Supergirl Bosses Tease Kara's Biggest Threats, CW Crossovers and More

Kara Danvers isn’t the only one warding off villains on Supergirl. The executive producers behind the CBS drama have an enemy of their own to face down, and it’s called CGI.

“The biggest surprise is really how hard it is to pull these shows off, week in and week out, with the visual effects and the stunts and the hyper-amount of planning that goes into them,” EP Greg Berlanti told reporters during a conference call on Monday.

Berlanti — who also oversees Arrow, The Flash and The CW’s upcoming Legends of Tomorrow offshoot — has experience making technically demanding television. But Supergirl‘s freshman season has nonetheless proven a challenge.

“You think, ‘Oh, we pulled off Arrow, so we’ll be able to do The Flash‘… and this has turned out to be a lot bigger than Flash,” he continued. “Every one of these shows has had a very steep and unforgiving learning curve. We’ve been incredibly proud and excited by the results and, hopefully, everyone out there will be, too.”

Ahead of Supergirl‘s Oct. 26 launch (8:30/7:30c), Berlanti — along with fellow EPs Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg — offered up a whole slew of teasers for the Melissa Benoist starrer. Read on for the highlights:

Supergirl CBSKARA, YOU IN DANGER, GIRL | Don’t be fooled by Kara’s super-strength, heat vision or that whole flying thing she can do. Those powers will hardly make her invincible against the series’ many villains.

“We’ve shown that [Supergirl] is fighting certain aliens, and she fights Livewire, who has electrical powers. She has enough electricity to stop Supergirl’s heart,” Berlanti teased. “On the old series, unless you had a rock of kryptonite, it was pretty much a wipeout for the bad guys — we certainly don’t want that. We always want to feel like our hero is in jeopardy.”

WHERE MY GIRLS AT? | Although Kara’s relationship with her sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh), will be central to the series, the titular heroine will enjoy female bonding elsewhere — even in the unlikeliest of places. “[Kara’s boss] Cat [Grant], in the pilot, is definitely a voice of wisdom,” Adler shared. “Whether she says it in a kind way or not, she’s always inspiring Supergirl to achieve higher heights.”

Kara will also befriend Lucy Lane, played by Witches of East End alumna Jenna Dewan-Tatum. According to Berlanti, “She comes to the show as a former love interest of Jimmy [Olsen]’s, to add some complications. But with Kara being the nicest person in the world, Lucy really likes her, and the two of them have some adventures together.”

Supergirl CBSTHE POWERS THAT BE | Just because Supergirl literally carries the weight of a plane on her shoulders in the series premiere doesn’t mean she’ll understand the extent of her powers all at once. “Our collective gut is that she’s very much at the beginning of her journey,” Berlanti said, adding that Kara will continue to have questions “not just about her powers, but about her backstory and where she comes from. There’s always a bit of mystery around her origins and around what her capacities are.”

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS | As for the million-dollar question — “Will there be a Supergirl/Arrow/Flash crossover?” — Berlanti confirmed there are currently no plans for his CW superheroes to meet Kara anytime soon. (In August, CBS Entertainment chair Nina Tassler said the three series would only cross over in promos for the time being.)

Flash and Arrow [fans] know we have not mentioned the existence of Superman on those shows, and he does exist on [Supergirl],” Berlanti continued. “Storytelling-wise, that would be something we’d have to overcome. We’re just focused on getting this one launched and hope that it enjoys some of the same success… with the same quality and commitment of fans. And if all those things happen, who knows?”

Are you ready for Supergirl to take off? Hit the comments with your hopes for the series.

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  1. LK says:

    Yea the Superman issue will probably be a problem for this series regularly.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    I’m guessing that if a crossover ever happens, it would have to involve some of that dimension-hopping multiverse weirdness currently going down on Flash.
    Maybe Legends of Tomorrow could be the bridge series that jumps back and forth between the Earth of Arrow/Flash and the one inhabited by Supergirl.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    CBS is hoping for a breakout hit in Supergirl but I really think it won’t be a disappointment at all despite a lot of mixed reactions for both critics and possibly social media.

  4. Their biggest threat is lack of originality and crappy source material that is so bad they need to steal from the superior Superman comics.

    • “On the old series, unless you had a rock of kryptonite, it was pretty much a wipeout for the bad guys — we certainly don’t want that. We always want to feel like our hero is in jeopardy.”

      A lesson stolen from the John Byrne Superman comics of the 80’s, with pretty much the same reasoning.

      *slow clap”

    • . “Our collective gut is that she’s very much at the beginning of her journey,”

      So, just like Superman was in Man of Steel.

