Agents of SHIELD Andrew Dies

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Did Hunter Just Kill [Spoiler]? And Who Is Lash??

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hunter’s hunt for the new HYDRA head may have had a surprising casualty, while Daisy made a discovery about their hairy new foe and Simmons asked Fitz for help.

SHOOT FIRST, ANSWER TO MAY LATER | Hunter’s risky play — to embed himself within the ranks of HYDRA — came to an expected boil when he was thrown into a car trunk (“It’s always the boot”) and driven to meet with the “director.” Hunter couldn’t dodge the inevitable face-to-face long at all, so he instead greeted Ward plainly, then ducked for cover as gunplay ensued. May joined in the fracas, until Ward pulled an ace from his sleeve — live video of Andrew, whom Ward had sicced several HYDRA goons on. If Hunter and may didn’t cease fire within 30 seconds, Ward would not call off his dogs.

Hunter’s obsession with killing Ward would not be suppressed, alas, so against May’s wishes he gunned for the HYDRA boss anew. Ward escaped through a window, albeit with one of Hunter’s bullets in his shoulder, while May stood shell-shocked by the grim fate her partner had bestowed on her ex. We then see Werner Von Strucker fleeing the Qwik-E-Mart where he and others had just confronted Andrew, a well-heeled body left supine on the store floor just before the place burst into flames.

LASHING OUT | After three pre-breakout Inhumans were targeted by Lash, Coulson, as arranged last week, partnered with Rosalind Price’s ATCU to ferret out the monstrous mystery. Daisy tracked down an Social Security Administration IT guy with ties to the big guy, and sure ’nuff, just as they were carting him away to the ATCU’s brig, Lash showed up. The resulting skirmish with Daisy/Quake sent the transport toppling, after which Lash escaped with Frye the IT guy. Frye insisted he revealed nothing, but regardless, Lash used his strange energy blast to zap the guy dead — after reminding that he is “necessary.” As Lash then skulked away, a shaken Daisy noticed the creature’s shadow morph into that of a human — meaning, he could be anybody.

ANY PORTAL IN A STORM | Fitz Agents of SHIELDsensed Simmons was holding something back, but Bobbi remained mum on what she witnessed last episode, when Jemma clamored to “go back” by somehow rebuilding a portal. Later, in a shrink sesh with Andrew, Jemma dismissed his pat notions that everything will be all right, that’s it’s all behind her. “No. It’s not,” she flatly maintained. After Fitz stumbled across some of Simmons’ research into reconstructing the portal, Bobbi urged him to get the truth from his colleague first-hand. And when pressed, Jemma indeed came clean — she needs to go back to that planet, because something happened to her there…. And she wants his help in making that happen.

What did you think of the episode “Devils You Know?” And do we suspect S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow arrived in time to rescue Andrew? (How much pain can May withstand?!)


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  1. Steven says:

    A friend of mine had a theory – Lash is Andrew!

    • BarryFlash says:

      That’s exactly what I thought when watching the end of the episode.

      • KayCeeCee says:

        I hope that it is not Andrew. Why would he kill Inhumans?

        • Aavaran says:

          Well, in the comics Lash kills Inhumans if they are worthy of being them or not. And if you think about it, the problem between May and Andrew was because of an Inhuman, that’s why May left him, so it could also be for revenge.

          Another theory I have is that it could be Raina. Lash doesn’t have the ability of changing forms in the comics, but Raina and Lash kinda look alike, it could be that Raina had a vision and then she changed to Lash. And that’s why she didn’t kill Skye.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      For a second I had the wild thought that it’s Jemma, but Lash was around before she came back :-/

    • John NYC says:

      He has strange disappearances and that would explain the terrified look on Strucker’s face. He didn’t look triumphant, he looked wondering how he’d escaped.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Hmm, and it would explain why Andrew bailed on May, and not the other way around…..

        • i would have thought inhumans appearances are permanent, can they shape shift? i am not a marvel inhumans scholar, so forgive me for this noob question.

        • peterwdawson says:

          Certainly the most plausible theory right now.

        • Nichole says:

          Would also explain partly how Lash is able to find people who where inhumans prior to the current new ones that are emerging, he’d have a list of names for that government guy to email with the virus to track where they ended up.

