Gilmore Girls Revival

Gilmore Girls Revival's 4-Episode Narrative Twist Revealed

Gilmore Girls‘ unorthodox revival structure is about to make a whole lot more sense.

As we reported last week, Netflix is reviving Amy Sherman-Palladino’s beloved dramedy via four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies — a relatively unusual format for a TV continuation.

Well, according to insiders, each episode will represent a different season over the course of one calendar year. In other words, there will be a fall chapter, a winter chapter, a spring chapter and a summer chapter. (“Winter, spring, summer or fall… all you have to do is call… “)

Pretty genius, right?

AS-P and exec producer Daniel Palladino (AKA Team Palladino) will write and direct the entire revival, which will be set in the present day (or roughly eight years after the series ended). Negotiations with the show’s primary cast — Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson — are said to be underway.

Reps for Netflix and Warner Bros. have yet to comment on the approaching Gilmore renaissance.

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  1. Lorna says:

    I need these movies nooow lol

    • Jeri says:

      Family is rerunning the series finale on 11/06 @ 11 AM PST (Seattle area). Family has been running the series for a long time, they are finishing showing the last season while UP is showing the 1st season presently.

  2. Drew says:

    Interesting. The question is, what makes this particular year so important to that universe? A pregnancy/birth? A love story? A death arc?
    Do we know what season they will start with or end with?

    • I’d be shocked if it doesn’t start with Richard’s funeral or closely thereafter.

      • Ann says:

        I’m so not looking forward to that. I’d rather they just write off the grandparents as having an extended vacation in Europe, living happily together.

        • Meghan says:

          Yes. As much as that would make me happy, not to deal with the death of Richard. Emily will need to be in it to finish out her and lorlie (?) story.

        • Anna says:

          There would be no reason to actually watch this if Emily (or Paris) weren’t involved.

      • Drew says:

        Probably true, but can that be the arc of the entire series? They’re bringing it back to tell the story of what happens after his death? It’s possible, but that would be a little depressing. Or they could start with his death and end with a birth. Start in summer with everything alive and beautiful, and Richard dies. Then we move into fall when things are dying and the family is mourning. Winter is cold and isolated. But the spring birth brings them together again. Things are coming back to life. There is a future.
        It is a solid arc, but it would be depressing to have the whole thing revolve around his death. I would say that they could be separate storlines, but using the theme of seasons suggests that the movies will work off of each other and tell a bigger story with a bigger theme.

        • Temperance says:

          The obvious choice would be Rory having her first child – the next Gilmore Girl.

          • Marco says:

            But what if she had a boy?

          • Sheila says:

            If after all of this, Rory ends up as an unwed mother, I will be SOOOOOOOO mad!

          • Drew says:

            Rory never learned from her parent’s mistakes. That was the problem with the character. As time went along, she picked up more and more negative traits and lost all of the good ones.
            But she is already way too old for it to be the same as when Lorelai got pregnant. I would say that maybe her baby’s father dies and she goes home to raise the kid, but I don’t think it’ll happen. With Fuller House, it would be too much of a theme for Netflix shows.

      • Alisha says:

        Oooh, which would be a good lead in for Winter, which is often associated with death. And it ties into the theme song ” ♫ . . . winter, spring, summer, or fall . . .♫ ♪” Yeah, Richard’s death actually fits.

        • Lisa says:

          Okay. Why does this keep popping up? Why do you think that the theme song references seasons? I’ve seen this a bunch of places. There’s no mention of seasons in the Gilmore girls theme song…

  3. Meg says:

    Friends and I are already planning a weekend away for this. Cannot wait for these to come out!

  4. Nicole says:

    So a different Stars Hollow event in each episode? :)

  5. aph1976 says:

    It makes sense that each movie should have it’s own distinct style.However i’m thinking how each movie ends will lead to the one after it.So the Fall movie will lead to the Winter one and so one.

  6. Amy says:

    if Paris Gellar isn’t in this then I’m not sure we can trust it to be real.