      *slower clap*

    • “not just about her powers, but about her backstory and where she comes from. There’s always a bit of mystery around her origins and around what her capacities are.”

      Seriously, just admit you’re using Supergirl because WB won’t let you use Superman. You’re stealing his journey chapter and verse.

      • Digital says:

        Someone is opinionated and clearly has a few issues. The producers are using a format that has worked on other superhero shows not just in the Superman comics. Give the complaining a rest.

        • You do understand that even though Supergirl is in it the show is not actually based on her comics but it’s a parody of the Superman comics, right? Nothing in here comes from her comics, with the only characters from them being Supergirl and Allura, which are bad rip offs of Superman and Jor-El.

          • Jess says:

            Who cares? You do realize you sound like a misogynistic jerk, right? It’s a tv show. If the show is a success, it will have plenty of opportunities to take from the Supergirl comics. Besides, if you’re gonna complain about repetitive storytelling, you might as well complain about how Arrow is just a green Batman and that the only reason they chose Green Arrow is because Batman wasn’t available.

          • That is EXACTLY why they chose Arrow for Smallville, because Batman was not available. Yet as I said in a different thread, Arrow managed to establish his own show using characters and plots from HIS actual comic, something Supergirl has failed to do.

          • LK says:

            They wanted to do a female superhero.. Supergirl doesnt have the iconic supporting cast that Superman has.. depending on which version of the comics you go to her history and supporting staff has changed. Unless they did the Peter David version, which is not really familiar to non comics die-hards… she doesnt really have her own cast of characters.

          • Thank you for acknowledging the shortcoming of the Supergirl comics, which, yes, is a lack of a strong cast of characters.

            A show based on the PAD version would have been epic.

          • U sound like 1 of those fake fans who pretends they know something

          • Not a fake fan. Just not a fan of the Silver and Bronze Ages. I prefer the Golden and Modern Ages, which REALLY upsets fans of the previous two eras, who take it upon themselves to accuse others who don’t agree with them of being “fake” fans.

        • As I said earlier, don’t be obtuse and pay attention to what is being said, not to the fantasy running in your head. I’m not discussing her gender, YOU are. Her gender has ZERO to do with ANYTHING I’ve said.

        • liame says:

          This is the guy who looks for realism in fictional story telling. He’s holed up his grandma’s basement eating Cheetos and wishing he was somebody’s anybody. Pay him no mind and he might just disintegrate. ;/. Watttttuuuuuppp homey?

          • Your inability to engage in intelligent discourse without resorting to personal insults only serves to demonstrate the impossibility of defending this turd on facts and merits.

      • John NYC says:

        So the dateless everywhere will cringe in angst: while the entire rest of the universe. Will. Not. Care.

        Either they entertainingly execute or they don’t. Which button engages the warp drive is irrelevant.

        • I’m still amazed at how people applaud Supergirl in spite of its flaws and clear disconnect with the source material while at the same time they disparage Man of Steel despite its clear reproduction of its source material and stronger story. It’s hypocrisy.

          • LK says:

            Supergirl doesnt have as iconic a source material so that the stuff being changed doesnt matter so much.. Man of Steel on the otherhand changed several iconic things about the superman history and origins to the point of seriously damaging the character.

          • The thing is that it factually didn’t. What it did was restore what the comics of the 50’s through early 80’s changed starting with the adoption of the Comics Code Authority Man of Steel is a movie about the Golden Age and Modern Age Superman. What it’s not is about the CCA-Approved Superman and Donner Superman, which is what upsets people.

          • TVLine keeps moderating my post or it’s not showing up.

          • MoS has far more in common with its source material than this show ever will with its source material.

          • Iconicity and familiarity are irrelevant.

          • The House of Ideas built their empire using characters people didn’t know.

          • Finally! I don’t what word I was using but the post wouldn’t go through!

          • LK says:

            I disagree.. My main issue with Man of Steel was there having Clark intentionally let his earth father die.. Every previous version had him dying of a heart attack,something Clark couldnt prevent… to have him LET his dad die to save his secret violated everything about the character. While this show seems to have the character of Kara basically right and is just changing the details around her.

          • This was addressed in the movie. Clark told Lois he let his father die because he trusted him when he told him that people would fear him. Clark TRIED to save him, but it was JONATHAN who, through a wave of the hand and shake of the head, that told him to hold back.

