Switched At Birth Final Season

Switched at Birth Finale: Emmett vs. Travis, a WTF Ending and More Scoop

Monday’s Switched at Birth finale (ABC Family, 8/7c) is a game-changing hour for the entire Kennish-Vasquez squad, but as usual, it’s Bay who faces the brunt of the emotional trauma.

“Bay is told that Travis has feelings for her,” Vanessa Marano tells TVLine. “This is the first episode where she’s actually aware of it; she’s, somehow, the only person who didn’t know. So we’ll see her figure out how she actually feels about that. Honestly, I don’t think she’s ever thought of him in that way, then all of a sudden it’s thrown in her face, and she has to make a decision.”

Below, Marano previews more of the hour’s biggest moments, including the birth of Toby’s baby, the fallout with the Regina/Eric situation and, of course, the ending that made Marano ask, “What. Just. Happened?”

TVLINE | At this juncture, do you have any personal feelings about who Bay should be with?
I actually love the idea of Bay and Travis together, just because it came out of nowhere. Both of these characters were not likable when they started — she was a spoiled brat and he was really jerky — and we’ve seen them both grow into such lovely, loyal characters. That’s one thing Bay is lacking from every relationship she’s had since Emmett, because of her insecurities after being being cheated on and dumped. She’s missing that loyalty from somebody.

TVLINE | I think it’s funny how Bay, more so than Daphne, always dates deaf guys.
She’s really into deaf guys. Some people like blondes, others like brunettes — Bay likes deaf guys.

TVLINE | On a happier note, Toby has his baby this week. How was filming that scene?
It’s always really tough to shoot a baby scene, because babies are unpredictable. When you already have a scene with a lot of people, plus a baby who’s making the decision to cry — when it could just not cry — that’s really fun. … But I love babies, so I’m the only person excited when we have those scenes. I’m like, “Oh my God, there’s a baby on the set!” And everybody else is like, “Oh, God, there’s a baby on set…”

TVLINE | And what about the Regina/Eric drama? Does Bay get sucked into that, too?
She gets pretty heavily involved in that, mostly because she’s the one who let everybody know what was going on. But I feel bad for Bay, because she did the right thing. Regina was making terrible, terrible choices!

TVLINE | I’m glad you were picked up for a fifth season. Can we expect a cliffhanger?
It seems like everything’s going to wrap up in a nice, pretty little bow — and then the last five minutes happen, and you’re going to be like, “What. Just. Happened? How did we get here?!”

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out what was happening?
My reaction was just so many questions: “What is that? How is that? I can’t even…” just so many questions. I’d heard about what we were doing ahead of time, and I was like, “You have got to be kidding me.”

Switched fans, are you pulling for Bay to choose Travis or Emmett? What else are you looking forward to seeing Monday? Drop a comment with your every thought below.

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  1. ollibear says:

    I want to see Bay with Emmett, really WITH him, in a committed relationship. I disagree with Vanessa on almost every comment she makes in interviews. I never thought Bay was a brat. Bay and Emmett are perfectly matched. He hasn’t betrayed her or abandoned her. They’ve just had some growing pains. Vanessa makes a way bigger deal out of Simone than I would. I feel her tryst with Tank was a far bigger betrayal of their relationship, and even that wasn’t a huge deal. They love each other and belong together.

    • Erin K says:

      Say WHAT?! he hasn’t betrayed her? First he cheated on her and then he when he moved, he got close to another girl before breaking up with her… then broke up with her & immediately started dating the other girl.

      • People are way too hard on Emmett.

        Emmett’s choice to date Skye, after Bay hurt him, is no different than Bay’s choice to date Alex or Noah. Say what you will about the situation with Tank. Bay had no business partying with her ex-boyfriend, while Emmett was away. At least when Emmett cheated with Simone, it wasn’t emotional cheating. He felt abandoned by his father and he turned to the first shoulder he could find. He was 16 years old, and he is learned, since that mistake.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Bay hurt him??? Bay was DATE-RAPED. He doesn’t believe her. HE hurt HER, dumped her, lied to her, and took up with another chick and lied about it.

