The Walking Dead Recap: They Did Not Just Kill [Spoiler]… Did They?!?

The Walking Dead Glenn Dies

In what had to be the season’s most harrowing hour of television thus far, this week’s intense episode of The Walking Dead revealed what Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Nicholas and Heath were up against while Carol was fighting off the Wolves in Alexandria. It also revealed — sob! — which of them didn’t make it home. If you think you can read through your tears, here’s the devastating blow-by-blow…

WORST CASE SCENARIO | As the hour began, Rick laid out a new plan for Glenn, Michonne, Nicholas, Heath and a few random, anxious Alexandrians: They would head home while he ran back to the RV and led away the half of the herd that was being drawn to the horn. Pulling aside Glenn and Michonne, he added that the Alexandrians probably weren’t all gonna make it… which Heath overheard. (And right on cue, one of the redshirts got bitten!) Once Rick had taken off, he spent most of the rest of the episode running, and running, and running, taking out the occasional walker along the way and checking in with his crew via walky-talky. We’ll get back to him later…

GOOD HELP IS SO HARD TO FIND | Twenty minutes ahead of the herd, Glenn, Michonne and Co. were forced to go mano a mano with a bunch of walkers. Some of the Alexandrians handled themselves well. Others, like Sturgess, not so much. How useless was he? He was so useless that he accidentally shot one his neighbors in the leg before retreating into the woods. Even when the fight was over, it wasn’t really — a newlywed Alexandrian was bitten out of nowhere! In spite of what he knew the wound meant, he wanted to try to make it back so that he could say goodbye to his bride. Upon reaching the site where Aiden and Nicholas’ ineptitude and cowardice had cost their crew their lives, Heath questioned the surviving member of the run. Clearly haunted by his past actions — especially there, of all places — Nicholas made it clear that the victims hadn’t been afraid, he and Aiden had been. Nicholas became even more disoriented after the group found Sturgess’ hat… and then what was left of him. (If ever a guy had to be looking forward to wine o’clock, it was Nicholas.)

PET SHOP NOISE | While the group hid out in a pet store to patch up the gunshot victim’s leg, Glenn hatched a plan to keep the approaching herd from continuing on to Alexandria by torching a building to distract them. Since starting a fire that big would take some time, Michonne offered to do it instead of Glenn. He had Maggie to get home to, after all. “That’s why I’m doing this,” he replied. Nicholas suggested that a nearby feed store should go up in flames pretty easily and offered to draw a map to it if Glenn would prefer he not go along. But Glenn — fully committed to Nicholas’ redemption — invited him to lead the way. Once they were gone, Heath turned up the volume on the shade that he’d been throwing at Michonne when a couple of the injured Alexandrians volunteered to be left behind, so as not to slow the group down. “We don’t leave people behind,” he said pointedly. “Not us.” Finally, Michonne got him alone long enough to get him to tell her why he was being such a tool. Abandoning people is “not how we do it,” he said, forcing her to remind him that that was only “because you’ve never had to do it any other way.” She didn’t want to hear about how he’d been doing runs for ages. She and Rick, they’d been out there. They’d survived out there. So “we know” what it takes, she said, shutting his ass down. “You don’t.” Later, Michonne assured the newlywed that she wouldn’t have to give his bride his goodbye note, because he was going to make it back. But was he? It didn’t look good for any of them after the ruckus that they made dispatching a couple of walkers hidden in the pet store’s back room got the attention of the walkers outside… and the herd was approaching! As Michonne, Heath and Co. made a run for it, B players dropped like flies. Michonne did her damnedest to get the newlywed home to his wife, but in the end, he was set upon by walkers before he could make it all the way over a fence to (relative) safety. At least it was a teachable moment for Heath: He was the first to say that they had to leave him behind and keep moving.

NO… JUST NO | On Glenn and Nicholas’ way to the feed store, they happened upon a zombified teenager who’d been among the latter and Aiden’s ill-fated crew. Though Nicholas took responsibility and knifed the walker’s brain, Glenn tried not to let him buckle under the weight of his guilt. “You’re not that guy anymore,” he insisted. And if karma played any part in The Walking Dead, he would have then set fire to the feed store and run home to Maggie. Instead, he and Nicholas discovered that the feed store had already burned. And, before they could say, “What do we do now?” they were trapped atop a dumpster by not just a few walkers but by what looked like a freaking army of them. Staring at the monsters’ hideous faces and snapping jaws, Nicholas slipped into a daze, emerging only long enough to tell Glenn thank you (the episode’s title) before shooting himself in the head. This would have been extreme enough a scene, but the show wasn’t done with us yet… not by a long shot: When Nicholas fell, Glenn fell with him… into a veritable sea of walkers! And, although I’d love to hold out hope that the entrails we saw the walkers chowing down on were Nicholas’, that he’d somehow fallen on top of Glenn, I don’t think that’s the case. (Sniffle.)

NO WAY OUT | As the hour came to a close, Rick had made it to the RV and was awaiting the arrival of his half of the herd. By then, Daryl had already disobeyed Rick’s orders and broken away from Abraham and Sasha’s convoy to respond to the gunfire they’d all heard coming from Alexandria. But after Rick’s walky-talky speech about how they couldn’t go back, because as hard as it is to stay the course, “This is for them,” Daryl rejoined Abraham and Sasha. Ironically, just then, Rick really could have used Daryl’s help. First, he was jumped by two Wolves — one of whom had a jar of Judith’s baby food on him! — then he had to machine-gun several more as they snuck up on the RV. (Can the man never catch his breath?!?) Finally, Rick was ready to lead the herd away… and the bleeping RV wouldn’t start! So, as the episode ended, he was being surrounded by walkers!

So, are you okay? Does anyone think Glenn might have survived, or is that just wishful thinking? Hit the comments!