    • Patrick says:

      This seems like kind of a male reproductive organ move by Palladino and Netflix. They’ve announced a continuation without securing any of the actors. This puts a lot of pressure on the actors to sign, even if its not a good deal for them. They should have waited until the actors have signed on to announce.

      • A3rynSun76 says:

        Except most of them publicly said they wanted to do a revival at the big reunion a few months ago. Scott Patterson spilled the beans that there were talks underway. All that’s left is contract negotiations. I would be hugely surprised if any of the core walked away from the table and netflix would look really bad if they let them.

    • Mick says:

      It may not be up to her. ABC has to agree to let her go since she is a series regular on HTGAWM.

  7. Francesca says:

    Any intel on Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as Sookie St. James?

  8. sccates says:

    Did I miss out on whether Melissa McCarthy is taking part in this?

    • KSM says:

      People are saying probably not cause she is so famous, but Netflix got all of those famous people to come back for Wet Hot American Summer, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Josh says:

        Seriously, if Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd can all come back for Wet Hot American Summer, so should Melissa McCarthy.

    • stopthestatic says:

      My suspicion is she won’t be a part of it, and months later we’ll find out she wasn’t even asked back.

      • Patrick says:

        If Netflix is smart they will “ask” her back, but at such a low amount that she can’t do it.

        • faulknerjer says:

          I doubt it would be about the money. She makes plenty of that. It would be more about finding the time, reconnecting with former friends and colleagues and giving props to the show that ignited her career. If scheduling doesn’t conflict and she still has good feelings towards the cast/crew she’ll probably do it, though she likely won’t appear in more than a few scenes.

    • abby says:

      I’d personally be surprised if MMc turned them down flat so I’d expect at the very least a cameo or two… like maybe they’ll say she off somewhere for a year with Jackson and the kids and we’ll see her on the laptop skyping with Loralai. That being said I’d also be surprised if she was properly in all four episodes.

  9. Luis says:

    Very creative, looking forward to it

  10. Dick Whitman says:

    I hope they start with summer and finish with spring

  11. tazzy says:

    I am excited, but cautious. I don’t trust Amy and Dan. During the last two years at the helm, they kept putting plot twists in that upset many viewers, including me. Trust me, Amy said. You’ll love where we are going, she said.

    Right. She left the series in a mess. The person who came in to try to give us a decent last season was hamstrung from the start. I was OK with the last episode. And I’m excited to hear all of the news. But I am trying to level-set my expectations.

    • CherylB says:

      Tazzy, I agree with you 100%!

    • You are so right. I am not excited about this. Team Palladino will mess this up too.

    • B says:

      I felt like they intentionally ended season six where they did out of spite. I’ve thought that since it first aired.

      Hopefully they now know how to write a happy couple.

      • Joanna Riley says:

        absolutely right! Because she didn’t get her two year contract, ugh.

      • tazzy says:

        That’s exactly how I feel, B. It was like a kick in the teeth to the show’s fans. I know we all want closure — but my confidence in Amy and Dan is extremely low. I hate to sound negative, but they burned us for two seasons.

        • faulknerjer says:

          Amy deserves a lot of the blame, but I also think there was pressure from the WB to bring in some young blood with Rory being in college and I think there was fear that a happy Lorelai and Luke would be boring. Still, there were other interesting avenues that they could have taken. While I don’t have complete trust in them I do think this will end up being at least decent, perhaps on par with the best of season six. Then again, I’m not obsessed with Lorelai and Luke being together forever or Rory getting back with an ex boyfriend. I’m much more intrigued by the state of Lorelai and Emily’s relationship and what Lane and Paris are doing with their lives.

    • Elle says:

      Right there with you : they totally messed up the show before they left. The crew who took over made for the best, and delivered a very goog episode with ” To Whom It May Concern” : a sincere and adult Lorelei.

    • ss says:

      I am with you. Different fans always talk about season 7 as being bad, but I actually liked it better than season 6! And it had to clean up a lot of messes esp. with the show ending.