        • CRB says:

          I totally disagree!! Emmet was really awful and disrespectful, and he could have worked things out, he was a sexist, because when he cheated on Bay he was asking for forgiveness, but when she said she was sorry and tried to explain her feelings, he wouldn’t even listen…
          But, despite all of this, I do believe they love each other and they should find a way to be together, as a loyal couple… It would be the proof that real LOVE can overcome everything!

          • Taryn Conway says:

            I feel same .as much as I am mad at emmett, they are perfecthe and I love them. I think what emmett did , I also think he left Bay for skyebut I hate skyebut and I miss bammett

    • Erin K says:

      Say WHAT?! he hasn’t betrayed her? First he cheated on her and then he when he moved, he got close to another girl before breaking up with her… then broke up with her & immediately started dating the other girl.

    • Lero says:

      What have you been smoking? Emmett is a douche bag and does not deserve to be with Bay. The end.

      • CRB says:

        I totally agree that Emmet was an idiot, but I really think that he should work really hard to win Bay’s heart and show all of us that he can be a good boyfriend to her…

      • Tori says:


  2. Sarah T says:

    I’m for Bay and Emmett but she essentially told Emmett that they were completely done, no second chances so if he wants her back now, is it because he’s jealous (good chance) or because he truly loves her? I wouldn’t mind to see Bay and Travis try a relationship.
    I’m interested to see what the big twist is at the end. I’m guessing it’s that Regina finds out that Eric was involved with Hope in trying to blackmail her for her money? Glad this got renewed for another season!

    • This. I hope you are wrong but I have a strong feeling that Eric is in on it as well.

    • Skye Voslo says:

      I think Emmett’s jealousy made him realize that he does really love Bay. I really want to see Bemmett happen forever. They have both made mistakes and they have learned from them and now I think that they can really be together. Like really together!

  3. Liz says:

    I’ve tuned in to this show on occasion and overall I find the show enjoyable and interesting but I really don’t like the Bay character. Not sure if it is the actress or the way the character is written but I just find her unappealing and whenever I tune and wonder why I don’t watch more often, a scene with Bay reminds me why.

  4. Karen says:

    Can they bring back Ty for her already?

  5. LK says:

    Dont like Bay with any of these guys.. she has no chemistry with Travis… and he was in a serious relationship with her friend… You dont date your friends exes.. Emmett was really mean to her so I’d actually like her to get a new guy.

    • Lauren says:

      She’s not really friends with Mary Beth anymore though. We haven’t seen her in ages. I’m all for girl code, but if you’re not friends with the girl anymore it doesn’t really stand.

      • Kelsey says:

        Bay and Mary Beth just interacted a few episodes ago and Mary Beth even commented about Travis. They are still friends.

        • Yeah, Mary Beth and Bay are definitely still friends, and Mary Beth let Bay know what a difficult time she is having getting over Travis. I agree Bay has zero chemistry with Travis. She didn’t have any with Tank or Ty or Noah either. I like Bay with Emmett, and I like Bay with Garrett. She has a spark with both of them.

          • Paua says:

            I agree. Bay was really a brat when the show first started. Emmett was a great steadfast down to earth relationship that put her into a new perspective. They both made mistakes. They both grew up. I’d love for at the end that they find each other again. And please make Emmett stop being so douchey! Loo sorry no other way to say it. As for travis, can we please just let a guy and girl be friends and stay friends. It does happen!

          • Shelby says:

            I totally agree they don’t have any chemistry, like Emmett and Bay. THEY ARE STAR- CRISSED LOVERS!

    • Ebonie says:

      That kiss with travis was passionate. Bay and Emmitt was good but he did hurt her. And maybe bay shouldnt been partying with her ex but rape is rape. And i think travis is a great guy and although i still love Emmitt his mind always wander somewhere else. With Daphne then toby girlfriend then his current gf he doesn’t know what or whoo he wants

  6. Mara says:

    I’d love to see Bay and Travis together. I’m done with Emmett for her. He treated Bay very badly and I think it’s more interesting for them to move on.

