London! (I freaking love London, by the way! When Lily very first came on the show, I thought it was awesome.) So I understand why, it just sort of sucks, for the obvious reasons. The distance, how their life would be, the fact that we wouldn’t see them, etc. So I’m interested to see how their situation is going to play out – I absolutely loved the scene where Carlton (love the name, by the way!!) was born! It was perfecto! I’m glad that Travis finally told Bay how he feels, that kiss was great – go with your gut, Bay! Be with Travis! #Bavis? #Tray? I like Tray. I’m totally rooting for these two! I defiantly teared up (one of the many times) when Emmett and Bay had that heart to heart towards the end. All this time, I’ve been hoping something would happen like that, I wanted them to get back together so badly. But now, I’m not so sure. Emmett is sort of changing. I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if they did somehow sometime get back together… but, that being said, I think Bay and Travis together is just, perfect. He’s the only other guy I would want her with other than Emmett, so I’m really shooting for them, and really, really hoping it happens! Emmett though, I was happy with what he said to Bay – it was about time. That was good. Then there’s Daphne with Mingo – which at first, I will admit I wasn’t a real Mingo fan, but like most, I’ve grown to like Mingo. He’s a really cool, sweet guy, like Daphne said. Which is why, I’m a tad annoyed, that I’m finally really liking them together, and then Mingo says maybe they should “take some time”? Come on! I really hope they don’t end – they’re good together, and like others have said, he’s the first really stable guy Daphne has had, and that’s what she needs. I was very surprised with Katherine, let me tell you. I’m very glad that didn’t go any farther than it did… let’s just say that. Oh my, my rant has grown longer than ever! If anyone has actually read my whole comment, wow, thank you, and this shows you just how obsessed I am over this truly amazing show. Lizzy Weiss, you are a truly amazing person for being responsible for an incredible TV show that I’m literally in love with and obsessed with. That being said, you are never, ever, allowed to cancel it. Haha. Seriously though – that cliff hanger! I was shocked with the whole China thing, and the fact that Bay went with, but really, the fact that they fast forwarded into ten whole months later! I mean, do you enjoy torturing us that much? It’s seriously going to be such torture having it end like that, and having to wait! Like the writer of this interview/article said, I have many, many questions! But overall, possibly the best season yet! Literally (obviously) can. not. wait. Here’s to season 5!!! :) :D <3

  20. william x says:

    a tattoo artist in 10 months???

    • Beckers0505 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It had to be even less than 10 months too. By the time she arrived in China, got settled then figured out that’s what she wanted to do.

      • Yozie says:

        I was thinking the same! It’s probably my biggest issue with the ending. And she suddenly knows fluent Mandarin yet can’t learn fluent Spanish? I get that it’s a show but I don’t think a character changes that drastically in a time skip.

  21. Mia220 says:

    I really loved Travis and Bay’s kiss. It was so hawt!!! I hope they can be together!

  22. Kim Hansen says:

    It was loooong overdue for Kathryn to snap at John – although he still needs to actually get told off, big time. NOT happy about the turn Eric and Will’s story took; those dynamics were just getting interesting w/them moving in with Regina at the Kennish house. Glad Mingo is standing up for himself while still supporting Daphne; he’s become an amazing addition to the cast, and I do NOT want to see him go (Quinn’s too old for Daphne). Kinda liking the idea of Travis with Bay…but not at all convinced her story with Emmett is over. Guess I’m not too sure if there’s actual chemistry between Bay and Travis. Now Garrett – oh boy, he brought flames…so we’ll see.

  23. Hope says:

    I want to see Mingo succeed at something and Daphne support him, or more of the two of them problem-solving together like they did when meeting J and K. I appreciate how supportive Mingo is of Daphne but I don’t have a sense of what his life is like apart from or outside of Daphne’s social network.