    • Babybop728 says:

      Yes!! Thank you. Agreed. Amy is the one that ruined the show by giving Luke a secret kid (who is basically Rory) and breaking up him and Lorelai – and then turning Rory into a brat. The final season was trying to get everything back on track.

      • Jeri says:

        Glad to see I wasn’t alone in thinking Rory became quite the brat in college. She mellowed out the last few episodes but was unlikeable for quite a while.

        • Morgan says:

          She was a brat during college. But kids that age are so focused on themselves, ‘who am I’, ‘where am I going’, ‘what do I want’. They’re finding their adult identity, separate from their families. And in a TV show, this behavior is exaggerated. I thought that having Rory, who was pretty much always a people pleaser, to transition to the opposite was a realistic arc.

    • Melinda says:

      I completely disagree. If it was anybody else doing the writing and directing, I would’ve been sooo mad! Gilmore Girls would not have been Gilmore Girls without Amy. To do this project with anybody but Amy in charge would’ve been a disaster. I don’t disagree that she intentionally left show in a mess but I understand why she did it and don’t blame her. She was about to lose a show that she poured so much into. It was her baby. I can understand her not wanting the show to continue if she couldn’t be apart of it. Not only do I trust the Palladino’s completely, I wouldn’t trust or support anybody else doing this. The show started with them and it should end with them.

  12. Rolfe says:

    I hope Netflix releases it one at a time. A whole year of new episodes!

    • wgsecretary says:

      That would be torture! There are only four episodes that are only 90 minutes each. I couldn’t stand watching 90 minutes, waiting 3 months and watching 90 more minutes until it was done.

  13. TJ says:

    Of course it’s the four seasons…. it allows Stars Hallow to have four different wonderful festivals! :)

  14. A says:

    What about the length/duration of each movie? Is it going to be 90min-2hr long?

  15. Winter better have the first snow.

    (And maybe spring will have June 3rd?)

  16. A0826 says:

    I actually thought and was hoping of this when they announced the 4 episodes. I can’t wait to watch!

  17. CMarie says:

    LOVE IT. So excited and I truly hope everyone (superstar or not) will come back.

  18. Stacy says:

    Can’t. Freaking. Wait. Every day I just get happier and more grateful.

  19. Hag says:

    I guessed this would be the storytelling mode. The Big C did this exact same thing for its 4-episode final season.

  20. SAM says:

    I am wondering if it will start off with Edward’s funeral and Lorelai, who will have been married to Luke, will be pregnant by the end of the first season and will have a son by the end of the last season and they will name their son after both of their fathers.

    • Jcs says:

      It’d be a bit unreal to have Lorelai become pregnant at her age. She was 16 when she had Rory and Rory is now 30-31. That’d make Lorelai 46-47!

  21. tazzy says:

    One more item….. I really hope that Luke’s daughter April is part of the show. I know a lot of people didn’t l ike her being there — but the actress who played her did a great job. And it would be fun to see how she and Luke grew their relationship over the years.

    So — hoping she is part of the movies!

  22. stopthestatic says:

    I think it’ll open with the funeral. It’ll set up the rest of the season perfectly for there to be a lot of good Emily/Lorelai story.

    Confused at all the people saying Lorelai will be pregnant. She would be about 47 at this point wouldn’t she? It’d make much more sense for her to have a 4-6 year old at this point. And I don’t think Luke and Lorelai would have waited this long to get married, so even an LL wedding would feel fan-servicey and contrived.

    LL being married with a young child makes the most sense logically.

    A Rory marriage or pregnancy announcement near the end seems much more likely.

    • Lindsey says:

      I agree with all of this. It’s been so long since the show ended that it wouldn’t make sense for her and Luke to wait so long to get married. They can flash back to it, but we don’t need to see it. Same thing with the kid, if there is one. There’s just no point in it. Why would she be pregnant or need to be pregnant? I don’t think that’d be interesting at all.