  7. Kelsey says:

    … but if Bay dated Travis that wouldn’t be very loyal of them to Emmett and Mary Beth who are their best friends. Bay is loyal which is why I don’t think she’d to that to Mary Beth. Disagree Vanessa!

  8. Synia says:

    I can’t wait to see this finale even if it leaves me biting my nails waiting for season 5. I agree with Vanessa on Bay having grown and matured so much, it’s what makes me love the character and she portrays her beautifully.
    I’m kinda hoping Bay gives Travis a chance. I think Bay/Emmett might still be endgame but they need time to be truly apart and get over all the insecurities and mistakes and jealousy. Then if they find their way back to each other it might truly work between them.

  9. rleash says:

    I’m over Emmett. He was a jerk to both Bay and Travis. But Travis is too good for Bay. She’s an overdramatic brat lately who can’t get over her little growing pains. Honestly, I’d rather see Bay and Tank get back together, but I can’t imagine that happening after what they went through. I liked the Travis & Beth match up, too. They should get back together.

    My prediction on the twist is that the police come to arrest the Kennishes because of the financial troubles they’re in, even though they want us to think they’re coming for Eric.

  10. Becky says:

    I want to see Regina sign. It really bothers me that even the new boyfriend is signing but Regina just stopped.

    • The actress that plays got a hand injury in real life in s1& her dr told her not to sign anymore

    • Constance ,actress who plays Regina,I juried her wrist in real life from learning to sign so fast so her dr told her not to sign anymore or it could worsen her injury.Thats why there was a sl in s1 of Regina injuring her wrist and her dr telling her to not sign or cut hair anymore

  11. Bob Gunn says:

    Bay and Emmett together make this show

  12. efgstudios says:

    I find myself agreeing with Vanessa this time around. Yes to Travis. I miss season 1 Bemmet but I could easily imagine shipping Tray/Bayvis.

  13. Randi Whisenhunt says:

    I would like to see Bay and Travis together.

  14. Krys says:

    Bay & Travis ALL THE WAY! I’m over Emmett and would like to see her with a good guy. Daphne finally found hers with Mingo :)

  15. Ariel says:

    I think Bay should Get back with Emmett, because they were should a good couple before. But I don’t like how Emmett did the film without asking bay. I guess will just have too wait.

  16. I hope they bring Ty back. Hope he stays and see what the writes come up with. I’m still with Bay and Ty

  17. Tonia says:

    I want Bay with Travis! I’m tired of this Bay/Emmett relationship. He didn’t believe her being date raped and he chose Skye over her. I think she deserves to be happy and not worried about being cheated on. But in thisi case I do feel bad for MaryBeth because she was dating Travis first.

  18. I hope they bring Ty back. Hope he stays and see what the writers come up with. I’m still with Bay and Ty

  19. Laly says:

    Bay has to tell travis they passed to the friend zone and stay friend, she doesn’t need to date every guy, it’s turning the character into an easy girl. Either Emmet or bring back the soldier, that was a nature relationship. She knows this new guy is a player and still decides to stay, not sure that’s a good example

  20. Terry710 says:

    Team Emmett and Bay! Always have, always will. They really do need therapy though. 🤔

  21. Sam says:

    I just don’t like Travis period! Bay needs a new guy.

  22. jacqueline says:

    I think all of this is crazy ihope bay doesnt choose either emmet or travis emmet for bein a jerk nd leavin her in her time of need travis they should just stay freinds ithink it was messed up for bay to tell on regina tht whole situation is goin to be awkward I mean really bay it is messed up when you really think of it but others may see it another way this episode is goin to be epic nd cnt wait for nxt year

  23. louise says:

    I think bay should stay with Emmett they make such a good couple.

  24. Stephanie says:

    When it comes to Bay and Travis and Emmitt, I think I think Bay should choose Travis. Yes, Emmitt was he first love but sometimes it takes someone from the back end to realize who you want in someone.