          • Nichole says:

            Another point is that Lash had the perfect chance to take out Daisy after the truck crash but didn’t, so it’s someone that knows and cares for Daisy, otherwise why let her live is Lash is on a mission to kill all in-humans, The head tack guy at the new group wouldn’t have let Daisy live if he was Lash.

      • Sheila says:

        I think Andrew must be something…..just not Lash. What if Lash is Roslyn’s head soldier? He did not ride with the crew in the truck.

        • John NYC says:

          And whatever that “something” he may be it seemed to me to terrify Strucker…. Lash would do that, but sure there could be other possibilities.

          • KayCeeCee says:

            Agreed. And having worked with SHIELD for years Andrew would know how to hide the symptoms/changes from others.

      • MC says:

        And it would explain the way the fact that the gasoline wasn’t really spread but rather looked like it spilled (and that Strucker had dropped it in fear rather than thrown it).

    • Snirp says:

      I thought the same thing.

    • Gary says:

      I don’t know if anyone noticed but Andrew was buying aspirins when ambushed which seems appropriate for someone that got a dose of Daisy’s powers.

    • T-West says:

      i had the same theory–it not only explains why andrew split from may but also why lash spared skye/daisy and got upset with coulson when he found out about the inhuman who he hadn’t treated yet (i think her name was alisha) since he probably feared that she would be able to link lash and him together

    • laurelnev says:

      I DO hope not, as Lash seems to be directly working AGAINST SHIELD. If a hulk bursts out of a flaming convenience store, I guess we’ll know. But I really DO hope Andrew manages to get out another way.

    • Eva says:

      That’s a good theory! I also had a thought this episode that Andrew was an Inhuman and he’d disappeared on May because of his terrigenesis, although wouldn’t she have noticed the remains of it? Anyway, being an Inhuman is the most likely way for him to survive, and him being Lash fits perfectly.

    • Jim says:

      The way the Strucker kid was so freaked out, that was my thought as well.

    • Sheldon W. says:

      That was my first thought also.

    • TVPeong says:

      Ward and Hydra have been monitoring Andrew. Wouldn’t they have noticed that he became Lash?

  2. laurelnev says:

    I SO HOPE Andrew managed to escape that blaze! I don’t even want to SEE how Ward-obsessed May will become if Ward really managed to torch Andrew. I think SHIELD will managed to get him out, but not before he gets a little crispy. And his rehab will bring him and May even closer.

    So Simmons wants to go back partially b/c nothing is as womderful as she remembers? I presume that that includes Fitz and NOT just strawberries! I swear, if she manages to cross back, and first thing when she gets there, yells “WAAAAAALLLLLTTT!” I’m out. ;)

  3. @tvneuroepi says:

    It’s weird that they didn’t show Andrew’s face but instead chose to show a body lying in a pool of blood. I suspect he isn’t really dead.

  4. James D says:

    aw why you gonna do that to Blair Underwood AOS he’s pure awesomeness. It would make sense that he’s Lash in a way but something tells me it’s not him and he did die either way it will lead to some good drama so I eagerly await the next episode. The Gemma stuff is equally intriging I’m still trying to figure out where she was. I don’t think it was battleworld because there where other planets or moons in the sky and the terrain seemed pretty samey. could be one of the prison planets but which one? can’t wait to find out. Lovin this show.

  5. Lily says:

    I think Lash is Roz. They showed Lash turn into a human and then the camera panned right to her. Just a thought!!!!!

  6. BenM says:

    I think Lash is the continuing evoloution of Raina. Obviously, this is assumming she somehow survived.

    • laurelnev says:

      You know, the hedgehoggy shadow made me think of Raina, but I was thinking more her father maybe? The biological connection she had to the inhumans? (Or even a brother.)

  7. SO GOOD. So many great performances tonight. Dalton, De Caestecker, and Henstridge are BRINGING it. Can everyone just watch this show so it can get TWD numbers?

  8. yurie says:

    Okay we seriously need to come up with better lines other than “did that just happen” whenever something shocking happens on a show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks for the quality check, but if I get more specific than that, people cry “Spoilery!”

      • Winter says:

        Wait are you saying that people, on this site, get all upset about spoilers? Nah I don’t believe it.