            Kara in the comics has been portrayed as a lonely child in an orphanage who cries because the other girls can’t fly, and as a hard-drinking, chain-smoking brat who flaunts her body’s inability to get drunk or sick. The version on this series is neither. To say that it’s right is a falsehood. You can’t pick up any comic book and say the version seen in this series is like the one in that comic.

          • Read Superman #1 from 1939. In it Jonathan tells Clark not to show his powers because people will fear him, which is just what he says in the movie. To say that the movie is not like the comics is false. People were looking toward the Donner movie and Glenn Ford’s portrayal as the supportive father rather than to the comics and his conception as the protective parent.

          • LK says:

            There were plenty of ways he could have saved his father without sacrificing his identity. That was just sloppy writing and did violate the character… he was also morose and miserable for most of the movie… with no regard for the destruction of metropolis going on around him….I think they were going for more of the “new 52” version rather than the golden age character you refer to and I dont much like that version either… and as for Kara… the “lonely child in the orphanage” was just part of some flashback stories… most of her original run she was an upbeat cheerful character… i’d rather pretend the Jeph Loeb super tramp issues never happened.

          • See, what you’re doing right now is judging it based on knowledge acquired from reading old comics and watching old movies.

            OTHER versions of Superman might have been able to instantly save Pa without exposing their secret. THIS version could not.

            For starters, we know for a fact that when this took place he couldn’t fly. He didn’t learn how until several years later.

            That left super speed. Did he have it? Do you know for a fact if he did? He never used it before that point in any of the other flashbacks. The first time we saw him use it was when he leapt off the fishing boat to swim toward the burning oil rig.

            Without flight or super speed he cannot save Pa without being seen.

            Could he save him while being seen? Of course, but the point is that Pa didn’t want him to be seen.

            So no, it’s not bad writing. It’s just writing that fails to meet expectations for comics and movies that exist outside THIS particular narrative.

            The only destruction that took place in Metropolis while HE was there was the one Zod caused during their fight, when Zod was beating him up. Point to when during the fight Superman could have diverted his attention to help other people.

          • You can say super tramp but I can’t say whatever word I said in that post I had to chop up and edit multiple times, lol. Come on! lol

          • LK says:

            censors? who knows.

        • LK says:

          He could have tried to divert Zod out of the city for one thing… He didnt have to take the time to kiss Lois in the middle of the destroyed city instead of trying to rescue people… as for rescuing Pa… well again.. bad writing… why did he have to let his dad stay to save the damn dog? Grab him and pull him back to the cave… or he could have been the one to save the dog instead of dad… even if he got swept up in the tornado hed still be ok and could come up with some explanation later.. It just made no sense at all. .. the dog is more important than pa is? the whole kevin costner part was just terrible and ruined the movie for me.

          • SHOW me when he could have taken Zod anywhere. Was it before Zod punched him with his right fist or before he kicked him with his left leg? Zod dominated their fight. Watch it again. Superman only got a leg up when he grabbed Zod right before he killed him. Zod tossed Superman around like a rag doll. The idea that Superman ever had an opportunity to take Zod anywhere is delusional and unsupported by the facts of the actual fight.

          • Zod was a trained, genetically engineered fighter.

          • Superman had never been in a fight, something the movie made a point to make clear.

          • Under what circumstances could he have realistically won?

            You and others want him to win simply on the virtue of who he is and nothing else.

            By the time he and Lois kissed people were no longer in danger as he had already sent the Black Zero away. The attack was over. The danger would not commence again until he and Zod started their fight.

            “Come up with some explanation later” is a logic befitting old comics and old movies, not THIS movie. Pete’s mom was ready to erect a church to worship Clark after he saved the kids in the bus. If he survived a tornado there would be no way to keep his secret hidden, and that is why Pa chose to go, because he knew that if people saw Clark survive any sort of harm they would figure out his secret. Pa was a loving parent who was protecting his child.

            It was not about the dog being more important. It was about Pa protecting his son from being hounded and prodded and feared by everyone else. Or worse yet, worshipped by everyone else.

    • Dean says:

      yes you’ve made it clear that you hate women and this wouldn’t be an issue if it were superman.

      • Her gender is irrelevant. It’s her being an unoriginal carbon copy of Superman that is the problem. Don’t be obtuse and pay attention what is actually being said and not to the fantasy running in your mind. The comic books have used Supergirl that were not Kryptonian who had more originality in their pinky than this one has in her entire body.

        • BBussey says:

          It’s probably prudent to wait until the show is on the air before blasting it. Contrary to a statement up-thread, the advance media critic reviews have NOT been mixed and have been overwhelmingly favorable by far. This is the exact same type of negativity that was prevalent before both Arrow and Flash aired.