  23. Christy says:

    Interesting. This must be a very important year in Gilmore-land! I am so unbelievably excited for this!!
    Do we know yet if all 4 will be released at once? I assume yes given past Netfix releases. Im gonna need a return date soon so that I can block out an entire day to go totally dark for this. LOL

  24. Iakovos says:

    Each little tidbit makes this project better and better!

  25. Jennifer says:

    I like it.

  26. Joey says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the reasons it’s formatted this way is so they can stagger the release throughout a year. I don’t think we should be getting our hopes up about watching all four episodes in one sitting.

  27. DavidSask says:

    Gay lit. author Jay Bell did it first with his Something like Summer,,, etc series. If you enjoy such subject matter highly recommend. The said above book is now being made into movie.

  28. Anandasky says:

    Yay … just yay. Oh, and Copper Boom!

  29. Eliane says:

    I trust the Palladino squad!!! Rory and Jess will be a couple for life.

  30. ComeOn says:

    Micheal if you keep this up, there will be nothing left for WB and Netflix to officially announce when they finally signed up everyone that are available! Be fair and give them a chance! LOL.

  31. Maddy says:

    All I really want is to find out that Dean and Rory have reunited and are engaged or married.

    • No, I want Rory to have found a nice new adult to have a relationship with.

      • Lindsey says:

        I’m with Chelsea. Most people don’t end up with their first loves or high school sweethearts. I didn’t like Rory with any of them by the end of it. It would be better if she found someone suited for her while she was working or campaigning. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the guys come back if it happened to be appropriate, but I don’t think they should force it and don’t think she should end up with any of them.

        • I would like to see all of them. It’d be nice to know if Dean got his act together, or if Rory and Logan were able to keep in touch as friends. I assume Jess will be around at some point, as Luke’s nephew. (I’d love to see Liz/TJ/Tallulah!)

        • Sam says:

          Yeah but I doubt they’d have Rory with some random dude we didn’t get to meet until they were already together. That would be really unsatisfying to fans.

    • HSo says:


      But seriously – Rory and Dean got two chances as teenagers and one as adults. Neither ended well. These two should be completely done with.

  32. Josh says:

    Until we get confirmation from Netflix, I feel like this could all be snatched away from me.

  33. Joan Lee says:

    Cqn’t wait to see it. Still my favorite

  34. Rita Avalo says:

    Awesome show should have never been taken off the air.Bravo to Netflix for revival when will it air?

  35. TERRENCE says:

    I really hope she is engaged toher last boyfriend or Jess. They havebto deal with the loss of Richard. I hope Luke and Loreli is married. Bring April(SwitchedatBirth)back. Lane and the kiddos,Ms.Patty,Babette, Taylor and The weird one too. I wish Sookie and Michelle would drop in. Sookie is too busy now…

  36. mary harding says:

    I am so happy its coming back. I missed them like a good friend So happy Rory and Logan get back together. Just so happy happy happy. Thank you.

  37. Leslie says:

    So stinkin’ EXCITED!!!!!! :-D Yay for the revival of one of my all time dramedy faves!

  38. sunny says:

    Well since Winter is actually the Gilmore Girls favorite season I think they may end it with that season. They’ll probably want to do a scene where Lorelei smells snow with anticipation. Winter is when all good things happen well except for that one time snow and Lorelei weren’t on speaking terms.

  39. Sam says:

    The Gilmore Girls theme song makes no mention of or reference to the seasons. I’ve seen this stated several places and I don’t understand where it’s coming from. The theme song is “Where You Lead” by Carole King. While the four season concept is cool, and definitely on theme with the show itself, there is no season tie-in to the theme song at all.

    • Allie says:

      Maybe it’s just a Carole King theme kinda deal… Her song “you’ve got a friend” it says “winter spring summer or fall..” I don’t know lol

    • Lisa says:

      Right?! I don’t get it…its just this weird idea that has shown up in a bunch of places. There’s nothing about seasons in the theme song.