      • yurie says:

        Even you have to admit it’s become silly to see the same “did that just happen” ad verbatim. Make use of mattsnark in the titles lol. Honestly, people will always cry “spoilery” even though they’re on a site DEDICATED to spoilers like Winter says below!

  9. Thilak says:

    At the end, the store was messed up, only the kid got out, that too he looks scared of something. I got a feeling that, Andrew is Lash or might be another Inhuman. Meanwhile I dont think he’s dead yet.

    Waiting or epi 5

  10. Walkie says:

    Can someone teach May a new face other than the angry frowny face? That’s all she ever does. Getting old.

  11. Brigid says:

    Amazing episode! I agree with everyone here that Andrew is not dead and that he is an inhuman but I didn’t think he was Lash until now. lol How does this show get better and better every week? I just can’t get enough. Really looking forward to next weeks episode to find out what happened to Gemma on that planet. SHIELD is one of the BEST shows on TV!!!

  12. KayCeeCee says:

    Would it not be cool if after all his years living with May, Andrew knew how to fight and could handle himself against a couple of thugs?

  13. lariet50 says:

    I’ll share my Andrew theory here, though the “Andrew is Lash” theory is very interesting! My thought was that both Andrew and the von Strucker boy have been recruited by someone – possibly Coulson, possibly another government agency – to help undermine Ward and Hydra. Therefore they’d have taken out the Hydra goons at the store, then blown it to cover that Andrew isn’t really dead. Just a theory.

  14. mrjzn says:

    Andrew = Lash

  15. Winter says:

    I’m taking Hunter’s side here. I know May loves Andrew but she was really going to let Ward get away with all those weapons? How many people would have died so that Ward could probably kill Andrew later anyway? That said I don’t think he is dead.

    • grys03 says:

      Agreed. Don’t think Andrew is dead. & Hunter did what most TV supposed heroes don’t do – think. Once he & May put weapons down would Ward just walk away? After what he did to Bobbi? Realistically Hunter & May & Andrew would still be killed.

    • Mila says:

      I think this was some selfish revenge move from Hunter’s part. If the situation had been reverse, and Bobbi’s life was at stake, Hunter would let the world burn to save her.

  16. I can’t say whether Andrew is Lash or not, though this seems a popular theory.

    What is sure though that the “well heeled” body is hardly Andrew’s. First of all, we haven’t seen his face – old telltale sign on tv. Second, as somebody has already mentioned, Strucker was frightened and not on the adrenaline high of a successful mission. Third (probably the most important) – only he ran out from the shop, but he is in a really fast pace. No goons. What happened with them? Hydra has no reason to kill their just recruited enforcers.

    So either Andrew isn’t as harmless as he seemed or there were an interested third party as well.

  17. DG says:

    Supposing Andrew is Lash, when did he become an Inhuman? He and May were together long before their attempt at a reconciliation. Why come out now?

  18. Lisa says:

    I’ll have to rewatch – too many interruptions from “breaking news” when I was watching last night due to the cop shot in Harlem – I am leaning towards (1) Andrew is NOT dead and (2) a member of the ATCU is Lash whether they are aware of it or not ….

  19. Loki says:

    Is Lash another name for Mr. Hyde? Daisy’s dad wouldn’t have killed her.

  20. John Corbae says:

    My bet’s on Simmons going back for her kid.

  21. Mallory says:

    Yeah, my hubby thinks Lash is Andrew too. I thought he was so clever, but now reading all these comments, it seems like not such an “ingenious” deduction! haha

  22. franky says:

    I need to know why she wants to go back. I need to know now

  23. whatnow12016 says:

    Simmons is in love with the Astronaut guy on the Alien Planet & she wants to go back. Fitz is just a Friend but Fitz still is in love with her but will never tell her.

    Lash is the Black Shrink Guy who knows May, & works for SHIELD. Also all these Episodes also some how inter-connect to the Movies such as Cap Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, & Avengers Infinity War. somehow these will all inter-connect.

    The ATCU the Human Gov Group isnt all they are cracked up to be, & likely will be revealed during Season 3 ending.

    So Far S3 is AWESOME !!!, Lash is a nice Deal. Ward as new Boss of Hydra is also AWESOME makes for a new Generation of EVIL.

    Cant wait S3 is building up for 1 HELL of an Epic Conclusion. Who will Survive, Who will Leave,
    & what will be left up in the air for the Future of SHIELD.