          If you want to bash it AFTER some episodes have aired, then at least you’ll have a basis from which to form a valid opinion. But until then, trashing it does not reflect favorably on you. The pilot episode lays a solid foundation for the series. All indications are that this is going to be a hit for CBS and a breakout performance for Benoist, just as Flash has been for Gustin.

        • LK says:

          Supergirl has ALWAYS been a copy of Superman.. its kinda the basis for the character… but the character by virtue of being a girl instead of a man has different character attributes and that makes it a different vibe than a typical superman show.

          • Her being a feminized Superman can be detrimental or irrelevant. The PAD version was the latter.

          • LK says:

            I read the PAD version of the character and I enjoyed it but it very much had a limited niche following that is unfamiliar to the “masses” and thus harder to sell as a tv series. There is a reason that version was cancelled and rebooted to the more iconic version of the character.

          • And there’s a reason the movie with Kara Zor El bombed in the box office. Common sense would dictate that you don’t turn a property that already failed as a movie into a TV show and expect it to be successful. Heck, look at Minority Report, a show based on a successful movie. Supergirl is happening as a show because they can’t use Superman.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Maybe Supergirl should come rescue you from that guy holding a gun to your head, making you watch her show.

      • I’m sorry I’m not singing the praises of a flawed TV show along with the rest of the choir.

        • Night says:

          Then go moan some place else or at another TV series that doesn’t fit your vision.

          • Unless I’m banned from posting here, I’m pretty certain I’m as free to post my criticism of this based on its obvious flaws as you are to applaud and praise it in spite of them.

        • LK says:

          Well you cant really say its flawed just cause it isnt your preferred version of the character… It isnt a show about that character… its a show about Kara the Kryptonian. Does it work on that basis?.. Too early to tell. I enjoyed the pilot primarily cause I liked the actress and her performance.. need to give it a few more episodes to see how they handle it on a weekly basis.

          • A Kryptonian Supergirl is instantly flawed as Superman is the last survivor of his race. ANY other survivor diminishes his origin and uniqueness.

          • LK says:

            Yes but thats an argument with the creators of the comic book universe… Even “Man of Steel” had a bunch of other kryptonians… kinda late to fight that battle…. has nothing to do with if the tv show is flawed or not.

          • ANY Kryptonian other than Superman is a gimmick and detrimental to the core concept, not just Supergirl.

        • Seriously? says:

          Well, here’s a thought–try watching it first, before whining about it in multiple postings–or get a life, either one would work for me… SMDH

          • As stated before, execution doesn’t fix what is inherently flawed with the concept. That said, I did see the pilot. It reeks of being derivative of the Superman comics and movies, with little to do with the actual Supergirl comics.

          • BBussey says:

            In. Your. Opinion. Which, apparently, is not shared by the majority.

            If the basic premise of the character Supergirl is so distasteful to you, then it’s irrelevant how the series is constructed or how well it’s executed. So, why constantly chime in with the negativity if you have a pre-conceived opinion of the show that will never change, regardless of how well it performs? Your constant sustained drum-beating is well beyond the point where it is respected, and is falling on deaf ears.

            In general — superhero characters and their origin stories constantly are changed as new generations are exposed to comics and the social aspects of society evolve, and that has happened since they first appeared. The Golden Age versions are different from the Silver Age versions, and subsequent versions have differed as well. For example, there is far more racial and cultural diversity now than there ever was in the Golden Age (which basically had none) or the Silver Age — and you think that’s a bad development? First there was one DC universe, then a multi-verse, the one universe again, then a multi-verse again. The characters and the settings evolve to best fit the current society and to have the most appeal to the current generation. Which means, the versions YOU grew up with (which were themselves an evolution from earlier versions) will not be the same as the current iterations. Either adjust and adapt, or move on.

            Supergirl (the television series) will mine the various source material. But, as with Arrow and Flash, the television version will not follow canon exactly and be tailored to appeal to the largest potential audience — which (as with Arrow and Flash) primarily will consist of viewers NOT familiar with the comic book iterations other than knowing that Supergirl is a comic-book superhero. The 1½-seasons evolution of Slade Wilson in Arrow was nothing like any of the character’s comic book origins, yet it made for compelling television. There will be Easter eggs for fans of the comic-book version(s) to get them excited (as with Arrow and Flash), but the comic-book Supergirl fans are not the primary target audience. And to most of that audience, it won’t matter how many Kryptonians survived the destruction of Krypton if the storytelling and acting are strong.