      • Allie says:

        Listen to ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ Carole King and James Taylor. Maybe that’s where it’s coming from. :) kinda random tho haha

  40. Michelle says:

    I hope that Luke & Loralei are already married, but they flash back to the wedding so we can see a little of it. Hopefully they are raising their twins that she dreamed about at the beginning of season 3. I hope that all the major & minor characters come back at some point during the revival. They could figure out something so that Melissa McCarthy doesn’t have to appear in all 4 films. I think it’s important that they address Richard’s death. And they have to finish Emily and Loralei’s story. Their relationship was so important to the show. Maybe they could have Rory come back from working as journalist and travelling the world and she decides she wants to now live in Stars Hollow.

  41. Rae says:

    Ummmmmmm, principle characters… you better get Sooki on that list! (Please Melissa McCarthy, please, Melissa McCarthy!!!!)

  42. Acf14 says:

    Gilmore girls has been my go to show since I was 7 and along with my older sister! We’ve watched it over god knows how many times, but I hope it ends up how I’ve pictured it ending all these years! I think it should start with somewhere around the lines of Richard dying and then after he’s passed loralie Rory and Emily really develop a good bond that lasts forever!! But we still have Rory’s and loralies love life! I hope and pray Rory and Jess end up together they are really a match made in heaven and Luke and loralie are perfect for each other!! I would cry if Jess and Rory don’t spark into flames, really this time! And Luke and loralie I’ve been waiting forever for them to just get married! But we both still will love this show forever no matter how it’s ends up I just really hope Rory and Jess get together!!!! Well we love y’all Gilmore girls cast… Forever and always!!

    • Chilly says:

      rory and jess are quite boring and their relationship never lasted that long he never loved her as much as rory loved logan and logan loved rory. just see how their relationship made the show

  43. An over addicted Gilmore girls coffee fanaddict says:

    we need to look at the time span between the last episode and these next 4 episodes 8 years
    Luke and Lorelai will already be married as much as the fans and I would love to see a wedding with the time span we can assume they are already married. If Amy wants to have her with kids they must be about 7-8 years old because she will now be around 47 years old and come on she wont be pregnant look at the time span. Also Richards funeral is what every one is hoping for we will not know unless its announced they could show it or they could have him be away on business, I hope they mention his death but don’t make an entire big deal about it there are only 4 90 min episodes. Everyone keeps saying they want April back but its not necessary we can assume she is living with the mom. I hope theses 4 90 mins are to clarify major story lies that were left unanswered for the beloved fans if there was an entire extra season then of course bring her back bring lanes band back paris doyal dean linsey sokie jaxon jess mrs patty babet kirk taylor jason tj liz Logan mrs kim everyone but sadly remember everyone its 4 90 mins we have to choose what story lines were the major ones that we need and must have back As for melissa mccarthy hopefully she will sign and be apart of at least one of theses epsoides this is where she started off yes she is a big big actor now and very busy so we will have to just wait and see on that one. If everyone was like me and devastated when amy sherman palladino left from writing the show just rejoice she’s getting justice and ending the show properly and trust all our questions will be answers will be well executed, and if your on the opposite side of this and was happy she didn’t end the series well just don’t watch theses 4 90 mins then……..Just keep an open mind we don’t know what to expect

  44. S says:

    Has a release date been mentioned anywhere? I am so excited about this! I just finished watching all 7 seasons again over a course of a few months and loved it all over again! I can’t wait to have this happen! Hope it’s real

  45. RuthB says:

    I hope they’re not just on netflix, because netfix isn’t available in Oman where I am – p.s. Netflix if you’re reading this when will you make your service available over here?! So unfair I got hooked on this in the UK and come out here and there’s NOTHING!!!

  46. Mimi says:

    I think it would be funny if they could get Jensen Ackles to play Rory’s boyfriend named Sam and have him have a scene with Jarad Padelecki’s Dean for those who watch Supernatural lol.

  47. Hi says:

    When is this coming to Netflix??