  24. Hi says:

    Mingo is the most perfect and level headed character ever written and I REALLY hope he and Daphne get back together. He’s perfect for her, he’s supportive, he’s kind, he never lets ego get in the way of being a good person. He makes Daphne a better person.

    I want Regina to take a break from men and focus for once on a relationship with Bay.

    I’m glad Eric took Will again. Laws or no, he knows what’s best for his kid and drug users shouldn’t have custody. Ever.

    I want Bay to be with someone totally new. I really like Travis but Daphne always gets the new guys and Bay doesn’t.

    I knew that hearing aid guy was bad news from day 1.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next season! The cliffhanger was scary though, i hope everyone is ok!

    • Meaghan says:

      I agree Regina needs to focus on her relationship with Bay. It always kind of makes me mad that the Kennishs took Daphne is and made her the same as the rest of the no problem and treat her just like the rest of her kids, but Regina still has that whole her and Daphne vs the world thing. And shuts Bay out. So unfair to her.

  25. PittyBaby says:

    I really hope we get to see little Carlton grow up and I hope Daphne and Mingo are not over for good. I can’t believe this season is over already! Hurry up Season 5

  26. ME says:

    i bet the baby died!

  27. I really hate and love cliffhangers at the same time. I feel like something bad has had to happen though, to make Bay react that way. Like something is wrong with the baby, or Regina has been arrested because they found proof of her knowing the truth, or their parents are splitting up after all. Grrr who knows? Geez I hate waiting

    • Karolyne says:

      Will Travis and Bay get together? I really ship them and think that they would have a great romantic relationship.

  28. jordan wright says:

    I think that they’re mother is in trouble

  29. TORI says:


  30. Jen says:

    Travis is awsome but when are they going to bring ty Mendoza back in to the mix that would be so awesome. He was a good character he loved bay but didn’t want to hurt her if something bad happened to him in the Army. they would have even more viewer’s if that happens. That would be a crazy twist. Bay with Travis but then ty comes around what would bay do! Will Emmet be jealous!

    • MariiV says:

      YES!!!! I am literally praying Ty Mendoza isn’t over!!!! I would be so sad if Bay and him didnt get another chance. Thats her soulmate

  31. Malloree Nixon says:

    I think that this show is amazing..But the end really got me like when that girl on the walking dead died when they worked so hard to get there..I freaked at the end I have searched websites and everything..I just can’t wait for the 2016 season 5 I’m so excited…..Y’all have done a great job on this viral show..👍🤘😅🙄🤔

  32. Brooklyn says:

    When is the next season coming out?

  33. Ashley Drechsel says:

    i really like how the show went & im like really freaking out about what bay just found out. like maybe, toby came back, john had a heart attack again, will aka keon ran away, idk but i hope its good. but what i dont like is how emmett is now. bay and emmett are a power couple. they need each other. please dont let them just lose sight of that. i dont like skye at all. she has changed emmett. and another thing, bay has been really weird lately. like i know a lot has happened to her but when she complained about nobody telling her anything i felt so bad for her but then she went ahead and told and messed everything up. no wonder why nobody tells her anything. and i really like the whole mingo and daphne relationship its good. i hated how angelo had to die, literately cried for two days straight and still cry when i hear his name. everything is great though. i love the babys name. and i love sign language, ive been trying to learn myself and im gonna take a class next year in college. please continue this show. its such a good show, i feel like im a part of their family and life when i watch it. i can go for days watching this show. its amazing. thank you for creating this magnificant show. and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

  34. Andrea White says:

    I have to say that I hope Daphne and Mingo get back together, they kinda balance each others personalities out. As far as the whole Emmett, Bay and Travis situation I would love to see Emmett move back home and get back with Bay, they are meant to be. Travis and Bay needs to just remain friends, Bay needs a friend who will be there when needed. WHAT WAS THE EMERGENCY CALL FROM HOME WHILE IN CHINA???

  35. I don’t get who is casting the male roles in the show. All the men are wimpy and not good looking and their acting is worse. WHere are the good casting agents?