          • Even putting aside the inherent flaw with the character, the show is NOT good. That twist ending is ABSURD. This is not I Dream Of Jennie or Bewitched.

          • BBussey says:

            Aside from the fact that you’ve repeatedly shown for weeks that you cannot be objective regarding this character or this television series, how can you credibly make an assessment of the entire series BASED ON ONE PILOT EPISODE?

            YOU believe the show is not good — that’s your OPINION (not fact) and it is NOT in step with the general consensus of the show. Advance reviews have been popping up on entertainment sites for the past couple of weeks as the media critics view the pilot and the overwhelming consensus is that the show will be a hit. Based on the pilot and interviews of the producers and cast, the show will be as much about a woman coming of age and of female empowerment, which would be inspirational to girls and women in general. IN ALL LIKELIHOOD, as with Arrow and Flash, the show will use the comics canon for ideas but go in a direction independent of the comics. Benoist was excellent in the pilot and will only get better. The supporting cast is strong and the SFX are top-notch, and the pilot was polished. It wasn’t quite as good as the pilot for Flash (which was uncommonly exceptional for a pilot), but it was on par with the excellent Arrow pilot. This show will do extremely well for CBS, and at some point we’ll see a crossover with the two CW shows next season or the one after.

            And amazingly, if you have such disdain for the character in general, why do you continue to torture yourself by following articles on the television series? It’s clear that you will never give it a fair shot, so why bother commenting? No one is going to convince you that the show is good, just as you will not convince anyone that the show is not worthy. So I truly don’t understand the purpose of your commenting on the series.

          • After you watch the twist ending, tell me how ripping off a character from the Superman comics in the way that ending does is objectively good.

    • Sounds like your describing every tv show so why is it all of the sudden problematic now?

    • tvjunkie says:

      Someone needs to get you a large supply of Valium

  5. upinout says:

    after watching the pilot, I’m not very excited. Supergirl’s existence is so closely tied to superman that it seems silly in some ways that he’s not there.

    During the pilot, there are a few instances where kara gets messages and gifts from superman, delivered by a 3rd party. Those moments are some of the worst.. “Superman asked me to give you this…. superman asked me to tell you blah blah blah…”

    Seriously? She’s his cousin, and the only other kryptonian he knows of now, yet he can’t be bothered to deliver these things himself? I certainly understand the real-world logistical issues at play (Superman character is off limits due to the movies, etc) but none-the-less, it does drag down the narrative of the show.

    I love supergirl and would love a series based on her, where superman is a supporting character who’s not around all the time, but trying to do supergirl without superman is like having a plate of syrup with no waffles or pancakes.

    • Superman appears in the pilot when he finds Kara before he takes her to the Danvers. To say that he’s not in it is inaccurate.

      • upinout says:

        right, a few seconds of a shadowy figure that hands her over to her adoptive family and is never seen again. OH, we get to see his arm for a few seconds. Yay, problem solved

        Not the point I was making, mr. smarty pants.

        • If we’re going to bash the show, let’s bash it on its actual flaws and not on perception. That was my point.

          • upinout says:

            I was talking about an actual flaw. The flaw of doing a supergirl show without superman in a real supportive capacity. It’s unrealistic to think that supes would only communicate with his cousin through a 3rd party. Especially when she is just starting out on her own crime-fighting career. I would have the same issues if they were trying to do a series based on robin’s beginnings without showing batman, or doing a speedy show without green arrow.

            I’m not saying that superman should be a regular, maybe one or two appearances a season to cement the relationship between them.

            A specific example of my issues with the series are the scene when supergirl is given a certain gift by superman, through a 3rd party. That felt cheap. I felt snubbed by superman on kara’s behalf.

            Even if they couldn’t show him, to me a better work around would have been to have supes leave it for her in her apartment, with a note. At least if would have been a direct gift to kara, rather then the whole middle-man approach.

            But either way, supes is way too important to kara’s story to minimize his role as much as this show does.

          • Well, there’s nothing inherently flawed about doing a Supergirl show without Superman in it. She should be able to stand on her own two feet and not needed the added help from Superman showing up.

            We wouldn’t demand that Batman show up in a Tim Drake Robin series, or a Dick Grayson Nightwing series.

            Birds of Prey didn’t fail because Batman wasn’t in it, it failed because it was a bad show.

            Supergirl could do without having Superman in it, but that would have no effect on its inherent quality.

            He shouldn’t be that important, actually, not for HER show to thrive.

          • upinout says:

            It’s not about whether she needs supes help, I for one would hope that she doesn’t.

            as I said in a different comment below, if we were jumping in where she has already been established as a hero, then the lack of supes wouldn’t be an issue.

