Gotham Recap: It Only Takes a Spark

Gotham Kringle Dies

The following recap by the very definition of the word “recap” contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Gotham.

This week on Fox’s Gotham, one rekindled friendship and one budding relationship each were cut short — tragically.

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Picking up where last week left off, Selina did her best to keep Bridgit Pike aka Firefly alive and well and out of the reach of her dangerous brothers. Selina even beseeched Jim Gordon to take her cop-killing gal pal alive. But after lashing out and roasting her despicable kin to a crisp, Bridgit found herself in a showdown with the GCPD. And though Jim gotham-selina-bridgit(despite Captain Barnes’ orders) tried to keep his promise to Selina, Bridgit accidentally set herself on fire after a police officer’s bullet punctuated her fuel line.

What followed was an intense conversation between Selina and Jim, whom she considered to have betrayed their pact. Jim argued that Bridgit would not go quietly, that she perhaps wanted it to end this way. “I’m done talking to you,” the one known as Cat said. “I should never have trusted a cop.” Meanwhile in the very final moments it is revealed that Bridgit isn’t 100-percent dead but instead very burned and bandaged and in the “care” of the ominous, subterranean Indian Hill laboratory.

In other tragic news, Edward invited Miss Kringle over to his place for dinner, and the evening truly went as well as the geeky CSI could have hoped. Until, that is, Kristen again brought up the issue of her brutish “MIA” boyfriend. Edward goes a step too far in reassuring his love that terrible Tom will never be seen again, stating clearly that he killed the lawman one night outside Kirsten’s apartment. And he kept Tom’s shield as a souvenir. Gotham-Kringle-diesKristen promptly flips the eff out, aghast by Edward’s murderous side not to mention the bit of stalking. Edward labors to soothe his sweet but again goes too far, in an Of Mice and Men kind of way, smothering not only Kristina screams but the life right out of her.

Elsewhere in the episode: After Bruce dined with Silver St. Cloud and her uncle, Theo offered the Wayne scion his help, as mayor, in uncovering Wayne Enterprises’ treachery; Jim and Harvey pieced together that Penguin had contracted the Pikes to torch Wayne Enterprises holdings — but why?; and Galavan saw through mallet-handed Butch’s ruse and let Tabitha have at the brainwashed henchman, who later directed Penguin to his kidnapped mom’s location… or a trap?

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