  36. Rissa says:

    I really just want bay and emmit to be together. They make an amazing couple.

  37. anne duston says:

    Didn’t they announce that the show will come back with a new name? What was it? Don’t want to miss anything!

  38. Sasha says:


  39. Jill Moran says:

    I can’t believe I’m fast forwarding myself to season 5 and reading comments, but I went there. I am a 55 yrs old Mom, and hopelessly in love with this show! But, I’m only on season 2 and load up the shows for international travel on my Ipad to watch on the plane, I love this! The flight goes so fast and I am soon to fly all the way to New Zealand, and I cannot wait to finish season 2 and go on to season 3!! I hope this show never ends, it is my most favorite. All the actors (favorite is Bay by far) are phenomenal. My oldest son made fun of me for watching a “tween” show, but I completely disagreed, this is just all around fantastic entertainment. Thank you for that!!

  40. Kathryn says:

    I didn’t like it , 1 I’m a big Bay/ Emmett fan, 2 I’m a Beth Ann/ Travis fan , the only thing loveable about it was the birth of Carlton, I also thought the police were a little to extreme , and John needed a chill pill because every time he gets angry he way over does it anger management much.

  41. Annalese says:

    Hey man Bay and Emmett need to get back together do not know if there is need to they were fine together they were in love and nothing wrong with that you didn’t need to have to screw that up

  42. Ciara jones says:

    This show is great but really Travis WHY?
    I really loved bay and Emmit together they were perfect but I guess y’all didn’t see it working out but u could pick anybody but u pick TRAVIS!

  43. Caria jones says:

    Travis is just not right for bay
    Bay and Emmet I reall hope they get together and stay together and stop playing games Travis needs to go

  44. Kattie says:

    Omg I love switched at birth I really shouldn’t have read the spoilers but I just had to know I really hope bat and Emmett get back together but Travis might be good. Idk

  45. Linda Martin says:

    Please leave Switched at birth on TV. I love that show. It’s one of the better shows they have had on for a long time. They keep dropping the good shows like MELISSA And Joey and many .more. I want more shows back instead of those Stupid Reality Shows!

  46. Nina says:

    Im hoping for Bay and Emmett to work thing out and stay together i dont think Bay should get involve with Travis being that shes friends with his Ex.. That would bring some drama.. But i really like the whole Bemmett thing hope is not the end of that

  47. Hannah says:

    Let’s be honest; we really haven’t seen Bay’s face look that worried in forever. The last time I recall seeing Bay look that worried was after Angelo had died and the girls stood outside the window with Emmett. Also the girls are in //China//; a place they may never get to see again; plus Daphne even said it herself it would look great on her college application! If Daphne is willing to leave that and Bay like legit left while giving someone a tattoo; which means this wasn’t just a phone call about relationships or anything like that. My last point is Bay didn’t just walk causal to find Daphne; she ran- //pushing people over // to get to her. Honestly my theory is either someone’s dead/dying or some thing else really tradgic has happened.

  48. Kelly says:

    Why in the hell did the show end like that it not making sense

  49. Aunsliegh says:

    Am I the only one who hopes Ty will ever come back? I mean he doesn’t have to come back as Bay’s boyfriend or anything, but I’d like to see more of what happens to him.

  50. Clara says:

    I really would love to see Mingo again! And Emmet should find a way to deserve Bay’s heart again! They’re so perfect together! They have got what takes to make my heart race whenever I see them together!!!

    • Nikki says:

      Yes I feel like many people don’t want Emmett and Bay together ,but I LOVE them together. Because even though they both cheated on each other they came back together eventually. I’m hoping that time will be what they need for them to get back together. And what can I say it was amazing when Bay went to the park were Emmett was meeting “Mandy” after he got beat up to comfort him and that brought them together and it was so emotional and heart warming. And they can’t just write out them loving each other because no matter what there’s no stopping true love.