            This is her origin story, her beginnings as a crime-fighter. 3rd party messages from the cousin she is emulating/looks up to just feel wrong, like she’s being snubbed by supes.

          • He wasn’t in her movie, other than for a poster. His being part of the plot would have only intruded with it. I for one thought the movie worked, despite the inherent flaw of her being Kryptonian. And when compared to this show it works even better since it was considerably more original and unique to her own particular journey rather than a copy of his, like this show does.

          • Mark says:

            The biggest flaw in the storyline is a spaceship full of “Spoiler” lands and Superman does nothing for 16 years but rather decides to leave it to the government and his cousin when she eventually gets her powers. What utter rubbish, that needs explaining first why was this not sorted by superman….Why did he leave it alone for all those years etc…

          • Yep. To add to that, if Fort Roz is such a problem, why rely on Supergirl to fix it when they can just call on Superman to do it? Why go to his inexperienced cousin for help?

          • To add to that, if Fort Roz is a problem, why rely on Supergirl to fix it when they can just call on Superman to do it?

          • Sorry about that, I couldn’t see the first response.

          • upinout says:

            I see. You liked the supergirl movie. Ouch.

            Well, That said, clearly we have largely different tastes, despite a common affection for superheroes.

            You can rationalize supes not being there all you want, but at the end of the day, supergirl is a spin-off of superman, and his her cousin. She adopted his costume aesthetic, his moniker and emulates his do-good, attitude. Superman should have a larger presence in ANY supergirl origin story.

            The fact that WB seems to think fans can’t handle multiple iterations of a character on TV at the same time is both insulting to the fan base, and puts severe limits on the story-telling of other characters. This series is a prime example.

            If they can’t utilize supes in the proper supporting role he should play, perhaps they shouldn’t have attempted to do the show.

            Besides, on a tangent, I worry for the quality of the existing shows. Seems to me that the quality of arrow took a hit when the powers that be started the flash series, putting more of their attention on the “shiny new toy”, leading to an outstanding first season for flash, but a lackluster season on arrow. Now with Legends starting, I worry that we’ll see arrow continue to see the quality in existing shows decline. The the same production team behind all 4 shows, I seriously worry for the quality.

            Spreading themselves too thin, me thinks. Too many shows in too short a time.

          • That’s not really how it works, though. Characters have to be able to stand on their own, whether they are original creations or spun from other concepts.

            Supergirl, Robin, Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Arsenal, etc, etc need to be able to stand on their own merit, and not depend on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to have value.

          • Will you refuse to watch Titans, a show about sidekicks, if their mentors aren’t in it?

          • This all goes back to the inherent problem with making Supergirl a Kryptonian. Were she not one, would you still argue for Superman’s inclusion?

          • upinout says:

            I actually didn’t watch Teen titans, but not because of the lack of big names, more because I didn’t like the art-style, overly-cartoonish presentation. Honestly, I’ve never even read a comic book.

            That said, I continue to be a huge fan of the DCAU from batman the animated series though JLU, frankly, that is MY definitive DCU. I’ve watched those shows more times than I can count.

            getting back to teen titans, that wasn’t an “origin of the characters” show. Those characters were already established by the time they teamed up.

            This all comes down to how the characters get their start. Telling supergirl’s origin story without supes just feels hollow.

            It would be like doing a show about dick grayson starting out as robin with out batman as a supporting character.

            Sure Robin, batgirl, arsenal, etc.. could all carry their own shows once they are established heroes, but telling their origin stories without the direct involvement of the characters they were originally created to support just seems wrong, from a narrative perspective.

            Again, I’m not saying that superman needs to be a regular character, and I would absolutely loathe the idea of supes coming to save kara. It’s about the fact that supergirl is tied to superman so closely, and the scenes where some passing along a message or gift from supes to kara seems empty and hollow. Those scenes should have been between supes and supergirl directly, not a 3rd party messenger. ANd those are the only scenes I would even want him in.

            I appreciate the idea of supergirl standing on her own and carrying her own show. I support that idea 100%. But downplaying supes involvement in the beginning of her career just doesn’t work for me, and passing messages along through a 3rd party removes any emotional attachment between the characters. Why should kara emulate her cousin when he can’t be bothered to drop in to speak with her directly. There’s an emotional disconnect there, and that is the issue I have with the series..

            Supes doesn’t need to be there much, and as time goes on, less and less. But with her origin, he really needs to have more of a direct involvement with her to show that they are connected and establish their relationship. It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who can’t communicate with you directly. We don’t need to see the ongoing relationship either, just enough to establish that there is one.