  25. Madeline says:

    I want to see Bay with Emmet… I believe Emmet should fight For her forgiveness. Because he really look very selfish and unfair doin what he did when he did it… Yet they are right with each other but not with anyone elsd

  26. Sally says:

    Emmett has such depth and appeal. As he matures he learns to be more empathetic of Bay and how hard he was on her. Bay realizes how damaging it was for his feelings when she made the impulsive decision to take the fall for Daphne thus depriving him of any input and basically sounding the death knell for their relationship. Neither of them stopped having deep feelings for each other. I think now that they are older and wiser it would be great to see them navigate their way over time back to each other. Their connection is deep and undeniable. I’m not sure how one ever forgets his/her soul mate.

  27. I’m surprised that people forget about Ty, I mean know that would’ve never stuck in a million years, but Ty has never betrayed Bay in anyway. It only appeared to Bay that he had, but he was only doing what he thought was best for Bay and that’s true sacrifice despite his own feelings for her. He didn’t want to put her through the turmoil of waiting for him to return and with the chance that he may not return. Don’t get me wrong, I think Emmett and Bay fit together in their own way, and I’m willing to give Travis a shot. I think Travis is a romantic at best, but he seems to have a social gap in what he thinks is thoughtful and right turns out to be wrong, like the fake gallery thing. Anyways my point was I personally think, though short lived Ty was the better boyfriend and brought Bay to growing up a bit.

  28. Erianna says:

    Bay and Emmett are endgame! I’ve finally just caught up and I could see it from the start that those two would end up with each other. I’m not much for guys that cheat but Emmett proved to her that he loved her and tried to wait, they’ve both tried to move on and it’s never worked. I’m all for Bemmett they are too perfect together they make each other feel safe and with Bavis it’s not the same. I hope Bay and Emmett end up together, no couple has more sparks than them.

  29. sike! says:

    I’m all for Bemmet! They’ve come so far and Ive been into them since Season 1, it’s always interesting to watch the both of them and I hope they find their way back to each other somehow. Otherwise, it’s a bummer! ):

  30. sike! says:

    I’m all for Bennett! I’ve always supported them since season 1. It was always interesting to watch them always getting entangled with each other and I’m so into the idea of them finding their way back to each other, somehow. Although it might be a little clichè, the couple in the series have come so far, they’ve proved to have overcame a lot of things, Emmett had been there for most of Bay’s past and he’s the one to understand her, really just a perfect match.

  31. Ebonie says:

    Although i love bay and Emmitt that kiss between bay and travis was so passionate!!! Bay and travis here

  32. aliyah says:

    Tbh i am so tired of bay and emmett i think that travis is perfect for her i always thought jt but i never put it to the top of my thoughts, let alone did i think it would happen.if ty were to come back j think they would be good friends, oviously ty wanted bay to find love with someone else even if that ment letting her go. Btw that kissing scene with travis and bay made me go crazy, kept watching it over and over, so shocking anyone else.

  33. Makyah says:

    In my opinion Bay got exactly what she deserved as far as her relationship with Emmett goes. Bay seems to always hop from one guy to the next. As soon as something goes bad, she confides in a different dude. I just don’t see Emmett as the bad guy. But if you’re asking who she should be with, I’d say Travis. Its obvious Bay and Emmett will never work. I dont see the point in trying to force the relationship. Not every relationship works out.

  34. L.L.Y says:

    Totally for bay and travis giving it a go! I sense passion between them and its such a unexpected couple! love it! Bemmett is so over…its fizzled out

  35. Jacey says:

    Are we not going to discuss that WTF cliffhanger?!?! What do you guys think happened?

  36. Janny says:

    I miss Bay and Ty they were goalssss😻

  37. Anonymous says:

    For season 5 I think you guys should put bay and emmett back together . They were like my happiness I’ll sometimes even skip and see where they are actually together. Stop breaking them up stop making them do those crazy choices. Put them back together please!! I am seriously devistated because of this literally.