          • Sorry, I didn’t mean the Titans toon, but the upcoming live action TV series on TNT.

          • Superman may not want her to be a hero at all. If he did, he would have trained her. If he shows up, it’s more likely to admolish her than to support her.

          • upinout says:

            OOh, a teen titans live action show? Didn’t know about that, slightly excited now.. Gotta google, see who’s getting used for it.

            As far as whether the big guns are there, again, if it’s not a story about their respective origins, then no, I won’t care about seeing bats, supes, etc…

            It comes down to these character’s origins, and the fact that they had relationships with their mentors. Trying to tell their origins while ignoring/downplaying/erasing their relationships with their mentors would be a mistake.

            Robin wouldn’t be robin if he hadn’t gotten involved with batman. Arsenal wouldn’t be who he is without green arrow. The main heroes are instrumental in these side-kicks getting their start. Of course, once these side-kicks are established heroes, then their relationships to their mentors becomes less important.

            As far as whether supes wants kara to take up the mantle or not, we’ll never really know since he won’t talk to her directly, lol.

          • We have to assume that Kal will eventually show up so Henshaw can become the Cyborg Superman.

          • upinout says:

            alright, just googled the tnt titans show. From what it looks like, the only two characters that are on the show there were former side-kicks are robin/nightwing and oracle.

            From what I’ve read, the two of them are already well established in their respective roles, so no, batman would not be necessary for that series.

            I’m not super familiar with hawk and dove or raven and starfire, but I don’t believe they were ever really side-kicks to anyone else and are characters that were established on their own, so no need for anyone else either.

          • You are correct, they were not sidekicks.

          • LK says:

            The Titans show is not a reality yet so what it may eventually look like it anyones guess.

          • True, but we know enough to know it’ll be about the Titans and not their mentors.

          • LK says:

            Yes.. if it happens.. The show might not ever get made.

          • Last we knew, they were still interested in making it.

        • Jess says:

          Oh my gosh! I’m dying – I haven’t heard/seen someone call another “Smarty Pants” in so long! You are wonderful.

    • LK says:

      That was my biggest concern also.. how they are gonna handle not being able to really show superman.. why doesnt he help out… etc…? We wll have to see how it is addressed on the show and hopefully it wont be overly distracting.

      • upinout says:

        That’s just it. I’ve seen the pilot, and that was where I had issues with the show. Superman doesn’t interact with kara directly beyond dumping her on her adoptive family. He sends a middle man to communicate with kara. “The big guy asked me to tell you….”
        “Superman asked me to give you this….”

        It cheapens the relationship between them. At the very least, it should have been a direct conversation between them. Rather than having a 3rd party deliver the “gift”, he could have left it for her in her apartment with a note. Even that would have been better than the middle man messenger. It would have been more direct. I guess the best way to articulate it is that it feels like clark is snubbing kara everytime he sends someone else to pass along a message.

        • LK says:

          I saw the pilot also and yea i was a bit bothered by that also… they also never actually called him “superman”.. just “your cousin” or “him”…. If that happens a lot in subsequent episodes it could be a problem… I’d prefer if he wasnt even mentioned at all except for rare occasions.

  6. docsmooth73 says:

    Its definitely possible to do this without Superman. He’s not needed on this. Considering the success of Arrow and The Flash, its quite foolish to assume this would fail but some people have certain agendas

    • upinout says:

      Flash and arrow are superheroes in their own right and didn’t rely on existing characters to get their superhero starts.

      A better analogy would be a kid-flash or speedy show origin show, while avoiding showing the flash or green arrow.

      These character started out as side-kicks and their origins are very much tied into the primary characters they are supporting. Sure, they may eventually rise to superhero status in their own right, but their origins and intrinsically tied to the main heroes.

      Perhaps if this series was jumping in at a later point in her career as a crime-fighter, the lack of superman would be a non-issue, but since this is her origin story, the lack of supes is very noticeable.

  7. Jared says:

    I feel like Supergirl will either be a huge hit or a major disappointment. Fans of the original source material will either love it or hate it. But my concern is that judging similiar shows on other networks(Arrow,The Flash,AoS, Gotham) none of them get huge ratings, atleast not live so I’m just curious to see where Supergirl falls.

    • Dizzle says:

      Arrow and The Flash get fantastic ratings (for The CW), and are both regularly raved about by fans and critics. By contrast, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham get less good ratings, and are also somewhat… Questionable, execution wise.

      If Supergirl can be as great as Arrow and Flash, I reckon it could be a huge hit for CBS. Especially given the sampling it’ll get from Big Bang Theory on its premiere night.

      • lee says:

        Flash averages something like 3,3.5 million viewers per episode. Gotham used to average almost twice that. Gotham lost 2 million viewers since but still outperforms the CW shots.

    • KC says:

      It will be an epic fail

  8. Thomas hunter says:

    As written below, the Flash series has set up the perfect way for these shows to crossover. And maybe using the now show hopping character of Constantine would be a bonus!!!

  9. Pamela Ann says:

    i just worry about supergirl not being on the cw, since they are more generous with lower ratings and more known for these types of shows.

  10. Drew says:

    What I’ve seen of the show doesn’t look great. Some of it looks so bad it is comedic. Some of the casting is just wrong. Plus the show is on CBS which means that it will either look and feel like a show from 1993 or it will look and feel modern and they will have no idea what to do with it because they are so stuck in the past. They are premiering it at 8:30, which is insane for an hour long drama. Especially when it will be up against an established comic book show.
    I honestly don’t know what to expect from this, which is why it is best to not be considering crossovers right now. Worry about that when/if this series proves itself. Hopefully it will be good and we can worry about crossovers in a year or two.

  11. Chris Leonardi says:

    Flash introduced the multiverse this season, that’s an easy way to do the crossover without having to explain why Superman was never mentioned on Arrow or Flash.

  12. Valerie Wheatley says:

    I’m just thrilled to see Dean Cain back in this universe…

  13. Christine says:

    This is the saddest thread. Whine….whine….whine…..
    Supergirl looks good to me. She hasn’t been just a girl Superman in years. You have a very limited scope of imagination.

  14. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’m looking forward to this series’ debut. While Kara may have super powers, that’s not what piques my interest. I like that she’s scared, wants to remain unnoticed, and while battling outward conflict struggles with her inner challenges.

  15. lee says:

    I’m a fan of the SG character and even enjoyed the movie – which everyone HATED.

    If the pilot is a taste of things to come, I’m probably going to have a complicated relationship with this show. The show wants to be feminist, but they writers are not confident that the character will convey woman power an organic fashion. So every 20 minutes or so someone has to blurt out “It’s so good to finally have a superheroine!” I fear the strain of promoting a feminist figure will eventually affect the quality of the show.

    In the comics SG has a complicated relationship with Superman AND Batman. Wonder Woman is in love with Batman, if I’m not mistaken. Any way you look at it, the absence of Superman is going to be problem. It’s like watching anything with Batman without Alfred.

  16. If The Flash and Supergirl cross over Kara had better wear her suit the whole time or else how are we gonna tell her a part from the new girl on The Flash?

  17. One of the major rationale flaws with the Supergirl series is that if the escapees from Fort Roz are really that dangerous, why would the DEO call upon someone as inexperienced as Supergirl rather than call upon Superman to deal with them?

    The show lacks a reason for why Superman isn’t available to deal with it and the DEO needs to rely on an inexperienced second stringer like Supergirl. At the least they could say that when Fort Roz crashed on Earth the criminals inside it trapped Superman in the Phantom Zone, which is why he can’t help, and which is why Supergirl has to pick up the slack. It would also explain his overall inability to appear on the show.

    But this is the kind of thing that happens when pandering to nostalgia is the driving force behind an endeavor rather than rhyme and reason.

  18. Phoenix5632 says:

    I have to admit when I first heard about this show I wasn’t sure if it’d be good or not, but it actually looks pretty awesome! I just hope it’s not going to be another feminist show trying to prove a point for equality so strongly that it’s not equal at all. Like I’m totally for gender equality, I dont disagree at all that we’re all equal in that way, but lately females almost have more rights in the First World countries. Companies are already being pressured to hire females for diversity in the workplace, female only organizations where men can’t join even if they wanted, and not even too mention girls get their way most times already just because they’re a girl. That’s not equality, that’s the tables being flipped. I’d like to say once again I’m 100% for gender equally, but in just saying in the First World countries it basically is already equal, or even girls have more power now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the numbers in the workplace to catch up, and then the tables will flip.
    I got abit off subject, but it does look like a great show so far!

  19. Snake says:

    I got nothing against African Americans but why they got 2 make Jimmy Olsen one Superman’s been round 4 nearly 60 years and Jimmy’s always been a young red headed white person why dose Hollywood always take these liberities with our beloved comic book charaters. Iys the same with the new Fantastic 4 Johnny storms appears as an Aferican American when he ans Sue are brother and sister and she is white as supposed 2 be.