  38. Marixi says:

    I don’t like Bay with Emmett or Travis. I think both of these guys make good friends and that’s how it should stay. Let’s bring in someone fresh and new for Bay.
    I’m more bothered by the way everyone is so casual about sex. With Daphne and Regina, it’s sex first then… oh wait… what is this guy about? The great thing about this show is that it shows how stupid those decisions are.
    Some of the story lines are good, but it seems too many times lately there are so many things that are out of character for a lot of the shows characters.

  39. anonymoustip123 says:

    I wish Bay picked Emmett they’re so cute together.

  40. lidia jacobo says:

    I think that Bay and Emmett should stay together.

  41. Jackie M says:

    I want Bay with Emmett and nobody else! I get so happy seeing them together, and HATE seeing Bay with other people. I couldn’t wait to see Bay and Tank fall off. I love Emmett. He’s what makes the show special, and I want him with Bay.

  42. Jackie M says:

    Team Bay & Emmett!! No exceptions.

  43. Di says:

    I have seen these tv show via netflix and I love Bay with Ty <3 the difference between Ty and Emmet is that Emmet is such a good guy and friend for Bay but it's too young on the other side Ty is a man who is reliable and really love Bay, and can help her growing up better. They together are the best couple even I tough at first Emmet was perfect for her when I watch Bay with Ty their chemistry is different, she is so passionate about him and give everything for him, I just would like they can find the way back to love, because that will make a really good story. In this country some people have to go to war to get education because they don't have the money, that's real, they ending together after all this, can be the best, I think would be perfect.

  44. Ruth says:

    I’d like to see Bay try a relationship with Travis, although I don’t think they’d have the connection she’s only ever had with Emmett and maybe even Ty. Bay & Travis probably wouldn’t last long anyway. I’d like to see Bay & Emmett get back at it, but for good this time, considering they’ve gone through a lot. If it’s not with Emmett I’m rooting for Ty.

  45. Jj says:

    I love switched at birth I honestly think I could just watch the show over and over again because it’s that good, as a choice I really think that BAY AND EMMET are the strongest couple and I don’t want them to be apart from each other and bay needs emmet she always comes to him when something is wrong so I hope that you give them a chance to be happy again with each other please..!!!!

  46. Marlene says:

    Bay & Travis.
    I have mix feelings I love Bay & Emmett but I think their story is over, that’s what really happens in real life you almost never stay with your 1st you’ll always love that person (not in a romantic way anymore but always will love that person and care for) with that being said I would LOVE bay and Travis (Travis is so lovable and romantic) he was a good boyfriend to Marybeth, he is not a cheater (remember the occasion Daphne kissed him and he push her away and said I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND) with that being said I even think he is too good for Bay too. I did not like Travis at the beginning but with time I started liking him he gives his all to defend his girlfriend and friends also after the passionate kissed he had with Bay and he was wearing that coat he looked so hot. I also want to add I don’t like Daphne so much she is full of herself that’s why she couldn’t get in sorority I feel that before meeting her biological parents she was poor and when she learned her biological parents were wealthy it got to her head!!! also I don’t understand why she was making a big deal about Angelo’s death if he wasn’t her father okay I would understand if Angelo even raised her but he didn’t her acting would have been more understandable for Bay not her. also its so easy for her to have sex, Daphne and Regina come across like easy! Bay too! I DONT THINK TANK RAPPED BAY, they BOTH were drunk and Both agree to have sex even if she didn’t remembered!!!!! End of the story!!!
    Bay and Travis
    Can’t wait for season 5 It’s going to be epic

  47. Julianna says:

    Can ty come back !!?

  48. D.V says:

    Ty has to come back. No matter what they look the best together!

  49. shadeaha Campbell says:

    I’m going for Bay and Emmette they are so good together yes they fight and break up but they find some way to forgive each other I don’t like the idea of bay and Travis naah I know emette hurt bay really bad but I really like them they are power couple😊 hope that’s how it ends Emmett finding back bay I miss seeing them together after